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The kid who’s signing for Angelica is going to be a star

More little imagines

Yeah, I’ve been sick for the past few days and I’ve gotten a lot of free time. Hope you enjoy these.

- Elias and Yukiya not being able to sleep, so they’re just laying there talking about life in the dark until they see the sun start rising

- Luca feeling bad for Elias so he helps him escape the fan club for a day by locking them all in their rooms with complex magical seals

- Klaus and Elias sitting together in the prefect’s office one night because Elias wanted to study more without disturbing Yukiya, but he falls asleep and starts sleep-talking about sweets and Klaus is just laughing as he listens

- All of the people in the underclass talking about their hometowns and the similarities while the Goldsteins listen like “Wtf? Community wells? One story houses?? What???”

- Luca gets caught by Professor Schuyler one night but instead of running or making an excuse he invites him to go for a walk and is shocked to find Schuyler agrees and is now walking with him what the hell

- Klaus and Randolph are walking to the Prefect’s office to find Elias is delirious and trying to break in because he ran out of chocolate in the dorm and had a really bad craving

- Randolph gets curious as to what the boys do in their dorms so he checks in on them with a familiar and 

- Randy being a little shit and creates a spell that brings out the inner child of a person and he decides to test it on everyone so Schuyler and Randolph have to come fix it but not before observing all their old habits (ex. Elias clinging to Klaus like his life depended on it)

- Azusa and Luca go out and prank someone in the middle of the night and poor Elias and Yukiya had to deal with 50 wing rabbits early that morning

  • Luca: Hey Professor Schuyler, did you get my report?
  • Schuyler: Yes I looked it over, nice work.
  • Luca: Alright, good. Thanks dad.
  • Luca: … Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Yukiya: You just called Professor Schuyler dad. You said “thanks dad”.
  • Luca: What? No I didn’t. I said “thanks man”.
  • Schuyler: Do you see me as a father figure, Luca?
  • Luca: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.
  • Elias: Hey! Show your father some respect!
Imagine...(Autumn/Winter scenarios!)

- You’re decorating for Christmas with Randy, and told him to do his part by doing one side of the room while you do the other. Instead of putting up regular ornaments and wreaths, he makes all of his decor actual candy and can’t help but eat it as he goes along. By the time you’re finished you turn around to see his entire side of the room blank and the last bit of cotton candy tinsel pop into his mouth.

- It’s Halloween and everyone is out late getting candy and enjoying the party held each year. Luca invites you to ditch the party because it was getting boring, so you go even though it’s against the rules. Once you two make it to the courtyard, something leaps toward you and lets out a terrifying screech, scaring the hell out of you both. The first thing you heard after your startled yells was, “You’re not allowed to leave the party unless it’s going to the dorms.” You expected it to be someone like Randy or Azusa, as that was something both of them would do. To your surprise, it was Conrad Schuyler.

- The lake has finally frozen over, so you decide to go ice skating! Of course it wouldn’t be fun all alone, so you invite some people. Elias, Yukiya, and Azusa show up, and turns out they all have very different skill levels. Elias is pretty good due to his training in both physical performance and grace in general, Yukiya is amazing at skating from taking his siblings to the lake so much, and Azusa….is pretty terrible. You end up having to help him because he keeps falling. When he finally loses his temper (which doesn’t take long) he takes off both his skates and slams them down, causing the ice below him to crack and swallow him up into the freezing water below.

- You’ve been assigned baking duty with the two worst people possible…Randy and Elias. It’s terrible monitoring both their sweet tooth’s at once, especially because the two of them are so different. Elias sneaks cookie dough from the bowl and munches a few chocolate chips at a time, while Randy shamelessly dives for them. Eventually you get the baking done, but after turning around from cleaning the utensils…all of your cookies are gone….

- December rolls around, and it’s freaking cold out. You can see your breath, jackets don’t seem to help anymore, and getting out of your warm bed is harder and harder each day. Luckily, today is a day off so you got to stay inside until Klaus invited you out. He and Elias were enjoying the day off for once, so you decided to join them despite the cold. All was peaceful until a snowball came from a battle nearby and hit Klaus. Elias didn’t notice so he kept walking, but of course the older sibling’s immediate assumption was that his brother did it, so he dumped some snow down the back of the poor boy’s shirt. Things escalated and a war broke out between them, with each side refusing to give up. You ended up watching the two with Yukiya that day.

- It’s your day off and you’re building a snowman out of boredom. You made the base rather big, so it was a struggle getting that second part on it. Coincidentally Yukiya walked by and saw you, so being the lovely person he is he helped you build it the rest of the way. You were going to leave it as is, but your companion already started making a base for another snowman. The two of you kept building late into the afternoon until the entire area was littered with snowmen. When you were both too tired to continue, you gave them all names.

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All i could think of was:

Maya = Angelica
Riley = Eliza
Lucas = Hamilton

“Eliza spots Hamilton among the men and is instantly smitten, but is too shy to go up and speak to him. Angelica goes over to Hamilton and brings him to meet Eliza. The two fall in love instantly, and begin sending letters to each other before Hamilton asks to marry Eliza (“Helpless”). At their wedding, Angelica gives a toast as the maid of honor. The action then rewinds to the night of the ball, but this time the events are shown from Angelica’s perspective. She reveals how she was instantly attracted to Hamilton intellectually and physically, but as soon as she saw how her sister reacted to him, Angelica swallowed her own feelings and introduces Hamilton to her sister, and the action returns to the wedding as Angelica resumes her blessing on the new couple (“Satisfied”).”



Rating: M

Summary:  King Walter and his Queen Mary, with their three sons, ruled the kingdom, Gedonelune, above the sea and below King Randolph and his Queen Annabeth, with their seven daughters, ruled the seven seas from their crystallised-corral palace, Undina

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