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This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from Stranger Things at the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta (2/4/17) and seeing their panel.  I thought I’d share some cool things the kids talked about:

  • Finn got his first acting jobs off of Craigslist ads.
  • Stranger Things was originally called Montauk and took place in Long Island.
  • Before auditioning, the kids were sent movie clips to watch from Jaws, The Poltergeist, Let Me In,  E.T., and  The Goonies to get a “feel” for how the Duffer brothers wanted the show to be like.
  • At the auditions the boys read from the script of Stand By Me.
  • Stranger Things was originally going to be a mini-series.
  • Gaten was the only person the Duffer brothers auditioned for Dustin.
  • Noah originally auditioned for Mike.
  • The cast (with the exception of Gaten) complained that the 80’s clothes they had to wear were uncomfortable. They were even given “tighty whities” to wear, which they said they refused to do.
  • When talking about the technology from the 80s that they had never seen before, Finn said that Millie had never seen a record player before prior to filming the first season. The boys couldn’t believe this, because as Finn said, “you can get one at Urban Outfitters.”
  • Gaten said the worst scene for him to film was the scene where Dustin and Mike are being chased by the bullies in the quarry because he hates running. When told he needed to keep up with Finn, Gaten said “then Finn needs to slow down.”
  • In the last episode, the scene where Jonathan picks up Will from playing D&D was improvised. Lucas says that Dustin farted, but he originally said “Dustin sharted.” However, the voice was dubbed over in the final cut because the Duffer brothers said that nobody said “sharted” in the 1980s.
  • Gaten said that his favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan. Finn’s is Trainspotting, and Noah’s is Castaway. Caleb couldn’t pick a favorite movie.
  • Gaten’s new charity, CCD Smiles, should be up and running in the next month or so.

Plus some cute things:

  • Finn said when he went to his audition he was excited because the Duffer Brothers had bought him business class plane tickets, much to the disbelief of Noah who said he was given an economy class ticket. 
  • Caleb corrected his own grammar once when answering a question.
  • Noah recently bought Dungeons and Dragons, much to the delight of the others who can’t wait to play and they all exclaimed “let’s play tomorrow!”
  • When the panel moderator said no more questions and thanked the boys for coming, Finn said “Wait, we’re done? No we can take more questions.” When the other boys joined in the moderator allowed 10 more minutes of questions.
  • At one point a lot of static came out of the microphones, prompting the boys to say things like “hello?” and “it’s here.”

YA LIT MEME: Seven Friendships.

↳  SAVING FRANCESCA + THE PIPER‘S SON; Francesca Spinelli, Tara Finke, Siobhan Sullivan, Justine Kalinsky, Thomas Mckee and Jimmy Hailler. [1/7]

Your friends are at the house.’
I sit up, straight. ‘Who’?
'I don’t know. Weird people. The Sullivan girl, whose father got the Gosford police to pick you up.’
'And another one who’s making cups of tea for everyone, and keeping the boy who’s telling Luca fart jokes away from the girl who says he’s “the last bastion of patriarchal poor taste”.’
'Justine, Thomas and Tara.’
And the drug fiend, Jimmy, is keeping Mia calm and the Trombal boy’s rung about ten times. I don’t like his manner on the phone.’
'You won’t like any guy’s manner on the phone.


The Inner West Gang | 1 of 7

“Your friends are at the house.’
I sit up, straight. ‘Who’?
'I don’t know. Weird people. The Sullivan girl, whose father got the Gosford police to pick you up.’
'And another one who’s making cups of tea for everyone, and keeping the boy who’s telling Luca fart jokes away from the girl who says he’s “the last bastion of patriarchal poor taste”.’
'Justine, Thomas and Tara.’
And the drug fiend, Jimmy, is keeping Mia calm and the Trombal boy’s rung about ten times. I don’t like his manner on the phone.’
'You won’t like any guy’s manner on the phone.”

― Melina Marchetta, Saving Francesca




The Inner West Gang | 2 of 7

“Your friends are at the house.’
I sit up, straight. ‘Who’?
'I don’t know. Weird people. The Sullivan girl, whose father got the Gosford police to pick you up.’
'And another one who’s making cups of tea for everyone, and keeping the boy who’s telling Luca fart jokes away from the girl who says he’s “the last bastion of patriarchal poor taste”.’
'Justine, Thomas and Tara.’
And the drug fiend, Jimmy, is keeping Mia calm and the Trombal boy’s rung about ten times. I don’t like his manner on the phone.’
'You won’t like any guy’s manner on the phone.”

