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Superhero Aesthetics // X-Men Pt.2

A new generation of mutants is emerging, that much is certain, and when they emerge, they will need teachers, people who can help them overcome their anger and show them how to use their strange gifts responsibly. They will need us.


Dating Alex Summers Would Include...
  • Him calling you ‘doll’ or occasionally ‘dollface’. He grew up with his father calling his mother that, and now he does it without realizing it. 
    • You love the name though, and you think it’s really cute. 
      • You tend to go around and call him ‘babe’, something he enjoys. He’ll call you that, but only sometimes.
  • Helping him with his PTSD, acquired because of Cuba/the Vietnam War.
    • Learning that you can’t always help him, and being patient when he’s triggered is something you need to constantly remember, even if it breaks your heart to see him struggle.
      • Late night hugging when he wakes up from another nightmare. Your fingers tuck into his hair, and you manage to hush down his screams to small whimpers.

  • Security touching.
    • Alex prefers to have his hand on you, in any form, whether you’re holding hands, his arm around your waist,his hands running through your hair, or his hand sitting on your thigh while sitting. He’s uncomfortable, almost painfully, unless he’s touching you and it’s taken you a while to figure out why. 
      • He’s afraid of losing you, and losing himself, and having you near him clears his head and makes him feel concreted.

  • Listening to him talk about Scott, and how Alex worries that if(more like when) his brother’s mutation arises, how Scott is going to handle it.
    • “I’m going to be the only one there for him…” Alex tells you in a quiet, deep voice, “I was afraid of my own shadow for the longest time because of my mutation, what if his is worse?”
      “I spent time in a jail cell until I found help for my power because it was the best for me, and for others… And I can tell you right now, my brother isn’t gonna like that. He doesn’t like to be in the same spot for very long.” Alex pauses and chuckles quietly. “He’s a lot like me…”

  • Feathery kisses.
    • Alex cupping your cheeks with both hands as he presses kisses against your lips and the bridge of your nose.
      • Also rough kisses when he’s feeling more dangerous. He still cups your cheeks when he does this.
        • Alex just idly stroking your cheeks as he looks at you with intense blue eyes. He likes to sit and study your face, and your expressions that change drastically as you talk to him.
  • ‘I’m taking you on a date, get ready. You should wear that purple shirt, it looks really good on you. I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes’ phone calls when Alex is feeling spontaneous. 
    • Dates usually ending in make-out sessions as you pull him over the console of his car to deep said make-out. He chuckles against your mouth, unbuckles his seat beat and murmurs to you sarcastically, “you’re so impatient.”
  • Alex holding the door open for you, and insisting on opening the car door for you when you get in and when you get out.
    • Lifting you over puddles so you don’t get your shoes wet.
      • Giving you his jacket constantly, even when he knows he may not get it back for a few weeks because you have a tendency of keeping them for a while.
  • Reminding him that his powers don’t control him, and that he won’t hurt you. “If you’re trying to scare me off, you should try again.” You tell him, pressing a kiss to his nose slowly, “I love you too much for something like that to scare me.”
    • It still bothers him sometimes, and he has to wonder what you see in him that’s so amazing.
      • Even though he knows what your answer is. “Everything about you is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better soul mate.”
  • Alex catching eyes with you from across the room, and not breaking his glance. He watches you move with a small smile, noting how you become bashful, and move more carefully when he’s watching.
  • Always being flustered when Alex shoots you his perfectly formed half grin.
    • Being flustered when he pulls you close and talks to you in his deep voice.
  • Early Saturday mornings where the two of you watch cartoons, eating cereal as you do. He likes Frosted Flakes, and will feed you from his bowl when you decide that you wanted that instead of Cheerios you got.
    • Early Sunday mornings where you lay in his arms, looking at the ceiling as he sleeps soundly next to you, because he really does enjoy sleeping in every now and then.
  • Alex telling you he loves you during random activities during the day.
    • Taking a shower? He’s there brushing his hair in the bathroom and says “I love you” loud enough for you to hear over the running water.
      • Folding laundry? “I love you.”
        • Watching the News before bed? “I love you so much”

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Katarina Wagner: You don’t look like a secret agent.

Mac: What exactly is a secret agent supposed to look like?

Katarina Wagner: Sharp suit…shorter hair…a little more…worldly.

Mac: Well it’s a…it’s a whole new world

Watching Macgyver’s face while he was borderline getting dragged cracks me up

O sentimento mais compartilhado, o mais conhecido e o mais sentido por todos. O amor faz a nossa vida ter sentido, traz segurança e faz a paz habitar dentro de nossos corpos. Quando a gente ama, tudo fica mais belo, mais explêndido, o mundo todo fica mais bonito. Uma vida sem amor é como uma foto em preto e branco, algo que parece ser chato, sem graça e entediante derrepente se transforma em uma bela foto de cores vivas quando encontramos o nosso outro “eu”. Amar é magnífico, não há sensação melhor do que amar e ser amado, acordar e já pensar naquela pessoa, naquela que te faz tão bem que te completa, que você admira praticamente tudo nela. É incrível como ficamos bobos ao amar, nem mesmo os mais duros corações não se derretem quando amam. Incrível o que esse sentimento faz com a gente. Isso é amar.
—  Lucas Wagner