lucas lofts

Aria in 7x15


She showed ‘A.D.’ All of the girl’s cards.

She broke into Lucas Loft and stole that comic book?

She delivered it to a high school locker that must have like a false back or some shit…

Cause she earned her hoody in like 2 seconds after dropping off that comic book.

Do we think it’s strange that the drop off was at the high school of all places?

She FINALLY stood up for herself to Ezra, who was… hard to read in this episode.

And Lucy gave one of the most natural performances of her entire career in this episode. Whoever made the official call to go minimal on Lucy’s eye makeup this episode, definitely made the right call. It did a lot for capturing her turmoil.

You know what was great about 7x15?

When Spencer decrees that when they search Lucas’ loft, they should search discreetly.

And then Emily and Hanna are like “hey nothing’s more discreet than talking loudly about how we are suspicious, as we dig through the boxes under your desk.”

He said you were tense..

Hey so hanna and em are now living in Lucas loft. And hanna was his friend after everything. Like him being so shady with alison memorial, having the same pills that em was drugged with, asking aria to get his stuff out of this photographer after he was fired, burning stuff in a classroom, talkkng to mona an jenna and melissa.. So.. HANNA COULS YOU PLEASE JUST ASK HIM??? Like what the fuck man? Why did you work with mona? Why oh why oh why did you agreed to help her then? What was your part in this shit?
I dunno.. I would ask before getting myself into business with the guy not even mention about living at his place.
I guess our liars deserve everything as they did not learn anything forall this time.

Double standards much?
  • Aria leaves snookers and goes to Ezra's place where they hug and he comforts her
  • PLL fans: Oh my God Aria you sick at staking out at snookers. Hanna is missing and you're too busy with your love life. You should be ashamed.
  • Hanna leaves Noel Kahn tied up and goes to Lucas's loft and sleeps with Caleb
  • PLL fans: yes Haleb is rising. This scene is so hot. He's kissing her wounds
Quick question:

Why is everyone moving into Lucas loft? How many rooms he got?

Also how come no one has asked if they can crash at Ali’s, I mean she basically has a whole damn house to herself.

Also can we get a couple roommate scenes since we have 3/5 liars now living together.


I had some real hope during the first couple episodes of this season, I did. Emily, after being sidelined from the main mystery for most of 6A and shunted off into a subplot where she fell for the boring and obviously evil Shower Shark, was interesting again!  In the five years of the time jump, she lost her dad, dropped out of college, burned through all her money, and became a bartender.  She came back to Rosewood with a cover story about the Salk Institute and a nihilistic no fucks to give attitude.

And then…..nothing.  I mean, she got her eggs stolen, and Ali held her hand in the hospital, and she helped Aria with a golf club heist, her mom busted her on the faux-photo of her graduation, she was mildly menaced by Harvey Hands, she was stared at by the mailman, she almost got mowed down by a monster truck while getting her fingerprints all over a possible murder weapon, after which explored the train tunnel underneath Radley and got her boob grabbed by Hanna, then investigated a shady garage and eventually twisted Mona’s arm to get the info that she called Charlotte from the Two Crows, which culminated in her flirt and grab caper with Spencer.

But of these various storylines, the only one that’s all Emily’s is the stolen eggs. (Which the other Liars barely bother to count when they’re tallying their hospital visits for the half-season.)

Where is the Emily who put on Wayne’s army jacket and went to the shooting range post-Doll House?  Hopefully she’s off somewhere flying around with the real Alison in her plane, because current show Emily is like:

Compare Emily’s saga to Spencer, who’s had her mother’s campaign, her feelings for Caleb, suspicion of Melissa, phone hijinks with Mona and Yvonne, Toby drama, the potential leak of her mom’s medical records, Caleb taking the fall for Yvonne’s leaked abortion info, the term paper she wrote for Murder 101, a stint as a cat burglar that led to the discovery of the Radley plans and Aria’s trip to Narnia, and the eventual discovery of the Mary Drake paperwork. (Notice how Spencer has so much going on, Operation Flirt & Grab doesn’t even make the list.)