― Melina Marchetta, Saving Francesca

but think about this: Maya made fun of Lucas to hide her feelings. She tried to push him away by making fun of him. She thought it would be easier if Lucas hated her. But he didn’t. And now it’s been 2 years and she can’t push him away anymore. She knows he has to ride the bull, so she says that if he does, she’ll never talk to him again. Again, it’s her trying to push away her feelings. But now Riley knows. And everything has changed. Riley steps aside because Maya did for 2 years. Because they’re best friends and sisters and it’s what they do. So now Lucas knows and Maya has a chance with him. She knows this hurts Riley so she’s still pushing him away. But after Lucas grabs her face, she gives in. Wonder what happens next?

My Brothers Best Friend (Michael Clifford Imagine) - Prologue

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Warnings: Swearing

A/N: This is the prologue (so it’s short). If you want a part 1, please tell me! Let’s pretend 5SOS weren’t that famous and Ashton goes to the same school.

My Brothers Best Friend Masterlist

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The Inner West Gang | 7 of 7

“Your friends are at the house.’
I sit up, straight. ‘Who’?
'I don’t know. Weird people. The Sullivan girl, whose father got the Gosford police to pick you up.’
'And another one who’s making cups of tea for everyone, and keeping the boy who’s telling Luca fart jokes away from the girl who says he’s “the last bastion of patriarchal poor taste”.’
'Justine, Thomas and Tara.’
And the drug fiend, Jimmy, is keeping Mia calm and the Trombal boy’s rung about ten times. I don’t like his manner on the phone.’
'You won’t like any guy’s manner on the phone.”

― Melina Marchetta, Saving Francesca


Books Meme | Friendships [1/5]: the St. Sebastian’s squad | Saving Francesca & The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

“Your friends are at the house.”
“I don’t know. Weird people. The Sullivan girl, whose father got the Gosford police to pick you up.”
“And another one who’s making cups of tea for everyone, and keeping the boy who’s telling Luca fart jokes away from the girl who says he’s “the last bastion of patriarchal poor taste”.”
“Justine, Thomas and Tara.”
“And the drug fiend, Jimmy, is keeping Mia calm and the Trombal boy’s rung about ten times. I don’t like his manner on the phone.”
“You won’t like any guy’s manner on the phone.”

Day 1: “I got the first kiss, but she’ll get the last.”

Riley: “That’s Lucas and Maya for ya! Playful banter, Texas, Rodeo’s, starry nights, tween angst, MEAT, HA-HURRRRRR! Pure fire! Unfortunately, I think Shakespeare said it best. “These violent delights have violent ends…”

Preview: See what would’ve happened if Riley successfully stopped Farkle from his New Year’s confession.

Side Note: This is my first ever fan fic! Please be kind and at least read it :)

Senior Year of High School

Do you ever feel like the world is slowly being set on fire? Like no matter what you do the inevitable is coming, so you give up and just burn? Well, that’s been me for the past 4 years 12 days 5 hours 33 minutes and 7, 8, 9

 “Hi, Riles.” Maya and Lucas say in sync. They give each other a look and then shout, “Only I can call her that!”

 “Jinx!” Lucas chuckles. Maya rolls her eyes and turns her attentions to me.

 “Why didn’t you come to the study group last night?”

 “Yeah, I missed you.” He rubs my shoulder- 17, 18, 19…

“I missed you?” She hisses.

 "What, I did?!” Lucas replies defensively. His shoulders tense up and I can tell this isn’t going to end well. 

“What, I did!” Maya repeats in a baby voice.

Lucas clinches his jaw as his eyes burn a hole through the ceiling. Maya ignores his body language and continues to press him. I don’t like it when they fight, but that’s Lucas and Maya for ya! Playful banter, Texas, Rodeo’s, starry nights, tween angst, MEAT, HA-HURRRRRR! Pure fire! But I think Shakespeare said it best. “These violent delights have violent ends…” 

“Please, stop doing that.” Lucas huffs. 

“Please stop.“ *fart noise* 

“Maya!” I snap. Her eyes flash back to me and my eyes widen.

“You got somethin to share with the class, Matthews?” Maya asks in an agitated tone.

