lucas lofts

Quick question:

Why is everyone moving into Lucas loft? How many rooms he got?

Also how come no one has asked if they can crash at Ali’s, I mean she basically has a whole damn house to herself.

Also can we get a couple roommate scenes since we have 3/5 liars now living together.

Rest of our life

It had been a few days since the whole “Noel” incident, and Caleb had yet to here from Hanna. Texts from the other girls had showed that she was all right, but still pissed at him. Caleb knew that she was pissed, but didn’t realize how pissed off that Hanna was at him. That included ignoring his phone calls, and text messages. He had spent the time working on Sara’s phone, but it was broken enough to take it a few days.

Caleb stood outside of Hanna’s, technically Lucas’s loft, but since Lucas didn’t stay there it didn’t matter. He knocked on the door, and waited outside. He rocked back on his heels. This time he was set enough to not walk away from her this time. She wouldn’t be able to get rid of him.

“Come on, Hanna,” Caleb muttered under his breath and checked the time on his phone. Though, he was hoping that she’d actually open the door.

Quick Thought...🕵🏼

Could Lucas be much more involved??? For one the episode where Hanna sends the text to big bad stating she killed Charlotte, the episode end s by panning through rosewood to an old building near the water, to the person receiving her message, looks a lot like the abandoned building Lucas offered to Hanna earlier in the episode? Resembled the building way too much to be a coincidence. Not to mention in “Game Over Charles” Mona says “wow A is like the wolf of wall street and has never made a bad investment” then we learn Lucas is a millionaire and has all types of sticks ect. Kinda sounds more like Lucas? In earlier theories of mine i posted a pic of Hanna and Lucas talking in his old bedroom and a pic of the playroom in the dollhouse and the bunk bed in BOTH rooms is identical! Then of course the siren in Lucas’s apt during Hanna’s bridal shower and the explosion where all at Lucas’s loft apt??? Too many strange encounters with Lucas for them to ALL be a coincidence??? What do you think???