This is why I love this show.
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  • JIMMY CHANCE : Listen, I have a question about this food and it might be a stupid question, but I-I feel I should ask.
  • SABRINA : I'm sure it's not stupid.
  • JIMMY CHANCE : Okay. Well, um, the book I have says I should feed her vegetables and I want to do that, but the only vegetable jars I found have pictures of either black babies or Asian babies on them, and I don't know if the pictures are random, you know, or if there's a reason Asian babies instead of white ones should eat these particular string beans?
  • SABRINA : That is a really good question. The colors of the babies on the jars don't matter, however it's really important that you do not feed her anything with a picture of a boy on it or else she will grow a penis. And a moustache.
  • JIMMY CHANCE : I said it might be a stupid question.
  • SABRINA : Yeah you did. I just... really wasn't prepared for that.