“No.“ I reply as I plaster a fake smile across my face. 

She shrugs it off and goes back to embarrassing Lucas.

“Look Luki bear, the adults are trying to speak here, so beat it!” 

 A stare down ensues between the two of them and my anxiety levels fly through the roof. They’ve never physically fought, but the tension sure felt like it was a possibility. Like always Lucas breaks it by turning to me. I weakly smile at him a plea with my eyes for him to stop. He takes a deep breath then looks back to Maya who’s still glaring at him. 

 "Fine, I’m going.” He says as he raises his hands. He glances back to me and softly smiles. I shift my eyes to the floor. 

“I’ll be at my locker.” He says as he starts to walk away.

“I know! Now shew!” She as he pats his butt.

“Maya!” He gasps as he fights a smile. She winks and- 1, 2, 3, 4…

“Riles!” Maya says as she snaps her fingers. “Why didn’t you come last night?”

“I had to help, Auggie with a project.” Yes, I lied, but who wants to hear, “I didn’t join you because I needed a break from your disgusting flames of love that is my hell!”

 “That little Putz! Well, are you joining us tonight?!”

 “Of course! I need help with my Spanish homework!” I say with my best fake smile.

 “Perfect! I’ll see ya after school then!” She shouts as she races towards Lucas. She playfully punches him then grabs his hand. They continue down the hall. I watch until it gets unbearable and then grab my books. As I close my locker Farkle’s face is right there.

 Out of all my friends he’s the only one that knows my true feelings for Lucas. He once threatened to rat me out at a New Year’s Eve party I had a few years back, but I “accidentally” tripped him on the way to my roof. WE ended up in the emergency room with a tone of broken bones. Needless to say he never brought the matter up again.

 “How are you?” He sings.

 “Hi Farkle. I’m fine. How are you?”

“Good!” He goes off on a random tangent about Quantum Mechanics when Isadora join us. His smile grows as he explains to her what he’s just learned. She starts clapping as she pulls out a piece of paper. I watch the two converse about Subatomic particles and Schrodinger’s equation and shake my head. Sometimes I swear those two speak their own language.

 The day drags on, but I smile through it. I get onto the Subway with Maya as she tells me about her and Lucas’s latest argument turned gritty hate make out. I cringe and quickly change the subject.

 “Have you heard back from NYU yet?”

 She lowers her eyes and quietly gazes at her cute leopard print boots.

 “What’s wrong?” I reach for her hand and watch her intently as she raises her eyes to meet mine. When she does a creeping feeling crawls up my spine and I know it’s something bad. I brace myself as I wait for my Peaches to speak!

 “I was going to tell you, but-” She stops and so does my heart.

 I reach for her chin. “What is it Peaches?”

 “I didn’t apply to NYU.” She says in a rush.


 “I didn’t apply to NYU.”

 I stare blankly at her and start blinking at a rapid pace. For some reason my brains not functioning right now.

 “I don’t understand? I was with you when you applied.” I say with a laugh.

 “That’s true except-”

 “Except?” I interrupt. Maya pauses for a moment and my stomach drops as I wait for the blow.

 “I was applying to University of Pennsylvania and I’ve been accepted.”

 *Explosion* My ears begin to ring as I stumble backwards into an empty seat.

 “I’m sorry Riles! I wanted to tell you sooner really I did, but- “

 I black out for a moment as my mind flashes back to when I’d received early admissions to Columbia University.  All the lies she feed me about staying in the city with me and letting Lucas go because he was too much of a powder puff for her all were slapping me in the face right now. I feel her hand on mine and I’m back in the subway with her.

 “Look Riley, they have a really good Psychology program and- are you mad?”

 Yes, but as I examine her face my anger melts away when I realize how stressed I’ve made her. I shrug my shoulders and hug her.

 “No.” I finally let out. “I’m happy for you, peaches.”

 “You are?!”

 “Of course. How could I not be?” I chock up.

 “Because you’re Riley.” She sighs into my hair. I give her a melancholy smile as I let her go. 

She takes a deep breath in and as she releases it she seems reborn. I envy her in that moment, but quickly push it away as I listen to her explain how Lucas influenced her through his job at the animal shelter. She goes on and on about how his interaction with them made her want to do something similar with people.

 “We’ll be a power couple! Saving the world one animal and human at a time!”

