lucban, quezon


Last Sunday, we went to the new Asian/Filipino restaurant here in Lucban called “Isabelito’s Cucina Filipino” to have a sumptuous dinner, and celebrate my niece’s 13th birthday.

The restaurant is actually owned by the husband/family of my sister/s best friend. Such a cool place to go if you’re going to have a catching up with the whole family – especially in our family, we have 13 family members. Imagine that, nagkasya kami sa isang hilerang lamesa.

We ordered crispy kaldereta, gising-gising, and uhh forgot already what the other main courses are called, really bad at this. It was a sad night for me because there were no desserts available. But still, I did really enjoy the food, especially that crispy kaldereta!

The owl was also one the attractions of the place. Wasn’t able to take a photo of the surroundings because of the rainy weather (or other people calls this as Lucban weather).

Isabelito’s Cucina Filipino is located inside Deveza Farm, 7 Step, Lucban, Quezon. Ilang kanto lang malapit sa simbahan.


04022015: Kamay ni Hesus | Lucban, Quezon

Yey for the first travel for 2015 (thought just near here in Manila)! My mom and my aunts decided to visit this place in Quezon for the celebration of holy week. Every holy week, we always do the ‘Visita Iglesia’ but this year, we decided to visit the Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon for a change. My aunt thought that it will be easier for us because it will be less haggard for us and at the same time, we will have a new place to visit (not for me though). | After 5 hours we reached the place and there were a lot of people but what can we expect? It’s a place for people to visit during holy week.

It was my second time to go there. It was 2012, I think but I still enjoyed it! It was nice to visit a place again after a few years. I even filmed it and I will share the video soon :)


This has got to be the hike that gave me the most cuts and itches when at one point I clambered up a slope covered in taller-than-me wild grasses (not that I’m tall) to pave a way out of the wilderness. The motive to go to Mahangin Falls was half-baked, wanting to get something out of a rather slack day. No it was not worth the energy. But then nobody ever gets a sense of adventure without impulse sometimes. Putting it down to experience.

Lucban, Quezon
May 2016

Photos by Led Danganan