lucas janin

You got freckles on your shoulder, ammunition like a soldier
And visions, ambitions to be the best

Oh and Jenny why don’t we, Jenny why don’t we be getting together
I said Jenny shouldn’t we, Jenny shouldn’t we be getting together

I haven’t drawn ZR art in a very, very long time but I still love Janine very, very much

S2E4 like:
  • Sam: You need to come back to Abel. We’ll find space, even if it means you’ve got to sleep with Janine.
  • Five: OH NO what a terrible fate, woe is me - I think I can JUST BARELY manage that if it's truly the only way...
  • Janine: are the queen of subtlety, Five.

bluestronger  asked:

I arrived back at Abel after a long run today, and the industrial dumpster was literally on fire. I'm not joking. We think we have it under control Janine, but what do you suggest we can do to stop it from happening in the future? (Not even joking, actually happened).

I am aware of the situation, Five, and I thank you for your report. Runner Three evidently smuggled in a rocket launcher and was using it to try and get a date.

He is being dealt with as well.

-Janine De Luca