 She lifts her fist into the sky and I smile as she does. Her world is so beautiful now and I’m just lucky enough to be a part of it; Riley Matthews! The Handmaiden of the moon who only needs fairy dust, unicorns, friends and Lu – I shake my head and try to focus on what Maya is saying again. This time she’s gushing about how we’re all going to Ivy league schools.

“Exception Zay of course! NYU baseball here he comes! Right?!” She giggles with pride. “He’s going to do amazing! Like seriously think about it Riles! Farkle and Smackle are going to take over Harvard! You’re going to rule Columbia and Lucas and I are going to conquer the University of Pennsylvania! It’s all falling into place!”

“That it is, Peaches!” I beam as I watch the excitement grow on her face with all this new hope.

 When I get home I plop down on the couch and stare blankly at the T.V. screen that’s currently off.

 Auggie plops down next to me. “You okay, Riley?”

 I look at him and sigh. This boy is growing up too fast. I cup his face and bring him in so our foreheads are touching. “With you? Always. How’s middle school treating you?”

 He pulls away and huffs, “Don’t ask.”

 I laugh as I cross my arms. “That good, huh?”

 “They’ll killing me Riley! Like seriously I give a complement to Toni about how I like her outfit and Ava’s screams! So then I try to complement Ava about how her hair smells nice and Toni jumps down my throat!”

 “Wow. Middle school has gotten way more dramatic since I’ve been there!”

Auggie shakes his shaggy hair in agreement. “Tell me about it.”

“There’s jelly beans and a scale in the kitchen.” I tease. “Dad told me this story about how one time he-”

“I know the story!” Auggie interrupts. “And I’ve already tried it with Dewy!”

“Did it work?”

“What do you think?!” He says with a matter-of-fact tone. I laugh again.

“Well, look at the bright side! You’ll always have me!” I say as I hug him. He smiles and gets up.

“I’m gonna get some cereal. You want some?”

“No, but thank you.”

He walks towards the kitchen and I start to giggle. Young love, so angsty!  I look to the fireplace and see a picture of me and Maya. *Sighs* Things are changing.

 Fall Semester Sophomore year

It’s crazy to think how many things can happen in 2 years. Right after I started my Freshman year at Columbia Mr. Feeny got really sick and passed away. In his will he left his home to my parents so they made the gut wrenching decision to move back. As sad as I was I knew it was the right thing for them to do. They’ve done a lot of renovation on the house and it looks beautiful. I thought Auggie would have a hard time, but surprisingly enough he loves it there. He’s found himself a good group of friends and every now and again Maya and Lucas will drop into say hi.

 After having Maya’s twin siblings, Rider and Rowan, her parents decided to move to New Jersey that way the kids could have a yard to grow up in while still giving Aunty Katy the opportunity to drive into the city to run her Bakery “Topanga’s”. I make sure to check up on them when I can.

 Lucas’s family moved as well. They took over pappy Joe’s ranch after he passed. Zay’s family followed soon after decided that they missed good old Texas.

 Farkle and Smackle’s family are still here though.

Zay and I have become super close since we’re the only ones that stuck around for school. I’ve stayed pretty well connected with Farkle, Smackle, and Maya, but not so much with Lucas. Maya and Zay tell me things here and there, but for the most part I’m clueless, which breaks my heart. We were always supposed to be a part of each other’s lives. That’s why I did what I did. If I would’ve know it was going to end up like this maybe-

 “Riley!” Zay shouts through the phone, “Earth to Riley!”

 “Sorry! I’m here.” I say as I shake my head.

 “Where do you go?”

 I look down at the old scrapbook in my lap and laugh, “Pluto.”

 I can feel Zay rolling his eyes, which makes me laugh more.

 “Whatever, man!” He says with a chuckle. “I’m downstairs!”

 “Okay! I’ll buzz you in!”

 “Can’t Tara do it?”

 I roll my eyes and hang up.

 “Riley! Zay’s here!” Tara calls from the Kitchen.

“I’ll be right there!” I call back as I adjust a bobby pin in my hair. I take one last glance in the mirror and stop. I look different somehow. I can’t put my finger on it so I tilt my head to the side to see if it’ll help. It doesn’t. I shrug it off and quickly grab my bag race out of my room. When I open my door Zay’s at the kitchen table hitting on my roommate, Tara for the THOUSANDTH TIME!

