lucas cosplay


MOTHER Squad at Fanime 2017!!

Last weekend was such a blast! It felt nice to have the whole crew there, and then some! Not to mention I got to do my Lucas cosplay right this time (so happy the hair turned out well)

Special thanks to @themiminator for getting us all together and @pepperderps for reminding us that we’re not the only Mother squad out there! Hope to see y’all next year!

I can’t look at anything ever again. I’m still blind. ✨ 

The Twelfth Doctor Cosplay (with the polkadot shirt from ‘Kill the Moon’)


I did a make up test for Lucas Baker today and…for the first try I really like it x3
But its so hard to make my face look like him o.o
So manly and edged and lean…x’D
What do you think?
I don’t know when I wear him completely because I need the right hoodie and stuff and his fucking hair…The hair he did not have xD
I’m looking forward to wear this cosplay *-*