luce solare


E questa noia

che pervade il mio animo

diventa quasi straziante,

poichè il cambiamento

avviene piano, lento,

e inesorabile diventa

il tempo d’attesa;

ma in questi luoghi,

così bui, così grigi,

io vedrò

il sol; e cambierà

l’immutabile, che fino ad oggi




He needed time, space to clear his head.  A place to regroup.  

His parents still had their large house in Monte Vista, he didn’t want to move back in with them.  He had learned to keep his mother at arm’s length.

It was then that he realized the old estate was empty, and available.   La Casa Della Luce Solare was exactly what he needed.  To be connected to history, feeling the place in his blood. To know his place in the world and refocus on what mattered to him.  His family.  

He made arrangements to move quickly, setting up services to maintain the estate in Bridgeport. He still needed that life to make his plans come to fruition, even if he needed to step away from it for a time. 

He asked Aspen Merrill, the father of his youngest sister’s son, to come with him. The man had proved himself invaluable and trustworthy, adept at managing his household and he really didn’t want to leave his infant nephew behind.  

Aspen had just gotten custody of his older children as well and felt a change of scenery would be good for them.  He readily agreed to the move and the new position managing the larger house. 

Luca looked out over the sprawling countryside and finally felt like he could breathe again.

The sprawling Zaccarda property, La Casa Della Luce Solare.  House of Sunlight.

 The sun was just rising over the tops of the hills, flooding the sprawling villa with the warmth of a Monte Vista morning. 

Centuries old, pieced together with built on additions over time, the house had now long sat empty after generations of use by one important family in Monte Vista. 

The last residents, Giancomo Zaccarda and his wife Maria,  had raised four children there.  When he passed on, his oldest son Emiliano inherited everything.  With the caveat, and legal trusts set up, that his siblings and their offspring be taken care of in the manner they had always been accustomed to. 

Emiliano saw a vision of something more- leaving the old provincial town of Monte Vista in the past and moving forward. He moved the family’s seat of power to Naples and dove head first into making a name for himself.  Up to this point the family had been wealthy, but not insanely so, and no more corrupt than any other wealthy family in a small town in southern Italy, which is to say, more than a little, but not quite completely.   

The move to Naples opened up a whole new world of opportunity for someone with more money than they needed and a thirst for power and importance. It didn’t take long for the Zaccarda name to be darkened, associated with racketeering, embezzlement, protection schemes and blackmail.