“Isaiah Earl Babineaux! Let’s go!” I shout as I clap my hands. Zay’s eyes are throwing daggers at me, but I ignore it as I give him a smug smile.

“You’re middle names Earl?” Tara says as she raises her eyebrows.

“No! Cotton candy Face over there is just being mean!”

 “Cotton candy Face?” Now Tara’s just plan confused. I start laugh as I watch Zay’s jaw drop. He’s lost for words, so I grab him by the arm and guide him out the door.

“Bye Tara! Have an awesome Thanksgiving and don’t forget to open that package my mom sent for you two!”

“I won’t! Bye!” Tara says with a smile and with that I shut the door.

“Smooth move, Casanova!” I say as I lock my door. Zay makes a face at me and I can’t help but smile. He’s so cute when he’s upset. We head down the hall and as we do Zay goes off on a rant about respecting “the game” whatever that means?

We sit at the train station going over our Thanksgiving plans when Asher walks in.  

 “There’s the man of the hour!” Zay says with a huge grin.

 He takes a deep dramatic bow and I roll my eyes.

Asher Garcia A.K.A Lucas and Zay’s best friend from Texas A.K.A. Lucas’s cousin A.K.A. Lucas’s doppelganger. According to Zay when they were little they looked exactly alike. Their family’s only saving grace was their different colored eyes. As they two got older there personalities became more distinctive. Lucas the Good and Asher the Wolf. When Lucas found out Asher was going to play baseball with Zay at NYU he was jealous and overprotective as usual. He warned me to steer clear of him.

 “He’s one of my best friends! Heck he’s family and I love him, but he’s trouble, Riley! Pure trouble!”

 Needless to say I didn’t listen and found out the hard way. I guess it’s true, some people are just wolves. We learned a lot from that whirlwind romance and became close friends because of it. He’s also the only other person that knows I have feelings for Lucas and like my feelings no one knows about our “fling” and that’s the way I like it.

 “Hey, Riles.”


 He sits next to me and I smile. Sometimes it’s hard looking at him because he really does look a lot like Lucas, but it gets easier when he opens his mouth.

 “So you know that chick who came to all of our games last season?!”


“Yeah! We F-”

 See what I mean? 

When the three of us get to my parents’ house we look at each other and nod as the nostalgic feelings of last year come flooding back. I race up the cobblestone path when suddenly the door flies open. I look up and its Maya!

“Riles!” She squeals as she wraps me into her famous “Maya death grips of doom!” It’s been over a year since we’ve been in the same place at the same time! I start to cry as the realization sinks in! I’ve missed this girl so much!

 “Alright! Enough of that! My turn!” Zay says as he breaks us up.

 “Hi! Zay!” She sings. The two embrace and my brows furrow as I watch. He doesn’t seem surprised at all?!

 “Wait! Did you know she was going to be here?!” I ask accusingly.  Zay flashes his guilty smile and I’m blown away! He’s been making some plans of his own! I punch his shoulder then hug him tight.

 “You’re welcome Cotton Candy face!” Zay sighs as he pats my head.

 “Cotton Candy face?” We turn and find an extremely confused Asher. Maya, Zay and I laugh uncontrollably.

 “Hey Asher!” Maya says as she hugs him.

 “Hey shortcakes!”

 “Stop calling me that!” Maya says as she punches him.

 “You know you love it!” Asher teases. Maya blushes which causes even more laughter to erupt as we walk in.

 “Where is everyone?” I ask Maya as she leads us up the stairs to the guest’s rooms.

 “Your parents and my parents are visiting the graves. Auggie and the twins are over at your grandparents and-”

 “Hey Peaches! Mr. Matthews said he wanted Apple cider, right?!”  Lucas’s voice rings through the air and the three of us freeze.

 “Babe?” He calls out again.

 “Upstairs! I’ll be down in a minute!” Maya hollers back. Zay and Asher exchange a look and then race down the stairs. Maya smiles as she follows behind them.

 “Ya comin?” She says as she holds out her hand. I smile and take it.

 When Maya and I reach the Living room Zay, Lucas and Asher are in a tight three-way bear hug. Lucas glances up at me and without warning the flames of my youth spark the heels of my feet and engulfs me. This was too much! He looks like he’s moving in slow motion as he makes his way towards me and I feel like I’m 12 again!  He shoots me his million-dollar smile and I’m done! I feel my knees buckle, but as they do he pulls me in and lifts me off the ground.

