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You mean the marketing where he is also placed in the villian category or shown fighting rey? Is that the marketing we are supposed tobe afraid of?



In what TLJ marketing is he fighting Rey? (Outside of the video game - which is clearly different than movie marketing…) Is this new? Can you point me to that?

Yes, as I have said many times, Kylo Ren is still a villain. The point of a redemption arc is… redemption. A hero cannot have redemption… Because… well, I guess I’ll leave you a definition… again…


; plural noun:

1. the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.“God’s plans for the redemption of his world"synonyms:saving, saving/freeing from sin, vindication, absolution “God’s redemption of his people”

The above was found quickly from Google Search. I recommend Google if you get confused about the definition of words again. GOOGLE is a great resource for big words.

Also, if you mean to say that all characters who appear in the “villain” categories of marketing are DEFINITELY going to be villains, then the new poster leaks (from Making Star Wars) indicate that Luke Skywalker - who is described as looking dark and menacing on the “Dark Sideposter for the future promo of the film - is also a villain. So… marketing can be deceiving, or simply put, characters can be placed in juxtaposition of who they will be interacting with or associated with generally by the audience. However… it should also be noted - before we continue - that Kylo in these new poster descriptions, is often paired with Rey, and that likely he is being put together with Rey and Luke for the Force plot - specifically. And MSW leaks show us he is on Ahch-To for seemingly a long time. I am one to think he doesn’t stay a consistent, HARD villain for half the movie if he is in close proximity with Rey and Luke. Logically, that wouldn’t work out.

Anyway, as for the only marketing I’m aware of, here:

Battlefront II video game:

looks pretty sad and solemn - check

looks like Sir Lancelot from King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table - check

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“My dad applied for custody.”

The words hang in the air, Max’s hands shoved into the pockets of her jeans to hide their shaking. “At least, I think he’s my dad, and I guess so did my mom because that’s what she told him.”

There’s a moment where she just looks at them, long red hair hanging around her face. “He lives in Chicago,” she finally adds.

“You’re leaving?” Lucas isn’t sure which one of them says it, because his ears are still ringing.

“Not for sure yet, but yeah, probably. Steve’s going to try and see if he can fight it, but he’s not 21 yet so it probably won’t work.“ There’s a forced nonchalance to Max’s shrug, and she’s looking down at the floor instead of at any of them.

“Everything gets decided Thursday, and if they decide I should go with him,” she trails off for a minute, digging the toe of her chucks into the ground, “then I leave next Tuesday.”

8 days. 8 days after Max being a constant in their lives for almost 3 years. It’s not enough time to say goodbye, but no amount of time would be enough.

Will is the first to get up and wrap his arms around her, a silent comfort when Max’s shoulders start to shake with little hitching breaths. The rest of them follow, folding around her until the six of them are in a tight huddle, Max at the center. None of them say anything, because there isn’t anything to say. No reassurances, no empty comforts, no plans to create.

There’s no monster to fight this time.


Remember this braille? I did a search online, and found this: 

The numeric symbol (#) only applies if it is before every character, so #2 is the number two, but if it doesn’t have the symbol before it, it is a letter.” Meaning the note can be saying “2AD”.

Lucas’ apartment number is 2A.

Marlene once said “the letters A and D means something”. 

The creepy boy at the doll hospital/shop said that there was a man and a woman wanting to hurt Ali. The woman had dark hair like Spencer.

I think AD is two persons. A woman and a man. 

A is Avery, Spencer’s twin. 

I’m more unsure about the man. It can be the real Charles, but it can’t be someone Ali or Spencer dated, because incest again. 

But Charles, in my mind, is Bethany, and therefore AD’s motive. 

I think that the male AD is Bethany’s half brother, on her father’s side. Hence, this man are not related to Spencer or Ali. This is most likely Wren or Ezra, but I kind of hope Darren Wilden faked his death, and that he is the D in AD.

If it’s Ezra, it would explain the motive behind his book, wanting to find out what happened that night. 

If it’s Wren, it would explain why he was helping Cece sneak into Radley and all the other shady things he’s done. 

If it’s Wilden, it will explain why he was so obsessed with what happened that summer, and why he was harassing the liars over it. 

Edit: AD was ready to give up their game, and then Charlotte was killed. That’s ehy the game started again
Adventures at Space Camp

Chapter One: Parousia

Before Nancy Wheeler had even fully put her car in park, four antsy and eager teenaged boys flung its doors open and bustled out into the bright sunlight of a warm July afternoon, their sneakers kicking up dust from the dry footpath she had temporarily parked on. Nancy took a moment to close her eyes and press her head against the steering wheel. It had been two and a half hours of bickering and loud chatter since they had left Hawkins and she desperately needed a painkiller for the pulsing in her head. Might as well get used to it, her brain reminded her, you’ve got two weeks of this lined up. Still, Nancy maintained that the headaches were worth the experience she’d be able to put on to her college applications in the Fall.

Sighing, Nancy turned the car off and slid out of the driver’s seat while the boys, her younger brother and his three best friends, fidgeted around the vehicle. They were watching the dirt road that looped through the dense woods back to the highway with intent eyes, clearly waiting.

“Jonathan will be here with your bags soon,” she assured them, “Why don’t you guys go check out your cabin? It’s 2C.” She needed a few moments to herself, a few silent moments in the sunlight. The boys didn’t need to be told twice and they bounded off, excited. Nancy grinned as they disappeared around a bend in the path and quickly peeked at her reflection in her car’s rearview mirror, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

The boys found 2C without any problems and were thrilled to see they had snagged the biggest cabin on the campground, Dustin immediately noting that they’d be able to set up their D&D game without being squished shoulder-to-shoulder like last year. Mike, rummaging through his backpack for his supercom, wouldn’t admit it aloud but he was sure the fact that his older sister was the head counsellor this year had something to do with their living arrangement for the next two weeks.

“Do you think your brother will be here soon?” Mike asked, glancing up at Will who had claimed the top bunk over his own. It was the same set up they kept when Will slept over at his house back in Hawkins. 