Compare it to Aria, who has the Liam/Ezra triangle, the book that she decides to write for Ezra and then with him, her suspicious seeming walk about the night Charlotte died, her fear that Ezra or her dad killed Charlotte and the resulting Great Golf Club Goose Chase 2016, her parental relationship drama, her internet ordination that results in her marrying not only Ella and Byron but also Ali and Rollins, her Team Sparia plan that results in the trip to Narnia, her time in the police line up which leads to her bush spying and coffee spill sleuthing, and then she gets s’mored by the Smart Loft and almost burned to death.

Compare it to Hanna, who has her demanding boss and fashion job that she got fired from, a will they/won’t they dynamic with her rich and toothy fiance, sad face all over the place whenever Spaleb is in sight, the erasing of the security footage, the offensive plan (which was half-Aria, but again, Aria has so much going on it didn’t make her list) to strike at ‘A’ via the fake drive, a million dollar business offer and a free stay at the Murder Loft courtesy of Lucas, and finally her big fake out Evil Emoji plan that results in her getting kidnapped through a hole in the floor.   

Now I’ve always said that I would not mind having one or more of the Liars be single - who has time for tons of romantic drama when you’re being almost murdered all the time?  So this isn’t entirely a rant about the lesbian character getting the smallest piece of the relationship pie, it’s about the show being unable to figure out what to do with a character other than serve up relationship drama.

Our flashbacks to the previous five years have been: Hanna and Caleb getting catty in an alley; Spencer and Toby having their pregnancy scare; Spencer and Caleb and the little dog print in Europe; Hanna running through the rain (because that’s always fixes longstanding relationship problems) to try and win Caleb back; Hanna and Melissa throwing shade and phones in a London bathroom; Aria listening to Byron and Ella having a Charlotte-related fight; a flashback/imaginary blue lit Ezria book scene of him leaving Nicole in a huff and a puff and a grinding of gears; and the group scene of what happened to Harvey Hands that night as told by Spencer to Caleb.

Who has no flashbacks to show for this half season?  That’s right - Emily Fields!  Because dropping out of college and the death of your father are far less important and interesting in terms of character development than the bonanza of romantic drama engulfing all the straight characters on the show! Seriously?  This is like the show basically indicating that nothing happened to Emily in the past five years that’s worth showing us, not because ‘A’ was on a lunch break, but because she wasn’t hooking up with anyone (and she’s not fancy enough to run into Melissa in London, and her dad is dead so her parent’s can’t fight about ex-stalkers). What kind of message is this?

So now, if we are talking about a show that only knows what to do with itself if it’s forcing the cast to square dance (Switch yo partners!  Round and round!) amid shipper drama, that actually makes it way worse that the Last Lesbian Standing has nothing to do but hang out like:

We’re looking at a show this season which has seriously been 80% relationship stuff, 20% mystery.

So let’s run a check on the distribution of love interests, shall we?

Spencer: Caleb (dating, having sex with), Toby (jealous of, making puppydog eyes at)

Aria: Liam (boyfriend, kissing, having sex with), Ezra (ex-boyfriend, also kissing and presumably having sex with in the finale)

Hanna: Jordan (engaged to, having the sex), Caleb (ex-boyfriend, kissing), Lucas (living in loft of as perk of giant residual high school crush / obsession) 

Emily: Sometimes holds hands with Alison, hugs Alison, tells Alison she loves her, then lets her commit herself to a mental hospital.  

(And lest we get too carried away by all this epic non-romance,  let’s not forget that Alison responds to all these breadcrumbs of affection by snuggling, smooching, and MARRYING Dr. Rollins.)

Which is to point out that all other Liars had two (or more) love interests, and Emily got like, a quarter of one.  Let alone the fact that Hanna has two different millionaires who want nothing more than to take care of her forever (or make a suit out of her skin, you never know)!

Honestly, Emily has been more sidekick than main character this season. She’s around to be back up when the other Liars get up to some mischief, but she’s way more supportive best friend than active agent this season.  

Of course I still want Emison to be endgame, but ideally I’d like it to be for actual reasons and not because everyone is out of ideas.  I’d like for Alison and Emily to have arcs that lead them back to each other.  Sure, maybe Ali is in such an arc right now, and she’ll realize that she married Dr. Evil and that Emily is her OTP.  And if that happens - great!  But I’d really like Emily to have actual important vital-to-the-main-plot things to do while it’s coming full circle.   

