Ok now we’re getting serious. I had never heard of this painter, Romaine Brooks and so happy to have met her paintings americanartluce. Here is:

  • “Peter (A Young English Girl)” 1923-4.
  • “La France Croisée” 1914.

First off I love the androgynous look of the first painting and couldn’t help thinking of David Bowie or Tilda Swinton. I was further impressed with the title, in which Romaine openly acknowledges the ambiguous sex of the subject and clued me into what she might be about.

The second painting stood out because of its painterly style. In the detail shot of the headscarf you can see some great brushstrokes that are so full of texture. Her choice of palette is wonderful and while I usually dislike limited palettes these paintings have seriously made me reconsider that point of view. You can learn more about this painting by listening to the Luce Center’s audio guide.