“Probably,” Will said, tilting his head off the top bunk, his hair standing on end as gravity took over. “I hope so. I want to play D&D tonight.”  

“D&D?” Lucas echoed with slight disbelief, “I want to use the giant telescope in the observatory. Oh man, I hope there’s a meteor shower at some point and…”

“Lucas, you’ve been yapping nonstop since we left Hawkins!” Dustin complained, “We have the next two weeks to use the telescope!”

“And we have our whole lives to play D&D,” Lucas retorted.

“Guys!” Mike rolled his eyes, “Do you ever shut up?”

“Ask Lucas,” Dustin grinned cheekily and Lucas made a face at him.

“Knock, knock!” A loud voice pulled the boys out of their argument and drew their attention, in unison, to the door of their cabin, hanging slightly ajar.  Standing there was a tall and slender girl with long red hair and jeans that were faded and ripped at the knees.

“We’re your neighbours,” she stated matter-of-factly, stepping confidently inside the cabin. Behind her, another girl lingered in the doorway. She was shorter with wispy and dark hair, and she wore a pink sundress. “I’m Max!” the red-haired girl continued enthusiastically, “This is my best friend El!” When her name was mentioned, the girl in the pink dress entered the cabin and waved at the boys.

“El?” Mike asked, still looking at the smaller girl. Her gaze turned toward him and she met his eyes with her own. Immediately Mike felt his face flush and he looked at the ground. He was pretty sure he’d never seen prettier eyes.

“It’s short for Elise,” the girl clarified, a small smile on her lips.

“I’m Mike,” he mumbled, “And this is Dustin, Lucas, and Will.” He gestured towards each of his friends in turn, watching as they waved.

“Is this your first year here?” Dustin asked. The boys had been attending Space Camp for three straight years now and they had never encountered Max or El before.

“Yeah,” Max nodded excitedly, “I’m like super into aliens and—”

“Aliens aren’t real,” Lucas cut in and Max looked over at him with wide eyes. Mike noticed that El frowned at his comment and fixed her eyes on the ground.

“Sure they are!” Max insisted, “The universe is endless. There are definitely aliens.”

“There could be,” Dustin offered helpfully and Mike had to hide his grin. He knew Dustin didn’t believe in aliens.

“What about you, El?” Will piped up, still perched on the top bunk, “What are you most excited about?”

“Stargazing,” El said quietly, “And seeing the planets.”

That’s what I’m talking about!” Lucas nodded enthusiastically.

The conversation continued for several minutes, El remaining mostly silent, until Jonathan poked his head in the door and let the boys know he had arrived with the rest of their bags.

“Mike totally has a crush on El,” Dustin grinned maniacally as the boys settled into their cabin after dinner.

“Do not!” Mike insisted, “I don’t even know her. You can’t have a crush on someone you don’t know!”

“Says who?”

“Says everybody, Dustin,” Mike retorted, trying to ignore the heat on his cheeks.

“Well then why were you staring at her over your macaroni tonight?” Dustin asked teasingly, putting on a face that looked lovestruck. Mike felt embarrassed, knowing that Dustin’s impression was probably all-too-accurate of how he had been looking at El during dinner.

“Will you two shut up!” Lucas rolled his eyes. “We should start planning for the model rocket competition.” He picked up the notebook that was resting on his lap and waved it in the air.

“We have a whole week to do that,” Dustin said, rummaging through his backpack and pulling out a bag of chips, “Anyways, why do you think she’s so quiet? It’s kind of weird.”

“You can be quiet and not weird,” Will muttered from his spot beside Lucas, “Maybe she’s just shy?”

“Nah,” Dustin shook his head, “I bet it’s something else.”

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Do you have any headcannos of Lucas protecting Riley?

anonymous asked: Maggie. Give us some fluffy Rucas head canons. Or like thoughts i just need it

i’m gonna combine these two prompts bc let’s be real, everything rucas ever does is fluffy so this applies

  • i think lucas is one of those people that is just very casually protective. like nothing is wrong, nothing is particularly out of the ordinary, but he’s always subconsciously checkin to make sure riley is good and comfortable and safe and having a good time
  • like say they’re somewhere really crowded?? lucas will sort of keep one hand hovering over her back so that if someone bumps into her or something he’ll be able to catch her, and it also makes sure she doesn’t incidentally drift too far away
  • this works perfectly, as often in crowded situations riley will drift closer to him anyway just to make sure they stay together
  • also like, how are they supposed to hear each other over the crowd if they’re not super close?? exactly
  • if Shenanigans break out amongst the clique six lucas’s main priority is always to cover riley
  • like, for example: if maya starts a playful food fight at topanga’s and zay escalates it into a full on war lucas’s first instinct is always to shield riley like, maya lobs a pastry in their direction and in like .03 seconds lucas and riley are ducked behind the loveseat and lucas is Covering her
  • see also: water balloon fights, dodgeball, etc. it’s like that dodgeball ep of glee, lucas just goes flying in front of riles to take the brunt of whatever is coming in her direction
  • if there’s ever an Actual tense + dangerous situation, like if there’s a dispute going on and they’re nearby, he’ll automatically step in front of her and keep her out of the line of fire (metaphorically speaking, although i’m not saying that if there was literal Fire that lucas wouldn’t still do the same)
  • lucas has literally 0 patience for bad-talking riley matthews. he normally tries to stay out of drama but if he hears anyone starting rumors + talking shit about her he’ll step in and politely correct them. and even though he’s not at all threatening and very rational about the situation… you can tell it’s lowkey a warning.
  • considering their entire relationship started because she fell into his lap, lucas is like, an Expert at catching her when she’s about to fall. whether she just trips, someone accidentally knocks her over, she loses her balance, lucas is always READY to reach out and keep her stable.
  • sometimes when they ride the subway and have to stand he’ll just like…. hold her waist anyway partially bc they’re a couple and they can stand like that but also bc its like… preemptive action
  • “lucas, i’m holding on to the bar, i’m not gonna fall this time” “i believe you but i also ain’t gonna take my chances”
Home | 3

Prompt: “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right where you left it.”
A/N: Rucas fic inspired by the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’
Chapter Two: “These boots are made for walking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count:  2,317


“Morning Sunshine.” Eric sings, hitting Riley on the back of the head with a throw pillow.