She better start off 7a by throwing a moltov cocktail through the window of that mental hospital to bust Alison out, that’s all I’m saying.  It’s still important to have a lesbian main character on the show, but she needs to be written as a main character, not a house plant with legs.

A Summary of 6x13 - The Gloves Are On (at least for Sara)

So Hanna, Spencer and Emily are getting spa treatments because being suspected for murder is really stressful. Aria is not there so I guess they took Alison’s dinner threats seriously.

Anyway, since she’s not there they can also question Aria and Ezra’s relationship, I mean it’s a few years too late but okay.

Oh, and Sara is there too because why not:)

Meanwhile Aria’s talking to Liam while looking like she’s about to perform on Eurovision next.

Liam however, unknowingly, supports the idea of Aria staying in Rosewood with Ezra. Poor Liam.

At the Brew Hanna meets Lucas who is now rich. But honestly though who isn’t?

As Emily goes to the drugstore so that Pam can go through her mail Hanna spots Aria and Ezra having lunch for some reason. Aria’s talking about how shocked she is by the content of Ezra’s book, so while Aria is having a déjà vu moment Ashley appears and tries to lengthen Ezra’s compulsive sobriety.

So, Emily’s sitting in her car and Pam is rushing towards her at the speed of all my responsibilities emerging.

They go having coffee (yes, coffee) while talking about her skipping school and going costume shopping.

Hanna though, after crashing Spencer’s interview, runs to Lucas’ loft to ask him to be her alibi despite the fact that he couldn’t even keep his hamster alive.

Later, Aria and Emily are sitting in Aria’s living room reading Ezra’s book. This is basically going to be Aria’s storyline for the rest of the season. A book.

Anyway, Aria is dismissing Emily’s suggestion that Ezra wrote the book about her.

I mean why would he do that?

Just saying, unless Nicole disappeared while she was out buying chickpeas this book is about you, Aria.

Meanwhile Spencer goes to see Hanna to ask her if she can take over her shopping cart and Hanna who says she’s okay with it is not really okay with it.

The next day Ezra and Aria are sitting on a bench talking about Ezra’s book. Again. I swear to god this is worse than the barrel storyline.

I guess Aria is just going to start writing his book for him now. This would be a great opportunity for payback but I doubt we’ll get that…

Later, Hanna and Emily are hanging out in Aria’s bedroom while Liam is giving them a striptease and when Hanna goes to throw away her junk food she finds out that Emily is not in fact sick but that she’s just been preparing her gift for Alison.

Back at Spencer’s barn Spencer tells Caleb how Sara was electrocuted and we all know that water and electricity don’t mix well.

Then Caleb says he always thought it was Sara who killed Charlotte because, really, who doesn’t know what Kimye is?

And then they sleep together lol.

Anyway, A is back! And he’s looking for uniforms so maybe Emily can help him out.

THOUGHTS: Evil Emoji vs Previous ‘A’s

There’s been a lot of talk so far this season about how the new (not improved) shadowy texter is playing by “different rules” than the previous A’s.  And although I wouldn’t really say that any people who out you to your parents, put finger bones in your corset, run you over with a car, get you thrown in jail and then kidnap and imprison you in an underground torture bunker are playing by any specific set of rules, per se, it might lead to something if we do think about the ways in which Evil Emoji is acting in ways that are different from what we’ve previously seen from the big bAds.

1. EE has a clear objective.  Whereas Mona and Charlotte declared they were out for revenge / playing a game / wanting to avenge themselves because the Liars wronged them for various slights real and imagined - EE declares in their debut text message that they want to find out what the Liars know about Charlotte’s death.  But why?  So they can take revenge on the killer?  So they can turn the evidence over to the police?  (OR they are the police and want the liars to do all their illegal investigation?)  So they can swear fealty to their new overlord?    

