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i reckon that star wars and harry potter have a lot in common in that neither of their creators were really prepared for what they created and so their fiction just isn’t strong enough. Like they’re both amazing (harry potter is my favourite thing ever really) but their worlds and plots are both so shaky when subjected to the level of dedicated scrutiny by the fanbase. And that’s because they were never really intended to be so carefully analysed, a great deal of effort went in to them of course but neither Lucas or Rowling was expecting to garner such a huge following. And they’ve both responded in the same way which is to try and expand and to come up with increasingly complicated  solutions, which has led to…mixed results i guess? But at no point would they be allowed to just say “X is like that because it’s fiction, I wrote it 10+ years ago: I didn’t think i would need to have some grand unified theory of this world.” They could never say that because it would ruin their world for so many fans and it would mean giving up creative control of this thing that they worked so hard on. Idk if that’s a bad thing or not: like u do u n all, but they aren’t and never expected, nor in all probability wanted to be, Tolkien even if we persist in treating them as such.

I NEED to tell people about something amazing that happened when I saw The Great Comet last week!

So in the song “The Abduction” Anatole silences the rowdy cast and sits down in the audience and there is supposed to be silence for a moment before he says “alright” and the commotion happens up again. WELL when I saw it an older women was sitting behind where Lucas Steele sat and in the silence kept shaking the shaker she got in his ear. In character he slowly looked behind him and saw it was this elderly woman and he turned around and struggled to hold in his laughter as she kept shaking it in his ear as he waved his hand for her to stop (in character). This went on for a good minute until Lucas just gave up throwing his arms in the air and laughed out “alright” and got up and the show continued as normal.


Anon (who didn’t have a blog at the time but now does): @i-smell-food thanks for the prompt!

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happy new year!! i spent my entire first day of 2017 working on this and i hope everyone likes it!

The more I rewatch stranger things the more I realize how relatable Lucas Sinclair is. I mean honestly who wouldn’t be skeptical af if their best friend bought home some random chick with a shaved head who they found in the middle of the woods and let live in their basement and then later claim said chick that they found in the woods had super powers and knew where their missing friend was. Lucas didn’t want that bs he just wanted to find his friend


Nick + Jess + Greeting Reagan

This normally happens when she walks in on their conversations. Do they think they have something to hide?

Honestly, it feels like subconsciously they’re trying to act normal (and failing) so as to try convince Reagan, most significantly, themselves that it’s just a moment between two friends.


(Anons, I swear I will answer your asks, but I answer in chronological order, and the first ask I want to answer in excruciating depth except that my brain’s gone missing. Sorry for the wait, and if you do find my brain feel free to drop it off.)

Some reasons to consider Lucas and Will as a ship
  • Holy adorable Interracial and gay in 1980’s how progressive
  •  They bring out the best in each other
  •  Will calms Lucas down
  •  Lucas gets Will to be a little more out going 
  •  If Will is frustrated with a drawing or painting and wants to give up, Lucas tells his to take a break and keep trying
  • They are the smallest ones in the group
  • Lucas didn’t care about some girl they found in the woods he just wanted to find Will
  • This cute little moment

Friendly reminder that Lucas Friar’s favorite thing in the world is when Riley Matthews talks to him, and that she is the sole reason he survived in New York. I will never understand how anyone can say Riley has not had a positive impact on Lucas’ life. I also can’t comprehend why people find it difficult to believe that Lucas chose Riley. I mean she has so many amazing qualities; she is kind, gentle, funny, quirky, gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, curious about the world around her, cares deeply for the people she loves, stands by what she believes in. I can honestly go on and on about how incredible Riley Matthews is. I completely see why Lucas would be taken with her. We know for a fact that Riley is really important to Lucas. Those words came from his own mouth. What I truly love the most about Rucas is that they bring out the best aspects of one another’s character. It is more than evident that they make each other happy. In relationships happiness should always come first; that is why Rucas is important to me. I just find their relationship to be beautiful in every way humanly possible. I believe in them wholeheartedly.