 “Oh, Riley.” He whispers. “I’ve missed you.”

It takes all of me not to cry. He holds me for a moment longer and then gently puts me down. We share a look before he turns his attention back to Asher.

“So, how’s New York treating you?” Lucas asks as he takes a seat on the couch.

“Great! Now!” Asher says as he takes a seat next to Lucas. “But, that first Semester was rough! Honestly if it wasn’t for these two I don’t think I would’ve made it through.” Asher gives me a warm smile and I feel the heat in my cheeks again.  

“I’m gonna grab something to drink. Does anyone want anything?” I say as I quickly stand up.

“I’m good.” Asher replies.

“Me, too Riles.” Maya smiles.

“Hey!” Asher shouts. “Only I can call her that!”

“Excuse me?” Maya’s as she leans into Asher. Her death glare is on full force.  Unfazed by it, Asher leans in even closer to Maya and replies, “Is that the best you got little Hart?”

“Ooooooooooohhhhhh!” Maya says as she squints her eyes and backs away slowly. We all laugh.

“I’ll take a water.” Zay says raising his hand.

I turn to Lucas who looks a little upset. Probably from that weird exchange between Maya and Asher.

“You want anything?” I ask him.



A sigh of relief escapes my lips as I walk into the Kitchen. I open the fridge door and scan over the shelves for some waters.

“Dearest, could you please tell me the exact number of days it’s been since we’ve seen the specimen Riley Matthews.”

“481 days, 4 hours and 18 seconds to be exact, my love!”

 I spin around to find the genius duo standing, hand in hand, at the back door..

“FARKLE AND SMACKLE!” I scream! Like a fool I run towards them and like a fool I trip and fall into them. We end up on the floor which causes the four of us to laugh.

“I see Columbia University has had little to no effect on you, bubbles.” Smackle states as she reaches for my hand to help me stand up.

“I see Harvard hasn’t changed you much either, Smackle.” I say with a playful smile.

“Quite the contrary. Since attending Harvard my I.Q. levels have increased exponentially.”    

I shake my head and hug the cute little Brainiac and then do the same with Farkle. We share another laugh before I lead them into the living room where everyone else is.

The day plays out stunningly! At one point the Matthew’s house was filled with beautiful noise from little 6-year-old’s, to crazy uncles, to snoring granddads! It sounds like a symphony to me!

 “Alright, kids it’s way past my bed time.” Dad says as he pats Uncle Shawn’s shoulder.

 “Mine too.” Grandpa Matthew grunts. He gets up and shuffles towards me. He plants a kiss on top of my head and then motions for my grandma to do the same. She does and Uncle Shawn and Aunty Katy follow close behind them with the Twins. We say our good-nights and then my parents make their way up the stairs. They look at Auggie who’s still sitting with us.

 “Come on bubba.” Dad says as he waves Auggie over.

 “Alright.” He whines.

 “Give me a kiss!” I say as I stretch out my arm. He quickly kisses me on the cheek and tries to pull away, but my hold on him is tight.

 “Let go!” Auggie yells.

 “Never!” I yell back.

 Everyone laughs and eventually I let him run upstairs with my parents. When they’re out of sight the seven of us  look at each other with devilish grins.

 Our laughter continues for a few more hours until Farkle and Smackle call it quits and head upstairs. An hour later Zay throws in the towel as well, and knocks out on the couch leaving Asher, myself, Maya and Lucas to clean up. After a bit of tiding Maya takes Lucas’s hand and motions for the door. They say their goodbyes and leave with their fingers intertwined. When the door closes I quickly make my way to the kitchen.

 I pull out some carrots, a knife then a cutting board and start chopping away. Asher slowly walks in. His arms are folded as he watches me chop and for some reason it makes me nervous.

 “What?” I laugh.

 He says nothing and just shakes his head.

 “Seriously! What?!” I press, but again nothing. I huff as I continue to chop.

He makes his way to the bay window in the kitchen and sits quietly waiting for me to finish. When I finish destroying the whole bag of carrots, I take a deep breath, walk over to Asher and give him a defeated look as I plop down next to him. He gives me a sympathetic smile as he rubs my back. Suddenly a creeping feeling comes over me and I know he’s going to say something I don’t want to hear. I look away as he speaks.