Since she was staying in Texas longer than she initially anticipated she had no place to stay at such short notice. Luckily both her grandparents and her Uncle Eric were kind enough to offer their houses for her to sleep for the next couple of days. She ended up staying with Eric since he was less likely to pry.

“Morning.” She grumbles into the sofa cushion beneath her face. She sighed deeply, rolling over in her slovenly sheets as the sunlight hissed at her face.

Her disheveled, chestnut brown curls were scattered across the pillow, and every breath she exhaled smelled faintly of pine sol and burnt coffee. Glancing around the room she noticed a messy assortment of notebooks, freshly-sharpened colored pencils and other stationery items. Plenty of books and an assortment of magazines were all stacked up neatly by the television set. Slowly but surely, she pushed herself out of the makeshift bed, letting her feet hit the cool, wooden floor.

“Coffee?” She asks, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Before she could move Eric was sat across from her on the coffee table, handing her a mug. He smiled at her, glancing down at the giant rock on her finger as she accepted the drink and offered him a mumbled thank you.

“So, engaged huh?” He asks, breaking the silence. “I’m guessing your little walk yesterday was to see the Mrs.”

“Hilarious.” Riley retorts, with a slight eye-roll. “But to answer your question: yes. I did see him.”


“And what?” She arches one of her eyebrows expectantly. It didn’t surprise her that he was inquisitive. Eric was always a big fan of Lucas.

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Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 26

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

Episodes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]

A/N: Well this is the last Episode for Season 4

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Something About those OCs...


Almost every single OC that ever plays a supporting or main role in a Phantom Menace, Clone Wars, or Revenge of the Sith AU ALWAYS gets a really bad/creepy/annoyed/worried feeling or a hunch about Palpatine the first time they meet him. It’s highly predictable with about a 95% success rate.

Example (a condensed version):

“Qui Gon led the way across the platform to Senator Palpatine and Chancellor Valorum. Marigold Starfire felt a sudden start of fear when she looked at the senator. There was something about him that just felt off. She didn’t like him. She scowled at him.”


This choice ignores several important aspects of the Star Wars universe:

#1: Palpatine is literally known for being able to hide his true nature in plain sight so that no one can tell. It’s his shtick as manipulative Sith Lord. It’s how he becomes Supreme Chancellor of the entire Republic, for Sith’s sake. Multiple novels, including the Revenge of the Sith novelization, refer to him as loved by the people of the Republic. When he gets kidnapped off Coruscant in RoTS, the whole galaxy panics at the thought that Grievous might hurt him. When it comes to appearances, he’s that good at pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

#2: Mace Windu, the eternally suspicious Jedi, says he admires Palpatine during the Clone Wars (Shatterpoint). Admires him. Wishes he’d had the Force so he could make a “fine Jedi.” The man who can see shatterpoints in people *likes* Palpatine initially, all the way up to the end when Palpatine begins gathering all his emergency powers and trying to directly control the Council.

#3: Anakin Skywalker thinks extremely highly of Palpatine, just look at every episode of Clone Wars, or any of the novels (especially Revenge of the Sith).

#4: Padme herself takes him seriously and as a true mentor figure in her life, then hands the Republic over to him, essentially.


Palpatine doesn’t give off bad vibes in TPM, AotC, or the first half of RotS. It would defeat his whole purpose, as well as his characterization.


The authors have seen RotJ. The authors have seen all the winks and nods in Clone Wars when everyone else in the story is absent. The authors, being allowed omniscience by the Star Wars creators to know ahead of time that Palpatine = Sidious, have transferred their own knowledge to their OCs, resulting in characters with knowledge that shouldn’t be possible in the Star Wars universe. I repeat, no one in the Star Wars universe prequels knows that Palpatine is anything like a Sith Lord, let alone THE Sith Lord, unless Palpatine has told them himself (which I think probably consists of 4-5 people in the galaxy).

Easy Fix:

Realize that the characters of Star Wars have not been informed by Lucas that Senator/Chancellor Palpatine is a bad guy. Apply this realization to OCs. 

gravity on the open road (a girl meets world fanfic)

“Most people don’t have their dad teach them all through middle and high school either,” Maya proclaims. She’s high on adventure tonight, and it shows in her confidence. “Most people don’t get to watch their mother find love again with their best friend’s dad’s best friend. A lot of stuff that happens to us isn’t necessarily realistic. I’ve kind of learned to just go with it. Are you in, or are you in?”

Riley glances at all of them, and in that moment it hits her how much they’ve all grown. Sure, a picture can show the physical change, but the atmosphere of their dynamic has grown and shifted with them. They’re a group of energy, boundless energy, and Maya’s determined to make it kinetic before they’re separated. For some reason, a lesson from years ago echoes through her head.

“We need to circle the ones we love for as long as they’re here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It’s gravity, and without it, we would just all float away from each other.”

She’s not ready to float away just yet. After a deep breath, she nods consent. “Let’s go before I change my mind.”

also known as, the clique six road trip before they all go off to college and start their own stories. ( read on ao3 )

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets Acceptance)

Word Count: 6,120

special shoutout to @cassian-bodhi for burying me with enthusiasm for this idea and helping foster it into something existent

Considering the amount of schools Isadora Smackle applied to, there wasn’t a whole lot of surprise when she basically got her pick of the lottery.

What surprises Riley is the sheer amount of the scholarship offers they’re throwing in her face. Every time Smackle makes a point of deciding, one of the competing schools will come back with an even larger financial aid offer and even more promises of success. M.I.T. is practically breaking down her door, and Princeton is throwing money her way like it’s going out of style. Harvard is promising her prestige, Yale’s promising her brand recognition.

