The Girl King first trailer!


                                   «Move on?
                                   How could I ever do that?
                                   I will think about you every minute of every hour of                                                                                    every day,
                                   and that’s why I’ll be okay.
                                   After everything you’ve done for the people of this town,
                                   for me, Parker…
                                   You’ll be with me
                                   every time I feel something.
                                   You’ll be with me and all the people
                                   whose pain you’ve taken away.
                                   With me and all the people of this town
                                   who are free to live
                                   and love
                                   and grow
                                  without fear.
                                   When the sun finally shines down on Haven again.
                                   You’ll be with me and all the families that we put back                                                                               together.
                                    And the ones out in the world who suffered with Troubles                                                                         too.
                                    You’ll be with me when Haven returns to the world
                                    and becomes the town we both know it can be.
                                    Every person that we gave hope,
                                    faith that something good could happen
                                    for all of us.
                                    You’ll be with me and every person who’s happy now,
                                    at peace,
                                    because of you, Audrey.
                                    I’ll never forget you.
                                    You will always be with me,
                                    and no matter what happens,
                                    I will always love you. »


“Lucas Bryant’s portrayal of Duke Crocker in Bryant’s own body, however, stole the show. He had Eric Balfour’s mannerisms down pat. From the way he pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, to the slightly slack opening of his mouth when he was at a loss for words and the jittery way Duke can prance around when agitated – it was all golden.” (x)

Haven s05e06 The Old Switcheroo Part 2