• Riley:Conga line?
  • Maya:Yes, definitely!
  • Farkle:How about a slide show of you guys through the years set to Green Day's "Time of Your Life" and ending with your baby photos side by side.
  • Maya:Oh, that's great. Going on the list.
  • Zay:What list?
  • Maya:Horrible wedding cliches we're not going to touch with a ten foot limbo pole.
  • Isadora:Oh, like First Corinthians? That Bible verse. They do that at every wedding.
  • Riley:How does it go?
  • Zay:"Love is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast. It is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable or resentful. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things... endures all things."
  • Riley:*melting into a puddle of mush*
  • Lucas:Lame
  • Maya:Going on the list.
So I looked up Belgium 1831

During that time, a Belgian Revolution took place to separate from the United Netherlands. And now I’m worried for my faves. BECAUSE BELGIUM WAS SUCCESSFUL IN THE SEPARATION SO WHOS LEAVING???? WHO I GOTTA FIGHT THIS TIME????

  • *8 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So we've decided on a small outdoor wedding. Just family and friends, no more than 25 people, in a beautiful garden somewhere, maybe an acoustic guitar playing while we walk down the isle.
  • Zay:And maybe you already know someone who went down to the courthouse and registered as an officiant so that he or she - he - could perform the ceremony.
  • Riley:Why do you want to perform the ceremony?
  • Zay:Because it subtly implants in the mind of every woman there, that when I ask a question you say, "I do."
  • *6 months before the wedding*
  • Lucas:Great, now my momma's invited the Lessners.
  • Maya:This puts our numbers in the triple digits!
  • Riley:Wow. I guess sometimes, Lessner *is* more... ner.
  • Riley:You know how like sometimes less is more?
  • Farkle:This is one of those times, sweetie.
  • Lucas:Whatever, it'll be ok. Maybe it'll be a slightly big, outdoor wedding.
  • *5 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So it's not going to be an outdoor wedding anymore. Pappy Joe is convinced that if we have an outdoor wedding in a state without open carry, he's going to get mugged. It's going to be inside now.
  • Maya:It'll be great, we're still going to have an acoustic guitar!
  • *3 months before the wedding*
  • Maya:So now instead of an acoustic guitar, We're having a harp player.
  • *at the wedding*
  • Maya:And the harp player is pregnant. And crowning.
  • Maya:*eye twitching*
  • Maya:But it's gonna be fine. It's great. I'm great. It'll be great. Everything's great.
  • Riley:One more and I'll believe you.
  • Maya:IT'S GREAT, K?

These hitboxes are jank af