“Aren’t all of these schools going to give you brand recognition?” Zay asks as they’re sitting in Topanga’s, sorting through all of the letters. “There’s not one school in here that I don’t recognize. I feel like I’m looking at the Buzzfeed list of the hardest schools to get into.”

“Buzzfeed?” Farkle’s face is skeptical. “You’re trusting Buzzfeed over Forbes? Or any other possible source?”

“Hey, you get your information how you do, and I’ll get mine.”

“This is amazing, Smackle,” Riley says enthusiastically, reaching over the table to lightly pat her hand in congratulations. “How on Earth are you going to decide?”

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A CS meet-cute with all the meet and none of the cute. It was a sad (or happy depending on who you ask) day in the Hub when the tables turned on me and this fic was born. From a day-in-the-fic life of a certain someone comes a story of showers, hi-jinks and a smattering of the most beloved ship, Captain Floor. 

Tagging the usual suspects: @mahstatins @winterbythesea @businesscasualprincess @dassala @captainwiley @scoundrels-in-love @the-reason-to-sail-home @killiancygnus @swanandapirate @zengoalie @shoedonym

Emma cursed as she checked her pockets for the tenth time, glaring at her door as if it was its fault that she had left her keys inside, the promise of a warm shower and comfortable clothes thwarted by two inches of wood. She sighed, digging through her purse for her phone, scrolling through her contacts and calling Ruby. She pulled the phone away from her ear as her friend answered, her voice chirpy and loud as ever.


“Hey. Listen, is it okay if I come over?”

“You forgot your keys again, didn’t you?” Emma could hear the smirk in Ruby’s voice and she huffed as she replied.


“Spare key under the mat,” Emma raised an eyebrow, smiling to herself when Ruby continued. “I’m out with Dorothy.”

She chuckled to herself, Ruby wasn’t exactly shy but she turned the colour of her name whenever Dorothy was mentioned. “Shut up.”

“Thanks, Ruby.” Emma laughed as she hung up, tossing her phone in her purse and shrugging on her jacket as she made her way to Ruby’s.

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the carnival / riarkle au

based on: this scene from she’s the man (minus the fight scene)

inspired by: girlmeetsangst’s ‘kiss kiss’  ♡

au: everyone’s 17-ish and core four doesn’t exist. riley is planning on kissing lucas at the kissing booth, but farkle comes in as an early substitute. enjoy! ٩(•ᵕ•๑)