2. EE is not nearly as omniscient as we’ve come to expect.  Things they’ve been aware of: Spencer having a little hit of mixed emotions when she sees Toby with the ring (observed by Bellman); Hanna getting ready to go to the police with her fancy lawyer; Emily selling her eggs; Hanna having erased the security footage; the back up footage going missing.  Things EE may or may not be aware of but has made no attempts to exploit yet:  Spencer being with Caleb; Aria writing Ezra’s new novel; Spencer’s Murder 101 term paper; Charlotte’s actual cause of death (strangulation) as given by the police.  Things EE has not been aware of: Aria suggesting they drop a fake drive; Caleb making a fake drive and giving it to Hanna; Caleb putting a video and virus on the fake drive; what the security footage shows; who killed Charlotte.

Aria and Hanna talk about the fake drop plan at Ashley’s house.  Caleb and Hanna discuss the fake drive in the Hastings barn.  Everyone discusses the footage / Aria leaving / Ezra maybe being a killer at the Montgomery house and Ezra’s apartment.  So we know several locations at least are not under constant surveillance.  

Interestingly, the things EE does know about - aside from the Toby ring sighting - were all discussed in the Loft of Lucas where Hanna is currently staying.  Worth noting: Emily and Hanna discuss Spaleb there, so if it’s really the Loft of Lucas and Listening In, EE knows about Spaleb and either doesn’t care about it or wants them to stay together.

Also, either EE does not know who killed Charlotte, or they killed Charlotte and are trying to make sure the Liars have no idea.  Why else send them on a wild goose chase for a missing 9 iron?  It’s like suggesting a wrong weapon in a game of Clue, you do it to see what someone else knows.  In this case, EE can basically clear Aria of serious wrong doing as she hops all over town getting her finger prints on every golf club in Rosewood.  If she did it, or if she knew for sure who did, she wouldn’t need to jump through all those hoops.  They could also be employing a similar strategy with the security footage - if Hanna tears up her Mom’s entire house trying to find it, that tells EE that Hanna herself did not steal it.

3. EE uses emojis.  This seems obvious, and kind of dumb, like the new stalker did not do any market testing about what is scary vs. clownish.  (Although clowns, very scary.  If a clown texted me, I would run.)  But it’s a significant difference between these messages and the old ones.  Does it mean EE is an older person who doesn’t understand technology?  Or does it mean EE has never received an actual A message in the past, and hasn’t sent one either - they have a basic unfamiliarity with how they look.  Alison has gotten threatening texts in the past.  Ezra certainly knows what those texts look and sound like.  Mona is a master in the art of cyber-samurai.  Melissa is a genuinely scary person, I think she would know better than to dilute the brand with pig faces.  So who then?  Sara Harvey?  Sabrina?  Lucas?  Dr. Rollins?  Jason?  Lorenzo?  Someone who knows the story, but not exactly how it works?   

Or is the emoji thing just a way to cast suspicion on Sara Harvey, in exactly the way it makes Spencer suspicious of her - it’s hard for her to type, emojis might be easier.  Which, this would maybe be valid if anyone believed Harvey can’t use her hands.  Anyone?  Anyone?  So it’s possible that we can write down “State of Harvey Hands” as another thing on the EE doesn’t know about list.

I made notes on the specific emojis, in case there was a pattern, but if there is, I’m not seeing it.  In which case, we can simply look at all the pictures to see if they might be clues to some other meaning.  (Note: we can’t actually look at them because I have no idea how to do screen grabs.  But I will describe them in great detail, I promise.)

You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.  [Emoji: Horned skull of a red devil]

Could refer to: Shana swimming for the Red Devils, all the times they called Toby a devil during the first season, Mona dressed as a horned devil during the 6a finale, or could be a friendly sign off indicating you’re all going to hell.

I guess she is better than you.  He will never put a [Emoji: diamond ring] on your finger.

Could refer to: Toby’s engagement ring, explicitly.  Or Spencer pawning the ring Ian gave Melissa.  Hanna’s engagement ring.  Ella and Byron’s engagement.  Melissa’s engagement to Wren Kingston, ended when he was caught kissing Spencer.

