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as you can see, it’s a 5sos masterpost: snapback edition

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okay so fUckINg lOoK like is he EVEN FUCKING REAL?????





can’t forget the snapbACK KING

like c’mon now

suddenly my pants have disappeared??????



oh god


GOD YES AND HE HAS FUCKIN GLASSES??????? *spreads legs*

*screeches in magic conch*

i’m feeling so many things i never knew a human could feel

f uCk me uP

and tHE gLASSeS fUuUUuUUuUCk


i’m such a piece of shit for 5sos in snapbacks

fuck fuck fuck okay i’m leaving you with lashton snapback photos because i need to drown in holy water immediately

dear god what have i done


Favorite pictures/gifs of Luke//part 2

Elevator Annoyance - Luke Hemmings

You had been seated at a café in St. Petersburg you were on holiday and you had always wanted to go to Russia with your 3 best friends; Sarah, Steph and Ali. They had wondered off after you told them that you were just going to go down to café and read your book. You had been seated at the table sipping on a vanilla latte. Every now and then you would look up and your eyes would catch on an attractive boy, with emotionless ice blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and from what you could see from the glimpse you had caught was that he had stubble on his cheeks as if he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. You continued to ignore him and even swerved in your seat every now and then. You zoned back into your book, King’s Cage it had come out just over a month ago and yet you hadn’t even reached halfway yet. You looked at your watch and realised you had been sitting here for roughly a couple of hours and decided you should probably leave. You paid for your latte and look at the emotionless boy still seated at the back of the café. You looked back at him and his eyes met yours before quickly flicking away to his mobile phone. He was a strange one.

You spent the rest of the day going in and out of book stores and clothing stores. Let’s be honest you probably spent a little more then you wanted too. As you were entering the hotel you were staying at you noticed the emotionless boy at the receptionist desk, surrounded by 3 other boys, one with spiky out their coloured hair and pale skin. The boy next to him was caramel coloured with dark chocolate brown hair. The last boy positioned next to the emotionless boy, he had sandy blonder hair as well but it was longer and his skin had a sun kissed tan to it. You had realised you had stopped and were starring and you noticed the emotionless boy starring right back at you, a smirk tugging at his lips. From here you could see he had a black lip ring, it looked good. You gave a cheeky smile and walked towards the elevator with your bags. As you turned around you saw all 4 boys were staring at you and then the emotionless boy. You leant forward and clicked your floor number. Number 11. You pulled out your phone and looked down, going to type something. The doors began to close and were inches from shutting when a hand shot through stopping them. You gasped in surprise and dropped your phone.

“didn’t mean to scare you?” the male voice sang.

“no, it’s fine” you said leaning down to pick up your phone not bothering to look at the intruder.

As you got back up and looked to the rugged man standing next to you, your breath caught. The sandy blonde hair boy, with the ice blue eyes was standing next to you. His leather jacket fitted snuggly to his body. You backed up on the wall, so you were facing him directly. You thought this would make it less obvious to your starring.

“on holidays?” he had his hands locked in front. The elevator door just closing.

“yep, you?” you dropped your bag massaging your arms.

“one could say that, just a bit of shopping?” he smiled at me.

“just a little bit” you loved the way he sounded. The way his words ran off his tongue. “I like your accent” you smiled at him.

“its Australian if you were wondering” he let his fingers go and slowly walked over to you.

“ah you’re from down under” I attempt at a joke, was enough for us to laugh. He had reached you and was leaning close to you. His eyes would glance to your lips and yours to his. You watched as his hand came close to your face. However, you were wrong. You heard the soft click. Of him pressing the floor number he was headed too. Number 12. Just above yours.

“penthouse, huh?” you said losing the breath you didn’t realise you were holding.

“I like the view” he said starring into your eyes.

“bet you do” your voice came out fairly seductively something you were unaware of achieving.

He smirked and leant back on his heels. You heard the soft click of the elevator doors opening. You looked out. Your floor.

“do you need a hand with your bags?” he hummed.

“no need Hercules.” You picked them and walked confidently out of the elevator.

“if I’m Hercules, you must be Meg.” He had his hands held behind his back.

“I may be a damsel but I am not in distress, I got this handled have a nice day” you were totally aware that you had done the quote wrong.

“you aware you go that wrong, right?” he laughed.

“I know. Just hurry up and go do your hero thing” you winked at him.

“I’ll see you later” he smiled and the door closed. You were aware that you probably bit off more then you could chew.

if you guys wants this in a legit story, just let me know. :) 


Favorite pictures/gifs of Luke//part 4

Pool Boy- Luke Hemmings

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Summary: Luke is the pool boy at the country club where you often go

Warning: Badly written smut

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I got this idea while I was laying in my pool

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welcome to the post where your 5sos bad boy fantasies become realities. 

but wait it gets better…

here’s calums punk sexy

and if those don’t get your heart pumping…..

and this one just kills me, 

and for the grand feel finale…HOLD YOUR HEARTS AND SCREAMS.

………… ready?

oh mikey.

i hope y'all are still alive!


made me chuckle