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Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 2)
  • (Classroom scene, Riley and Farkle are in their usual seats in the front row but are deliberately not facing each other, kind of like in GM Legacy. Maya is behind Riley still grinning like an idiot. Smackle is behind Maya consumed in a book, Lucas is behind Farkle looking as confused as usual, Zay is behind Lucas wanting to get in on whatever hilarious thing Maya is laughing at.)
  • Cory: *enters* Guess who has a super exciting announce- wait, what is this? *points back and forth from Riley to Farkle*
  • Maya: *tries not to laugh*
  • Lucas: Yeah, what IS this?
  • Maya: *tries harder*
  • Cory: This looks awfully familiar doesn’t it, Friar.
  • Lucas: Sure does, sir.
  • Zay: This is gonna be good, I can tell.
  • (Cory and Lucas both stare down Maya who is basically hyperventilating at this point.)
  • Lucas: Have you neglected to tell me something?
  • Maya: *fake appalled face* I would never!
  • Zay: Why she gotta tell you stuff?
  • Lucas: Well because…
  • Maya: *looks at him like I DARE you*
  • Lucas: Well I guess I don’t really have a reason anymore, huh?
  • Maya: Nope, you’ve been demoted, Ranger Rick.
  • Zay: Now you’re just a peasant like the rest of us.
  • Lucas: *stares into space* Huh.
  • Cory: ... Anyway...guess who has a super exciting announce-
  • Zay: -Smackle, doesn’t this bother you?
  • Smackle: *puts down the book in mild irritation* Does what bother me?
  • Zay: Your ex...person? Doing that?
  • (Camera cuts to Farkle hugging his knees and staring wide-eyed at the floor)
  • Smackle: *goes back to her book* Farkle may sit in his desk in whatever manner he wishes to sit in his desk.
  • Zay: But aren’t you wondering *not so subtly gestures to Riley w/ his head*...what’s up?
  • Smackle: *puts book down again* “Whats up” is that my approval or lack thereof of Farkle's behavior is irrelevant. If he wishes to confide in me as to the nature of “what’s up” then he may do so in his own time and I would be happy to listen and/or provide wisdom. If he does not, speculation on my part or anyone else's is neither a fruitful nor necessary endeavor.
  • Zay: *starts to retort but realizes he has no argument* I mean, okay then.
  • Cory: ...ANYWAY...who wants to hear-
  • Riley: I’m fine! *everybody looks at her*
  • Cory: Unbelievable.
  • Riley: *turns around slowly, still closing her eyes* I would just like the record to show that I am fine, nothing is wrong, nothing has changed, I’m fine, Farkle’s fine, we’re all fine. Nothing is up. *turns back to original position*
  • Lucas: *pokes Farkle in the head with a pencil to try to get his attention* Somehow, I don’t believe you.
  • Riley: *slightly aggressive* Nothing is up, Lucas. *turns to Cory* Father, what is your exciting announcement?
  • Cory: Oh no! You people had your chance. Now I’m makin ya learn first, John Keats! Ode on a Grecian Urn! *aggressively passes out books while everyone in the class groans except Maya, the camera cuts to her face light up for a second before she tries to change her expression to hide her excitement*
  • Lucas: *reading the title of the book* Highlight Works of the 2nd Generation of English Romantic Poets?
  • Cory: Maya, no complaints?
  • Maya: *quietly* It’s one of my favorites.
  • Zay: *raises his hand* Sir, are you aware that you teach a history class?
  • Cory: Oh, you’ll get it in a second. Smackle, would you do me the honor of reading the first half of stanza one on page 113?
  • Smackle: “Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, Thou foster-child of silence and slow time, Sylvan historian,-
  • Everyone: oohhhhhhh
  • Smackle: “who canst thus express, A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme”
  • Cory: Thank you, Smackle. In this poem, Keats is addressing an ancient pot or vase, which the greeks painted to depict idealistic scenes of their everyday lives. A piece of art, perhaps in a MUSEUM.
  • (He pauses for a second and looks at the class knowingly; he’s trying to hint at his big announcement, but the class isn’t getting it. He sighs and moves on.)
  • Cory: He refers to it as a “Sylvan Historian. Why’s he do that?
  • (everyone looks around, confused)
  • Cory: Where are my regulars? Smackle?
  • Smackle: I’m a woman of science, sir, I’m afraid this flowery literature nonsense eludes my intellectual grasp.
  • Cory: Ouch. Farkle Time?
  • (He continues to stare at the floor)
  • Lucas: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him pass up Farkle time, sir.
  • (He slowly turns around, keeping his eyes closed and cringing a little)
  • Farkle: *deep breath and then starts talking like crazy fast* Sylvan means like having to do with the forest or the woods so it probably just suggests that the scene depicted on the urn is a bunch of wood-nymphs or something, I dunno, it doesn’t matter, the word that matters is 'historian'. The question you're obviously getting at is *does Cory impression* 'how can an urn be a historian????' Or less obviously, how does art function as a record of history and or more specifically- our personal history because you always make it about our lives. How does this apply to our lives? I don’t know yet! I’m a genius but I literally don’t understand anything about my entire life! But I’m fine, everything's fine, nothing has changed and I promise nothing is up, Isadora. *passes out*
  • Zay: *nudges Lucas* Told you this was gonna be good.
  • Cory: My, wasn’t that dramatic. I usually expect the hysterics from this one *gestures to Riley* what a twist!
  • Maya: Okay I never thought I would say this but Matthews could we please get back to learning now, I think I actually care about this.
  • Zay: This day is just full of surprises.
  • Cory: Well, we certainly can. Farkles right, what actually happened doesn’t matter. *Farkle wakes up and sits back down at his desk after hearing that he was right lol*
  • Zay: But I thought it was a record of history?
  • Cory: It is. But it doesn’t record what actually happened. There’s too much creative liberty, and its influenced by the artist biased perception of the world. So if it doesn’t record events, What does it record?
  • Maya: *is quiet for a second and then kinda impulsively blurts this out* Art encapsulates a part of humanity's history that textbooks can’t. Emotion, beauty, and how each individual interprets the world around them. That’s why I like it so much.
  • (Everyone is super impressed, even Smackle)
  • Smackle: Encapsulates. *playfully punches Maya’s arm, doing that whole ‘trying to be a regular teen’ thing* Nice one, pal.
  • Cory: I’m sorry, did someone not fill me in? Is it opposite day?
  • Maya: Okay, I know things too!
  • Cory: But today you knew them out loud, Maya. I’m proud of you.
  • Maya: *trys to make a sassy comeback but cant* Yeah okay whatever..
  • Cory: Keats explains through his own form of *looks at Smackle* 'flowery literature nonsense' that art connects us to past civilizations on a personal level. If we can know how they felt, what they thought was beautiful, what they hoped for and dreamed about, we can understand history better than we can by knowing who was king or which war was happening. Maya, go ahead and read the last line for us.
  • Maya: *dramatic sigh* “Beauty is truth, truth, beauty,—that is all, Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
  • Cory: Scholars have debated over the meaning of this line for centuries. Your assignment is to partner up, and come up with an explanation as to what it means, why it’s important, and how it relates to your own history. Which leads toooo
  • Everyone: ...your big announcement?
  • Cory: Bingo! Can I get a drumroll please…
  • Everyone: *stares at him*
  • Cory: *defeated* Fine ya buzzkills, we’re going to a museum.
  • Everyone except Smackle, who is straight-up giddy: oh
  • Cory: The Museum of Modern Art, to be exact. In your assignment, you must find a painting or sculpture that interest both you and your partner, and you must use its beauty to explain the last line of 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'
  • Lucas: Zay, I’m working with you, I don’t get this stuff.
  • Zay: You think I do?
  • Lucas: You raised your hand!
  • Zay: To ask a question! Cause I don’t get this stuff!
  • Cory: Oh no, I’m picking your partners this time.
  • Maya: Oh boy.
  • Cory: Oh yes, I’m making sure each of you will have a different perspective to add to your project.
  • Maya: Could you stop using the word perspective it gives me a headache. *puts head on desk*
  • Lucas: And encapsulates doesn’t?
  • Maya: *head still on desk* I’m a complex individual, Friar.
  • Cory: Alrighty then, the partners will be: You and you, you and you... *he picks people from all over the room, seemingly at random, he puts Maya with Smackle, Lucas with Sarah, Zay with Corn chip Dave, and then he gets to Riley and Farkle* ...and, because it amuses me, Riley...
  • Lucas: Sir, I wouldn’t.
  • Cory: ...will be working with...
  • Maya: You’re gonna regret it, Matthews!
  • Cory: Farkle.
  • Riley and Farkle: *physically wince as if in pain*
  • Maya and Lucas: *exasperated sigh*
  • Cory: Farkle, Riley, are you with us? Did you hear me?
  • (They slowly turn to look at each other, the first time they have done so for the whole scene, and immediately do the stupid corpanga high-five giggle thing until they both cover their mouths in shock, and zoom out of the room through doors on opposite sides of the classroom, nearly running into each other in the process)
  • Cory: Yikes!
  • (end scene)
  • (p.s. thank you so much everyone for your kind words about part 1, I would leave a link to it here but tbh I dont know how to do that but you can find it under the GMTI tag in my blog)
Come A Little Closer - mandzilkos - Football RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 32/35
Fandom: Football RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Isco/Franco Vázquez, Paulo Dybala/Álvaro Morata
Characters: Isco, Franco Vázquez, Paulo Dybala, Álvaro Morata, Joaquín Correa, Matías Kranevitter, Marco Asensio, Lucas Vázquez, Real Madrid Players, Sevilla FC Players
Additional Tags: Friends With Benefits, Aromantic, Non-Canon Relationship, Kid Fic
Series: Part 2 of In This World So Cruel, I Think You’re So Cool

“I’m into you,” Franco said quietly. “Sexually.”