When the [Emoji: Two pigs in cop hats] come calling you’d better not squeal about me.  [Emoji: Bomb with xx eyes] [Emoji: Broken heart]

Pigs could refer to: Pigs on the cupcakes A forced Hanna to eat before she confessed her eating disorder to Aria.  The Toby/Caleb/Ali/Ezra plot to get Alison out of the house and free to go be A-bait in the woods, wherein the call was coming from a doll in a pig mask.  Ali calling Paige “Pigskin.”  The pig in the trunk of Wilden’s car.  The fact that we’re calling cops pigs could also refer to the many awful cops Rosewood has employed: Wilden himself, Garrett, Holbrook, and Lorenzo all had very icky involvements with teenage girls. 

Bomb could refer to: the bomb that didn’t blow up Radley, engineered by Charlotte, defused by Spencer, electrocuted Harvey.  The explosion that blew up Toby and Jenna’s house.  The firecracker that originally blinded Jenna Thing.  Small explosion at the school caused by Lucas. 

Broken heart could refer to: an ex-lover of one of the Liars.  No shortage of those!  Or an unrequited love.  Top of that list right now: Lucas, Toby, Ezra, Alison.  But seriously, this real list would be one million miles long and chock full of sketchy ass names.  For Hanna, we’ve got: Sean, Travis, Caleb, Lucas, Mona, Wren, and Holbrook.  For Spencer: Ian, Wren, Andrew, Toby, Alex, Jonny, British Colin, and maybe a few others that I’ve blocked out.  For Aria: Ezra, Noel, Jake, Clark, Andrew, Jason, Holden, random dude at the bed and breakfast, and the douchebag who tried to slut shame her that one time.  For Emily we have: Ben, Toby, Maya, Samara, Paige, Talia, Shower Shark, and OG Ali.  We could include Alison on this list, but since she is not getting these texts (that we know of) I’m not going to.  But let’s keep everyone who’s made moves on more than one liar on the watch list.  That’s: Wren, Andrew, Caleb and Toby.  Oh heck, I’m going to include Ezra and Holbrook and Noel and Ian because they would all be on Alison’s list, too. 

Also, this one is kind of why you should not use emojis in your threat.  What is the threat saying, exactly.  You’d better not squeal on me or I will bomb your broken heart?  I will explode your relationship?  It’s clearly something like that, but to paraphrase Willow Rosenberg when she promised to bludgeon Riley to death with a shovel, a vague threatening text message is nobody’s friend.  

I get that drive or you get a [Emoji: broken heart] [Emoji: clock] is ticking.

See broken heart, above.  This is the second time we’ve seen the broken heart used.

Clock could refer to: It looks like an alarm clock, Hanna and her boo were just talking about oversleeping.  We also have moments in this same episode where we see Spencer using her space age Apple watch, a fairly prominent shot of the watch on Ali’s wrist, and Hanna eventually getting sacked for not arriving on time to have her boss spit gum into her hand.

4. EE doesn’t hand write notes to the Liars.  In fact, they’ve been phoning it in the whole time up until Emily gets the carton of freshly laid egg-threats.  Which has a paper tucked inside with what looks like a computer print out.  Is the magic so far gone?  Or would one of the Liars recognize EE’s writing / printing?  Or is this another sign that EE is guessing about the A game and how it works?

5. I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight.  This is the big one the show wants us to think about.  But it’s also the most doubtful.  You don’t wear hoodies, but you also aren’t exactly wearing a t-shirt that says “Hug Me, I’m Your Stalker.”  And they’re still wearing a mask of a face on their face, even if it is rubber instead of hand-crafted plaster made by the creepy woodsman.  One thing that it does seem to imply, though, is that the physical presence of EE is more important that it was for A.  Mona and Charlotte (and Ezra) worked tons of tech angles to keep tabs on the Liars.  Blue snarfing and therapist office bugging and making Hanna’s replacement phone record and transmit all conversations and hacking the GPS on Emily’s car.  EE seems far more low-fi, although it does seem pretty likely that there are listening devices in the Luxury Loft of Lucas, Likely in the Lamps.

6. EE is not as good with the tech side.  When Caleb’s virus starts causing havoc, they push a couple of keys and then resort to smashing some things to vent their feelings.  No counter typing, no trying to block anything.  No line of defense.     

Those are the main differences I’ve noted so far.  Any others I’ve missed?  Anyone who seems like a better or worse suspect based on all this?