5sos performing Out Of My Limit acoustic in Virgin Radio France 26.06.2014


Yo yo yo (: 
So as a few of you may know, I’m in a band called Craving Connection (with Pauline; Julia and Nicole). For Luke’s 18th birthday, we decided we’d cover Eighteen and put it on YouTube and hopefully, he’d see it. But then we thought: why not get everyone in the fam involved? Here’s what we want to do:


Send us a picture of you holding a birthday sign for Luke and/or a video/audio of you singing “Happy Birthday” (sing with your friends, mom, grandpa, dog, or just by yourself). 


We’ll put all the pictures together as a music video while we’ll be covering Eighteen. At the beginning of the video, we’ll put all the audios together to make it sound like a crowd singing Happy Birthday!


Reblog this post to help spread around.
• Send a picture of your sign and/or your audio to


Starting RIGHT NOW. Deadline is on July 15th, 5pm FRANCE time.

We’ll post a link to the video when it’s up to let you guys know when you can watch it; we hope everyone will like it and link it to Luke! x

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YES I DO well I am part of a band :D

it’s pikashton lucashemminqs darlinglucas and me and we’re called Craving Connection (as you could see in our logo) and you can follow our Tumblr officialcravingconnection and our Twitter @officcband and as soon as we’ve got more time we’re gonna start doing covers and it’s gonna be awesome :~) so follow us to keep updated on everything :D xx

That’s Right, Kiddies! I finally have the time to make what I’ve been planning for months to do, my very first follow forever! I’m beyond excited about this, so the messages may be long but I’ll try not to drag on ok:

The Band Baes

Lou: Louise you are without a doubt the greatest friend I could ever ask for. You literally always know what to say and you’re never afraid to say it how it is. You’ve become my bestie through the band and even though things aren’t always easy, I couldn’t ask for anyone else.

PauPau:  Pauline you’re pretty much my mom because we literally talk all the time and I go to you for advice and you always have the nicest things to say and I really just can’t thank you enough babe.

Julz:  Julia, you’re literally just a little ball of sunshine and happiness and even just seeing a picture of you makes me smile because you’re so cute and sweet and I’m beyond lucky to have you in my life.

The Fab Friends

Sage:  Sage you’re seriously like my favorite person ever. You’re real as hell, in a good way. I know you’ve gotten a lot of hate lately but you don’t deserve it, and you’re just the nicest person and hot as fuck and I can’t wait for our space adventures and I love you.

Amy:  Amy, babe. We haven’t talked in a bit and that makes me all frowny face but I can always count on you and you always are so nice and rad and I love you very much a lot ok.

JessJess, you’re one of the original baes and I love you so much and LUCA FOREVER MAN and I just really can’t imagine this blog without having you as a friend and yeah man i love ya brah.

RaquelRaquel, holy fuck. Ok so you’re like cotton candy sweet (seriously you’re so sweet I could get a cavity from talking to you), you’re hella fine, and you’re just one of my best friends I seriously love you and everything about you so much ok yes i love you.

The Haven’t talked in a bit but I still love you a lot Homies

Lily, Lillie, Bri, Ashley, Janin, Clara Grace, Denali, Jean, Lindsay, Lala, Aila, Maddy, Pooja, Shania

The So much cooler than me I wish we could be friends but I’m a 6 and you’re a ten Stunnas

Serena, Tash, Rhiza, Sydney, Valentina, Jade, Ashley, Morgan, Marissa, Ashley Rae, Alanah, Mads, Bec, Abi, Shannon, Autumn, Peachy, Mickie

So, if you weren´t mentioned, there´s a 99% chance I forgot bc im a piece of shit but if we havent talked feel freeeeee to message me and please flow all these beautiful people, theyre rad af.

xx. Nicole

is this important enough to give a title

so whats up guys i dont know if any of you have noticed but lately i havent been online at all, havent reblogged anything etc., and basically im quitting tumblr.
i havent been on for a week and a half but didnt say id be gone or something because i wanted to see if id ‘miss’ tumblr or something and i didnt, i just found it made me happier and i talked to more people so this is me telling you guys that i wont be on tumblr anymore.
im not deleting my blog but i wont be active anymore, at least for now - maybe if everything in my personal life has calmed down a little.
thank you all for following me - i reached an incredible amount of followers - and to the people that actually talked to me; you probably made me smile loads. :-)
i know its early but i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!