Isco blinked at him, hoping his gaze wasn’t faltering. He wasn’t going to show Franco any sign of weakness. Even after knowing what made Franco cry for more, even after knowing he could make Franco as desperate as Isco felt – Isco wasn’t going to show Franco any sign of weakness.

It was like a constant competition, a constant challenge for dominance with Franco. But Isco was totally up for it. He had a feeling he’d have a lot of fun.

“I’m into you, too,” Isco said, as calmly as he could manage.

“I mean, I thought that was obvious. I spent two hundred euro to come fuck you.”

“Well,” Isco whispered, reaching for the remote and turning off the TV before crawling into Franco’s lap, straddling him. “Let’s not waste any of that money, shall we?”

Misguided Constellations (Part 1)

Note: I’ve seen many shippers act like Smackle and Farkle’s feelings for each other aren’t real, they do the same with Riley and Lucas. I got the idea of writing a fic about Smackle and Lucas bonding over this. Heavy Lucadora friendship with Smarkle and Rucas sprinkled in.

Isadora Smackle mouthed the formulas from the latest math lesson, as she walked towards the girls’ bathroom. She quickly rushed into a stall but was distracted by the familiar voices of two girls from her biology class.

“No way are Smackle and Farkle the best couple,” Samantha said as she applied her lip gloss. “They’re so boring!”

“I think they’re kinda cute,” shrugged her friend, Lisa. “In a nerdy way. Although, I think Farkle is way too hot for Smackle. She is so nerdy and all about science, way more than Farkle.”

“He totally is,” Samantha agreed. “I think he’d be so cute with Maya! You know what they say about science and creativity!”

“If he would be cute with anyone it would be Riley!” Lisa gushed. “I mean do you see the way he looks at her! Gosh, he is so in love!”

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Couples Retreat | Rucas Fanfic

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Lucas stood attentively at the back of the conference room as his boss started the meeting. He had been interning for the same company since his freshman year of college. At first he started because he needed a job and living in New York post graduation was not cheap but he eventually grew to like it. He needed the experience if he wanted to open his own practice one day so he didn’t complain when they hired him full time. The only problem was he hasn’t had a promotion since he started. Which was 6 years ago. His boss was notorious for being a hard ass, he didn’t warm up to people easily and had a tendency to pick on the little guy. Unfortunately for Lucas, in this particular case he was the little guy.

He watched his boss take his usual spot at the head of the table. “As you all know, Mike has decided to retire and because of that his job is now up for grabs. This position will be open across all departments. Anyone can apply. So do your best to impress me over our annual couples retreat this weekend.”

Lucas was all ears. This was the perfect opportunity for him to get promoted.

The new assistant Barry, raises his hand. “Do you have to be married to go to the couples retreat?”

The room broke out into a rumble of laughter. Lucas smiled but he wasn’t going to lie, he was thinking the same thing.

“Yes, Billy, you have to be married.” His boss sighs heavily. “I want someone who’s responsible. Not some dumb kid who hops from relationship to relationship. Forms are on the table. If you intend on going please fill one out before you leave today so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.”

Great, Lucas thought to himself. All I have to do is get married before Friday.

“Meeting dismissed.”

He knew it was a bad idea but he wasn’t ready to give up on this promotion so on his way out he grabbed a form. He rushes to his desk to fill it out, overcome with a wave of adrenaline. There were so many risks to lying about this. The biggest being he could get fired. And then he thought, what are the chances of anyone finding out?

Before leaving he hands in his plus one form. “Friar? I didn’t know you were married.” His boss takes off his glasses to get a better look at him. “What are you again? 25?”

“Yes sir.” Lucas laughs nervously, trying not to sound suspicious.

“Well I look forward to meeting her.”

Lucas smiles and starts to walk away.

Me too, he says under his breath.

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A Lucaya theory (PILOT)

All of this might have been said before lol but here we go.

In the pilot episode, it was focused around Riley trying to be like Maya. Lucas fell for Riley because she was like Maya. Riley wanting to be like Maya is exactly what led her to falling onto Lucas on the subway. If it wasn’t for Maya, Riley would never have met Lucas and so he wouldn’t have ‘fell’ for her. Could we consider the fact that Lucas went for Riley because of the qualities that Riley was trying to replicate from Maya? Lucas ‘loves’ Riley because within her, he sees Maya. He isn’t aware of that though because he has never had the chance to know Maya in that way. All he knew of Maya was that she had a playful friendship with him. ‘Huckleberry’, ‘ranger rick’, he never saw their relationship as anything other than that.

So could it be that now that he is aware of Maya’s feelings for him, he will begin to realise that his feelings for Riley were just miscommunicated feelings for Maya all along? We all know that Riley likes to make other people happy and we also know that she is insecure. This reveals to us that the front Riley puts on a front and doesn’t show who she truly is. In Girl Meets Flaws, we are told of these ‘flaws’:

Riley: Insecure

Maya: Broken (”when I own it, it doesn’t make me feel so bad”)

So here we have Riley admitting she’s insecure and so probably has an inner personality totally different to her outer, whilst Maya is telling us she is broken but owning it. She is real.

Farkle: “What’s the point in being unique if someone knows you’re really not?”

Could this quote foreshadow the fact that Farkle knows who Riley is? He knows she has insecurities and he knows who she is presenting herself as isn’t who she really is. While she’s presented as the happy-go-lucky girl, Farkle sees through that demeanour. “What’s the point?” Someone is going to see through that and it’ll all be a waste of time because all that has happened won’t be what should truly work for you. Someone who knows who you really are and will love you anyway is probably what you’re looking for. That person for Riley is Farkle.

Farkle: “I’ve been in love with Riley since the first grade.”

He’s smart and he’s grown up adoring her and paying attention to her. He knows her.

