lucas device

  • Luca: Now lets make like Scooby Doo and split up to find a clue.
  • MC: Luca, that rhymed!
  • Luca: Shut up MC. Alright, Shaggy and Scooby, you take the sinks, I'll check the cabinet, and Velma, you get the spooky looking fridge.
  • Elias: WHAT?! Why do i get this... dubious looking device?!
  • Luca: Because only Velma would say 'dubious device'. Velma gets the spooky looking fridge.
  • MC: Who are you then Luca? Freddie?
  • Luca: Bitch im Daphne.
The ways in which I see it shake out

Scenario 1

Riley really digs a new character - as in really digs, it’s swept of her feet- and realizes she hasn’t felt that for Lucas in a really long that (like she hasn’t felt it since she got past the initial “Cute new boy” phase and into actual friendship territory). 

Scenario 2. 

Maya gets interested in the new guy and Lucas gets out of control jealous - makes his Charlie posturing look silly - and realizes he just doesn’t feel that way about Riley. 

Scenario 2b. 

New guy flirts with both Riley and Maya. Lucas realizes that he doesn’t much care when it’s Riley, but he very much does when it’s Maya. Finally spots the difference. 

Scenario 3

Maya starts a new, better relationship with herself - maybe this is a catalyst for Lucas and Riley giving it another shot since she takes herself out of the equation. Left to their own devices Lucas and Riley realize they really are just amazing friends but there are no sparks there. the Maya-Lucas said is still unresolved but stops being a focus since Maya wants to work on herself a bit more. 

Thoughts? and feel free to add your own scenarios.