I wish that I could be like these cool kids. 😎

Yesterday, Riley and I stopped by to see Luca and @lystening
These two were so happy to see each other. Of course riley just had to hold Luca’s hand.👫 If he let go she’d run after him and say “LUUUCA!!” Until she was holding his hand again. They had a fun little walk down the block running around screaming chasing each other and when cars would drive by us mamas had to shoo them back onto the sidewalk then riley started grabbing Luca’s hand and pulling him back up with her. 😂
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Luca Vonne Green 💚 Dear Everybody, this us my son Luca. He was born Wednesday morning the 21 at 6:41 weighing in at 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. He’s perfect and very sweet Thank You very much to everyone who sent well wishes via text/Facebook and came to visit us, we’ve appreciated everything and can feel all the love being sent our way. I’m sorry I’ve been awall from my phone/Internet, not everything has gone according to plan and after a few NICU visits and other troubles, it has been a long week that I’ve just spent comforting this perfect little person. We were waiting to post a picture in an outfit made for him by @najenkhan but I wanted to put this up now so you could all imagine his little face and hopefully continue to send good vibes/prayers/well wishes his way. Thank you everybody for the outpouring of love you’ve already sent our way, and even though it’s been a bit messy it’s also been the happiest week of my life. Love. 💚👪 @tofergram #baby #boy #love #sweetheart #prayers #LucaVonne


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This precious boy is four months old today. I don’t know where the time went, but I do know that I’ve loved every moment of it. Being a mama to the world’s happiest little boy makes every day a joy. 💙 #lucavonne #moreeveryday #love #4months @lucavonnegreen