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The Godfather | 1972 | dir. Francis Ford Coppola

What do you think this is the Army, where you shoot ‘em a mile away? You’ve gotta get up close like this and BADA-BING! You blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. “


“In conclusion, may I remind you, it does not say ‘RSVP’ on the Statue of Liberty,” concludes Cher Horowitz in the 1995 film 'Clueless.’ Actors Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, Alden Ehrenreich, and Lucas Hedges all try their hands at delivering one of the most iconic passages of the cult '90s film — so who makes the best Alicia Silverstone?

I love how the Hannibal Fandom doesn’t even care. We’re like: is that character played by Hugh and that character played by Mads? We will ship them. We will ship them right now. Not in the same universe? Doesn’t matter. Not in the same time-line? Who gives a crap? Not us. They fuck on a regular basis. #dealwithit

I learn more about life from people who society calls monsters then from people who are considered normal by others.


The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
as Ramona Flowers
Kieran Culkin
as Wallace Wells
Ellen Wong
as Knives Chau
Alison Pill
as Kim Pine
Mark Webber
as Stephen Stills
Johnny Simmons
as “Young” Neil Nordegraf
Anna Kendrick
as Stacey Pilgrim
Brie Larson
as Natalie “Envy” Adams
Aubrey Plaza
as Julie Powers
Chris Evans
as Lucas Lee
Brandon Routh
as Todd Ingram
Mae Whitman
as Roxanne “Roxy” Richter

list of people i want to fight:

1. kathleen kennedy
2. george lucas
3. adam driver
4. kathleen kennedy
5. the idiot who decided to not include lead star, hero and main character John Boyega in the poster
6. the dumbass who decided to only include 3 secs of lead star, hero and main character John Boyega in the trailer
7. kathleen kennedy


5.04 much ado about mara

Can we please just focus on the problem at hand? Nathan will not try to steal Mara, Dwight will not talk to Mara, and we will all work together to figure out what is happening so no one gets dead.