 “You’ve tortured yourself long enough, Riles. It’s time to tell them the truth.”

Tears start to well up in my eyes. I know what he’s saying is true, but I’m scared. We sit in silence for what seems like forever and then he kisses me on the forehead and goes to leave, but I grab his arm.

 “I don’t feel like crying on my own tonight.” I squeak.  He sits back down and holds me as I continue to sob in his arms. Moments later the back door swings open and the two of us cover the others mouth as we silently scream.

 “Shhhhhhhhhh.” I hear Maya whisper as she kisses Lucas neck.

 “Maya stop!” Lucas laughs as he turns on the light. “I think I left it-”

 His words fall as the four of us awkwardly stare at one another.

 “Riles, what’s wrong?” Maya asks as she makes her way to me.

 “It’s nothing. Asher and I were just having a heart to heart and it got a little deep.” I smile as I wipe away a rogue tear.

 “Oh my sweet, sunshine!” Maya sings as she pulls me in for a hug. “I miss those heart to hearts!”

 “Me too.” I sniffle.

 “We better go. I can look for it tomorrow.” Lucas says firmly. For some reason he doesn’t look too happy, but that’s just how he gets when I cry because- Well I don’t know why he just does?

 “We’ll see you tomorrow.” Maya says as she walks out with a pout. Lucas grabs her hand and then looks to me. I look down at my hands as I watch them I see Asher’s hand link up with mine. I smile at him as he winks at me. Lucas’s jaw clinches as closes the door.

 We wait a few seconds before quietly laughing at how ironically awkward that was! We eventually make our way upstairs and say our good-nights to each other. As I climb into my bed next to Smackle I can’t seem to silence the pounding in my chest. I grip my shirt as I fix my eyes on my new bay window. *Sighs* Things are changing.

 Winter Break Senior year

 After that infamous Thanksgiving my Sophomore year nothing exciting came of it because I decided to keep my mouth shut. It felt like the right thing to do, which drove Asher insane! Even so he supported me through it all.  Surprisingly enough the choice I made was the right one because that following Summer Lucas and Maya officially ended things. Maya realized her true passion was art and that as great as Lucas was to her over the years he was just too nice! She transferred to NYU and became my third roommate!

 “I lost myself, Riles.”

 “I know.”

 “But I’m back.”

 “Thank goodness!”



 She’s now perusing a degree in art and has been with Asher for almost 6 months now. Lucas seems to be doing well. After they split he threw himself into his schooling and baseball. He’s been messaging me more though! I think to check up on Maya and Asher, but I don’t care because at least he’s talking to me again.

 “Riles!” Maya shouts. “RILEY MATTHEWS GET UP!” She forces me to sit up and pushes me off of my bed.

 “HEY! That’s just rude!” I groggily protest as I stand.

 Maya laughs and throws my coat at my face.  

 “What are you doing?!” I whine as I pull it off of my head.

 “Shut up and put it on!” She demands as she races out of the room. I watch her and then look back down at my coat.

“Ya comin?!” She sings as she peeks her head around the corner. I roll my eyes and throw on my coat and slip on my boots. As I sleepily walk towards her, her smile grows wider until I shove her face as I pass her.

 “Now THAT’S RUDE!” She says as she shadows me out of our apartment. I laugh to myself and keep walking.  

 When we get outside Tara, Zay and Asher are holding up a sign that says “Happy Birthday, RILEY!”

My smiles so big my cheeks start to hurt!

 “YOU GUYS!” I say as I clap my hands.

 “You like it?!” Zay asks.

 “I love it!”

 They laugh as I go up and hug each of them.

 “Okay enough of that! We gotta go!” Maya says as she grabs my arm and pulls me towards Zay’s car.

 “The surprise isn’t over yet!.” She says with a playful smirk. We get into the car and drive for a while, but as I watch the lights shift I start recognizing things and suddenly the streets become extremely familiar. I look to Maya with wide eyes.

 “Yup, Riles.” She says as she pats my hand. I rest my head on her shoulder and a tear trickles down as we stop in front of my old apartment building. When I get out of the car I see a very grown Ava waiting for us with a balloon. When I reach her she gives me a big hug and then hands it to me.

 “Happy Birthday, Riley.”

 “Thank you Ava!”

