anonymous: may i request a parallel between smarkle and rucas trusting their relationship from the last two episodes? because at first smackle was insecure with her relationship with farkle but now she just laughs at the notion that somebody could be a threat. and then at how far riley and lucas have come from two awkward teenagers who didn’t know how to hold hands to these two hopeful saps thinking of a future where they’re together.

The only thing that really annoys me is that Lucas and Riley just had this heartfelt conversation on the stairs about being glad they were each other’s first relationships and parted ways for the potentially last time and people ACTUALLY have the audacity to make posts saying that Lucas was looking longingly at Maya instead of his long-term girlfriend who he was potentially never going to see again… Like this is a new low for the l*caya fandom it’s like y'all can’t accept that the show isn’t about Maya. This is the kind of missing the point thing that MJ was talking about…

The Riley Diaries Pt19

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: The last episode of GMW gave me inspiration not only for vidding, but for writing too. The next chapter I post will be the last - I already wrote it but I will still not post it because I might decide to change something. I really hope you like this part and that you are still enjoying the story, even though I didn’t update it in a while. Also - Sorry, Auguste.
Enjoy xo

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Riley’s POV

Four days have passed since I last talked to Lucas, since he completely shut me out. But I deserved that, no one can change what I did. I was still home – somehow I couldn’t go to town before my flight tomorrow - I wanted to stay here with my parents as long as I could. Sitting in my room, I was looking at the perfect dress I had picked out for prom, even though I wasn’t going.

“Come in,” I said when I heard someone knocking on my door.

“It’s me, honey,” Maya said with a smile while she was entering my room, “I am here to try and change your mind for the last time.”

“You don’t give up easily, do you,” I laughed and got up to give her a hug.

“I want to party with you and Joshy before you leave for Spain,” She started dancing in the middle of the room.

“Joshy,” I threw my head back laughing, “I have to use that.”

“Hey, he’s mine,” She gave me a judgemental look and jumped on my bed.

“I already dated him, he’s all yours now,” I sat next to her and chuckled at her expression.

“I forgot about that,” She shook her head, “You are messed up, Riley Matthews.”

“You have no idea,” I laughed and then looked at my dress again.

“See, I want to be the prettiest girl tonight,” Maya obviously traced my gaze, “But it would be a crime not to wear this beautiful dress tonight and have fun with your friend.”

“Lucas hates me,” I sighed and turned to her, “I can’t go and pretend I am happy.”

“If you are not happy why don’t you stay here and change things,” Maya reached for my hand, “Why do you insist on running away from my brother when you know you want to be with him?”

“I don’t know why, Maya,” I looked down, “Something in me is fighting the feelings I have for him.”

“Then beat it,” She squeezed my hand, “He is suffering, you are suffering. Just try one more time – come tonight.”

“Maya, I –“

“No,” Maya didn’t let me finish, “Just come, try to work things out but don’t push him – simply talk to him, tell him that you are willing to stay and just start over.”

“I don’t know if I am willing to stay, that’s the problem,” I took my hand back, “I am really excited to leave and meet new people and have a new life.”

“But you can’t escape Lucas, you can’t escape what happened to you,” Maya sighed and half smiled, “We are here, and we accept you the way you are. There is always time to travel and meet new people but you will always regret leaving him – believe me.”

I stayed silent for a moment, thinking that Maya may be right. I really loved Lucas, this may be the first time I am admitting it but I have felt it for a long time. Do I really need a new life, do I really need new people when I found some of the best friends here? I was now more confused than I was before.

“I guess I can come tonight and see what happens,” I gently smiled.

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So I was trying to explain to my mum and her husband about the whole cancellation, I asked about sending a plane and then they said,

“Disney is only cancelling it for an attention stunt, don’t worry they will probably release a season four on the channel in a few months. It is just like when they changed the shapes recipe. Tell your fan friends not to worry.” 

Really? What I don’t get is how they believe Disney would do that. I mean sure when they didn’t give us any information on if it was getting cancelled that did seemed like an attention stunt but what ticked me off is that even though I showed them all the articles and posts they still claim this whole thing is a joke… 

I wrote this post to make sure nobody elses parents are the same if so please PM me if you would like to talk. Goodluck my friends. x

The reason I can’t accept that Lucaya was not meant to be or happen is because seriously what was the point.
What was the point of the triangle and Maya liking Lucas and the whole drama TBH if rucas was just gonna happen again.
Like if it was meant to challenge rilaya friendship then that was stupid because there are a hundred different scenarios for them to challenge their friendship. If it was for Maya’s identity crisis then they could have chosen another way to approach it, hell they could have left the two Maya centric eps the way they were BEC they barely involved Lucas and if it was just to put rucas back together then they could have chosen some other girl to be the non chosen one.
Honestly what was the point, it all seems so pointless and useless now. It just convinces me even more that if there was a season 4 then it would be Lucaya or that they were just stringing up along for views because they knew how large the fandom was.
I mean honestly sometimes I think I’d rather had them leave them like they were with the teasing and the subtle flirting then have them destroy them and wave it in front of our face and then just snatch it away leaving us with a what could have been.

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we think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship. because sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason. is that what you were feeling?

                           people change people. girl meets world. 2014-2017.

Netflix Customer Service Live Chat:
  • Me: I would like for Netflix to pick up a show that has been recently cancelled and I needed to ask someone how to most effectively go about doing that.
  • Gabby, Netflix Representative: Oh, you mean Girl Meets World?
  • (Edit: She then continued to tell me that they hear us, and to keep requesting on the website, it helps a lot and they are considering investing)