Things I got at fanime today!! :) If you got a sticker from me, thank you so much for stopping by, especially to those people who had to wait for me to cut out the stickers for them!! (*´д`*)  I deeply apologize for that!

Anyways, thank you @feastings (I am so glad to have met you omg… you were leaving too aa that was a lucky chance encounter!) , @nymphicus (YOU ARE SO CUTE, NYMPH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DAVESPRITE DRAWING AND JOHNCASEY AND JAKE KEYCHAINS!!) , @davedile (thank you for the john and jade keychains!they’re adorable (,:), and @crownkind (omg you are super kind and super cool! thank you so much for visiting me on more than one occasion!!!!) aaaa all of you guys were really kind to me (*´д`*) !!  I’m sorry if i was a total goober… and talked too much… (︶︹︺;;) also big shout out to @luceface !! omg biggest sweetie ever… also i too, apologize for being the biggest goober around you! asdfjkl i will make naother post with all the poeple who stopped by.. you guys were all really cute and patient with me (  ゚,_ゝ゚) ok sleep time my eyes and fingers hurt.

EDIT: I MET @flyingspacetiger *(who didn’t tell me who she was until the very end aslkdfjasldf literally my jaw dropped when she told me her tumblr name) TOO!