Mexico Color Spangle

“Do you love Mexico? This illustration represents people or icons you can find in Mexican popular culture, from Frida Khalo, La Muerte, El luchador and the Mariachi! “

“The characters are:Top: La Muerte holding Frida Kahlo and a corrupt polititian. Left: El luchador, The Mariachi, Alebrije, The chilindero (street music man) and Zapata next to the Mariachi. The dude who is hiding is the rich man who owns everything (Carlos Slim). Middle: Virgen de Guadalupe, La Catrina (woman skull), sreet boy who sells candy, and a rabbit Alebrije. Right: Street taco cook, The Aztec warrior and the maid. Any questions about these characters just let me know :).  “




Truckers in the Wild – Los Angeles

The luchador scene expanding rapidly through LA with fights popping up and a flood of new contenders entering the biz. Case and point, El Burger Luchador, the food truck that’s a manifestation of the cult following these masked wrestlers have cultivated. While not fighters themselves, the El Burger guys are huge luchador fans. They think outside the box with their burgers, always experimenting with new toppings and using the freshest ingredients and best burger buns in LA. They’re at once flamboyant and mysterious just like the fighters the burgers were inspired by.

After spending an afternoon on Wilshire cooking up the Luchador chef’s newest creation, Max and Eli Sussman find out how El Burger Luchador fares with the top Luchadors born and trained in Mexico City. The brothers take the truck to one of the biggest luchador fights of the year. Parked outside the Mayan, they find out whether these impressive burgers are enough for fans and veteran fighters.

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  • TV Show: American Latino TV
  • Episode: The New Americana (Season ??, Episode ??)
  • Air Date: 12/12/2011
  • Wrestler(s) captured: Joey Kaos (as himself), Lucha Machine (as himself)
  • MSN TV Page: American Latino TV - The New Americana