 She guides us inside and up the stairs to the rooftop where Farkle, Smackle and Lucas are waiting for us. They scream surprise as we enter and it feels like my heart has grown wings! She gives me one more hug and then walks towards the door.

 “Hey.” Ava calls out. We turn to face her.

 “No funny business ya hear?!” We laugh and agree. Ava laughs then disappears down the stairs.

 I look back to my friends and shake my head as tears fall.

 “You guys are too much!” I say as I hug Smackle. Everyone laughs.

 We enjoy the hot chocolate and cake Smackle and Farkle provided for us, but after 30 minutes we decided it’s too cold and Farkle offers to move the party to his place. We all agree and start heading to the door. As I’m walking I notice Lucas is still looking at the view.

 “Ya comin?”

 “Yeah, in a minute.”

 I look to our friends, but they’re already gone, so I stay with him.

 “Is it hard seeing your ex with your cousin?” I say with furrowed brows.

 “Surprisingly no! They were made for each other.” Lucas laughs.

 “Oh, well then what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet all night?”

 “The truth?”

 “If you can?”

 He gazes at me for a long while and then finally pulls out a bag of red gummy bears and hands them to me. My eyes widen with excitement. There’s a card tapped to it so I open it.

 “Dear Riley,

 There’s so many things I want to say to you, so I’ll start with this.

          1. I’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know.

          2. I think I’ve been in love with you since the first time you fell into my lap               on the subway.

          3. One day I hope you can see me as more than just a brother.

                                 Love, Lucas.”

 My eyes shift to Lucas whose eyes are still fixed on me.

 “Did you mean this?”

 He nods his head yes and suddenly my arms around his neck and I’m kissing him. He wraps his arms around my waste and pulls me in even closer. My mind is reeling from all the different emotions that seem to be flying around me when suddenly his lips are off mine. My eyes fly open.

 “What’s wrong?” I whisper.

 He examines my face with a quizzical expression then finally asks, “What am I to you?”

 A smile slowly grows on my face as I reply, “Pluto. No matter what people thought of you, of us, you always you always stood firm. I’ve always believed in you and I always will.”

 “So not a brother?”

 “Definitely not a brother.” I giggle.

 “Thank goodness because this would’ve been really awkward!”

We laugh for a moment and then I ask him, “Now, what am I to you?”

 Lucas grins as he gently kisses me down my neck. Then he leans into my ear and whispers, “To me you’ll always be my Princess.”

 “You Promise?” I sigh with my eyes closed.

 He moves his lips along my jawline and up to my forehead to plant a kiss there. Then whispers, “I promise.”

 A tear escapes and I feel like I am reborn! I unwrap my arms from his neck and reach for his hand.

 “Wait! 8 years and that’s all I get?!”

 “Until we get to my empty apartment. Unless you want don’t-”

 “OH I DO!” He hollers as he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I giggle as he races down the stairs and then scream in my best Maya voice. “Hey, Huckleberry! Pick it up!”

 “Oh no-”

 “Ha heeeeeeeee!” I scream. We reach his car and he chuckles as he puts me down. He opens my door.

 “After you.” He says with a bow. I smile and give him a quick peek on the lips before jumping in. I quickly unlock his door and as I do I hear him cheer loudly.

 “I knew you were one of the greats.” He says as he closes the door.

 “What are you talking about?” I ask with a curious smile.

 “Don’t worry about it.” He replies with a crooked smile that makes me weak! We roll out of the parking spot and down the snowy street. Tonight I feel like a princess.

Friends P.O.V.

 The six friends watch from Farkle’s car as Lucas race to his vehicle with Riley over his shoulder screaming “Ha heeeeeeeee!”

 “It’s Ha-Hur! Ya bowhead! Get it right!” Maya teases.

 “Bowhead. That’s kinda cute.” Zay says as he bobs his head.

 “Right?” Maya agrees as she mimics his head movement.

“Better then Cotton Candy Face.” Asher chims in. The car erupts into silent fits of laughter.

 When they are sure Lucas and Riley are gone they sit up and look at each other.

 “Job well done guys! Now let’s go get some breakfast! On me!” Farkle shouts! Everyone cheers.

 "Say it, Farkle!” Maya pleads.

 “Oh alright.“ He clears his throat and then with a arms stretched out shouts, “THANK YOU! I AM FARKLE!“

Everyone cheers again as Farkle’s driver starts up the car and drives off. Some things never change.