Okay so moving back to Pilot. I don’t know if I’m even making any valid points here or if I’m just babbling on.

“I’m reinventing myself, I’m just as cool as you now” We know Riley is insecure and likes to please her friends. She wants to be like Maya because she wants to be cool and she feels like she owes it to her to ‘get to her level’. As Riley is the one that pursues the thing with Lucas, he takes it, but who Riley is has always been a better representation of who Maya is. Sure, she affirms her sense of self a lot, but we know Riley. She will lie to protect her friends and to make them happy. Even until now.

“Yeah, well let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him” Again, Maya being the behind the scenes. The reason Rucas exist.

“I want to be exactly like you” Self explanatory. 

“I think too much and you don’t think at all”

“Let’s not think” Perhaps their biggest mistake. if they’d have thought more, would they have realised that it was always Maya? Sure, Riley probably developed feelings overtime, but Rucas was both Maya and Riley doing what they think they should do.

“Some might say the biggest mystery of the universe is who’s going to be the first Mrs Farkle” —> Riley. 

“Actually the biggest mystery of the universe is how you could love two people the same who couldn’t possibly be more different” Short answer, a 7th grader can’t. This applies to both Farkle and Lucas. It’s Riarkle and Lucaya.

“Who am I? What shall I be? Bad things happen when you don’t know who you are.” A relationship that isn’t true, that isn’t based on the core personality of both parties, is bound to collapse sooner or later. Riley hiding who she truly is for the sake of being like Maya and Lucas not telling her about his Texas side. Because they both hid or tried to deny who they were, something bad happened. They pursued something that was never pure.

“She’s trying to be Maya”

“She’s cool! She has a wild side, she does what she wants”

“Am I the type of person who always plays it safe? Is this who I’m going to be for the rest of my life/ Am I ever going to take a risk that changes my destiny?” 

She’ll take the risk. Initially she’s playing it safe to try and fit in and hide her insecurities, but stepping down for Maya will ultimately lead her to Farkle. 

“Riley, don’t save me, let me be me.” from the beginning, an indication that Maya wants to be noticed. She, deep down, wants to be the only one who is her.

“That doesn’t make you the same as Maya at all”

“I believe that peace is worth fighting for” Farkle wants peace. Peace will occur when there’s no battle or triangle. Peace will occur when all are satisfied. Peace will come when everyone is aware of who everyone really is. Peace will occur when feelings are out and no one is hiding. Peace will occur after Farkle announces Riley’s ‘love’ for Lucas in GMNY. There may be some upset but peace will occur.

“because you didn’t do anything, your best friend is in very deep trouble” Maya has to face the consequences of not having her feelings acknowledged because Riley is expressing them for her. 

“Farkle isn’t going anywhere” Again, Farkle is part of this. He’s very relevant. 

“You were so busy being her Riley, you forgot the best thing you can do for her is be you” !!! Being Riley would have saved all of them a lot of drama. The best thing for Maya would have been for Riley to take time to establish who she is without any exterior influence. 

“A friend helps another friend out of trouble, not into it”

Part of me thinks the pilot is an extended metaphor for the whole show. It was clear from pilot. Pilot tells all. It’s a journey from Riley being Maya to Riley deciding she has to be herself. And when she’s herself, all will fall in place. 

The secret of life is that people change people. Maya changed Riley, not purposely, and that is what caused all this confusion.

if we can’t hang out with each other as much anymore, don’t worry about it.“ "he’s going to make you end the friendship”

“He’s really upset with me” - Maya

“He loves you” - Riley

“I just want you to know that I get it wouldn’t be your fault” - Maya

This was about Cory but come on, we know the writers. Lucas talking to a sheep and a bull was obviously a Riley-Maya metaphor.

“This is your stop. Don’t be me. You don’t go as far as me.” - Near the end of the episode. Maya is encouraging Riley to be herself. If we are to take the metaphor of the show idea, we could consider this Riley getting off at her stop in life and letting Maya move on. “This is your stop. Don’t be me. You don’t go as far as me.” Maya will go further and get to Lucas.

“If this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you”

“You’re gonna save me aren’t you”

“I am.”

Rilaya will always be endgame and Riley will save Maya from her hidden unhappiness by eventually clearing the path that has been blocked and allowing Maya to get the guy.

“There is no way I’m going to let you break up my friendship with Maya”

Riley won’t let anything come between their friendship. This can be taken as being directed at anyone. If it’s Lucas? No matter what happens, she won’t allow it to get in the way of what has always existed.

“Here’s what I think is worth fighting for. I’m going to get us out of it, and I did. Here we are. We’re right here. My civil war is over dad. I won”

“We’re here today to celebrate Riley being Riley.”

End of the episode = end of the ship war. Riley has escaped her civil war. The one with herself. She knows who she is. And Maya is allowed to be noticed for who she always has been. All falls into place. People changed people but these changes are relevant. They allow us to grow and distinguish right from wrong. It was never a triangle. It’s two straight lines. 

Riley and Farkle. Maya and Lucas.

“It’s not easy handing over the world without making sure everything is going to be okay” You got that right Cory. It was a wild ride, but rides come to an end.

Back To You

An anon requested a one-shot based on the song This Town by Niall Horan. I hope this is what you were looking for. I listened to the song so many times. Now, I’m slightly obsessed. :)

word count: 4,206
I didn’t mean to make it so long, I’m sorry.

Lucas was on the subway on his way to the clinic to start his first official day as a veterinarian. He’s dreamt of this day for as long as he can remember, and it’s finally here. The nerves start to settle in his stomach, and he shifts nervously in his seat. Lucas looks around the crowded subway car, and he gets a familiar feeling that he can’t quite put his finger on; the same one he felt yesterday.

He looks around again, and he realizes that he’s sitting in the same subway car him and Riley met; including the same seat where she first fell into his lap. He has avoided this subway car for a while, but this morning he was running late and not thinking.

