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  • Jyushimatsu: [as a priest] Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed? [gestures to Osomatsu and the horse]
  • Todomatsu: [raises hand] Yeah, do we really need a reason? What the hell is this?
  • Todomatsu: OF WHAT?

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ok FIRST OF ALL!! thank you so much to allow me draw your styles guys!! this was so fun but exhausting at the same time haha…. I’d love draw more version but Im rEALLY Tired right now like… I could make more but at another time. Thank you for reading! please ENJOY! (ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

Lucaya Text AU: Because of their last names being so close in the alphabet, Lucas and Maya have been paired together for nearly every school project since middle school. It only made sense that they became study partners with their own pre-exam ritual.

hey hey what d’you guys think of a lifeguard!bangtan au event based of my last 2 drawings ? EYE EMOJI ???? :-)

it would be like the cupid’s event !!!! idk how long it would last but if u guys want it IM HYPED and it would b with ALL the members ;- )))

if you think lucas after a) bringing a horse to school to make riley feel like a princess and b) raising his hand in front of the entire class and then asking for cory and topanga for their blessing to take out riley on a date, is acting ooc in ski lodge with the engagement ring box and the jellybean, then you should rewatch girl meets world from the pilot AGAIN. who knows, maybe you’ll actually get it right this time. y’all have a nice day now,. 

Who's Arzaylea
  • y/n: * is watching netflix on valentines bc fuck relationships *
  • Luke: hey wanna go out with me and my princess
  • y/n: You think I would honestly want to go somewhere with you two?Youre lucky enough to get me out the house
  • Luke: Didnt you like my princess
  • y/n: I have a strong dislike for Arzaylea
  • Luke: *laughs* Thats not my princess ... I was talking about Michael and Calum
  • y/n: You said princess meaning singular
  • Luke: Shhhh
  • y/n: is brashton coming?
  • Luke: Yea no shit
  • Y/N : Looks like Netflix and I wont be able to continue our date ...Lets go you pussy
  • Michael: Only I can call Lukey pussy
  • ( Happy Valentines DaY )