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What I don’t understand is why is Riley a bad friend to Maya ? I love the girl and I still don’t like overrating characters but this just needs to be said by someone. Riley and Maya have been friends way before we ever got introduced to their characters, Riley gave Maya, a stranger who walked through her window, a safe place, a second home, she welcomed her, she shared her family with her when she needed it and than she made her a part of that family because she knew she needed one, how many people would do that ? even in a tv show, ok lol a lot, but I guess you get the point. Think about it for a second, If Riley didn’t sing that day, Maya wouldn’t have heard her and maybe Riley and Maya would’ve never met and what are the ods that katy would work at Topanga’s, that she would get to meet her boss’s husband’s best friend who already knew Maya and than get to fall in love with him and marry him if Riley and Maya weren’t friends ? Riley saved Maya without even knowing it. I already said I don’t like overrating characters but this is true. Why wasn’t Maya a bad friend when she made Riley believe her and Lucas were brother and sister, Riley never considered the idea until Maya mentioned it so why wasn’t she a bad friend when she assumed Riley’s feelings but when Riley assumed that Maya was becoming like her she became a bad friend ? Why wasn’t Maya a bad friend for not noticing Riley’s feelings after she assumed her brother and sister relationship with Lucas but Riley was for not noticing Maya’s feelings for Lucas which clearly weren’t even there to notice ? Why oh why wasn’t Maya a bad friend for liking her best friend’s first and still ongoing crush ? I’ve seen so many Riley haters bring up girl code for their other ships but I guess if it isn’t convenient it doesn’t apply right ? Why wasn’t Riley a good friend when she acted like she didn’t like Lucas and even went on to dating someone else to prove she was over Lucas the moment she realized Maya liked Lucas but Maya became such an amazing friend when Riley only thought she backed up for her or when she brought back Maya to actually being Maya, don’t you think Riley liked having a best friend with the same taste in clothes and bla blaa bla… She brought her back because she cared and because she knew who Maya really was and liked her the way she was, she didn’t want her back for herself, she knew the real Maya would never want to lose herself on the way of growing up, she brought Maya back for Maya. But I guess she didn’t because she’s selfish and only did it for Lucas right ? Btw why is Maya applauded for being herself while Riley is hated for it, so many of you say people should be themselves but at the same time you say Riley is annoying and immature, is it because she believes and puts her trust in people she doesn’t know because she sees the good in them, isn’t that what she did for Maya, if it wasn’t for Riley’s personality would Maya even be in the storyline ? Or maybe is it because you simply see her in between of your ship ? If it is, grow up. About that too, you all say that you like weird and different and accept people but once there is one who actually is different and not relatble to your salty soul you put them in a corner, don’t just say it, actually do it. I guess that once the tables are turned Maya looks as much of a bad friend as you all say Riley is, it’s all about perspective so stop hating depending on your preferences. And tbh I still don’t understand why them calling eachother names is bad, that literally shows how close and comfortable they are with eachother since they don’t get as offended as you do ??? Anyways, this may be too long for you but a little post about some Riley love is nothing compared to all the Riley hate or Maya love out there, Riley is underrated. It also may seem like I’m hating on Maya but I’m not, I’ve some how managed to still like her character even though her petty stans exist, I’m not hating on her, just showing you things from a different point of view. PS: I’m not pointing fingers at anyone if you feel offended that’s your buisness, you not reading the entire thing is not a valid insult towards me so don’t mention it, I use the tags I feel like using, they are not yours and neither is tumblr so I do what I feel like doing on my own post, I will be available for anyone who wants to fight me starting tomorrow morning so in about 10 hours :)

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North Star

This was supposed to be a short little thing that I started after Permanent Record aired to help take the sting out of Lucas calling Riley a loser. But apparently I’m utterly incapable of writing short little things.

“You really think we’re losers?”

Farkle and Smackle had left awhile earlier, and Maya and Zay had just gone to help themselves to something in the Matthews’ refrigerator, leaving Riley and Lucas in her room in a rare moment alone together.

They didn’t often get a chance to talk one-on-one anymore, or if they did, it was with the knowledge that it couldn’t be a singular event because he’d have to even things up with Maya. So it should’ve been nice for Riley to have him all to herself for this one moment, but she was too disturbed by what he’d been saying since he’d crawled through her window.

“You told me before, it was only one bad grade. So, does one D make me a loser, or…did you just think I was loser before that happened?”

She put the question to him with her face drawn up in a smiling expression and an underlying gust of uncertain laughter, but Lucas could see past it to the hurt in her eyes, and he was appalled that he’d put it there.

“No!” he denied immediately, “Of course I didn’t. Riley…” he shook his head shortly, angry with himself for, once again, saying something thoughtless and hurtful to her.  He thought he’d learned his lesson after what he’d said to her in the hole before he’d abandoned her there a few weeks ago, but here he was, still hurting her. “I never should’ve said all that, Riley. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s the matter with me!” The last was said with frustration and there was a tense, defeated slump to his shoulders as he hung his head and clenched his fists in his lap.

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Girl Meets True Maya Spoilers

Riley, Lucas, Farkle and Maya are sitting in Topangas.

Lucas: (saying something with a pretty bad accent) {Sorry, the clip I saw was really hard to decipher what he was saying}

Farkle: What is that?

Lucas: That’s my fancy British guy… {don’t know what the last word he says either, sorry it was hard to hear what he was saying with the accent!}

Farkle: It sounds like you’re eating meatloaf

Lucas: (with the accent again) Meatloaf.

Farkle: (turns to face Riley) Okay, thing number 211 he can’t do, accents.

Riley: Oh but it’s so charming when he can’t do things!

Farkle: (with a frustrated tone of voice//expression, still looking at Riley) He’s a face! He’s just a face! What’s the matter with you?


As we see here, the screenshot I posted earlier (it was a tweet that said Farkle gets jealous and asks Riley why she likes Lucas) could possibly be applying to this situation here. I’m not going to jump to conclusions, but from what I observed in this clip, Farkle definitely looks a bit jealous when talking to Riley.  (He must really think something is wrong if he’s saying things like that, in front of his best friend, Lucas, to Riley)