Inktober2018 [Super Smash Bros]

DAY15 zelda  peach  corrin(famele)

DAY16 snake  chrom

DAY17 link  zero suit samus  sheik

DAY18 richter  ryu

DAY19 ike  villager(famele)  pikachu

DAY20 donkey kong  cloud

DAY21 pichu  rosalina&luma  lucas

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๐Ÿ’šGet to Know NCT Guide๐Ÿ’š

Important Things NCT Have Done/Said:

1. Doyoung said that studies and school are important but being healthy and enjoy life is more important than all of those things

2. Doyoung also said we have to follow our dreams even if those dreams go against our parents will because thatโ€™s the only way we can be truly happy

3. Chenle said itโ€™s okay for men to cry too

4. Chenle also said he doesnโ€™t mind if his fans call himย โ€˜princeโ€™ orย โ€˜princessโ€™

5. Haechan thinks naturally tan/darker skin is beautiful

6. Doyoung, Lucas, Yuta and Jungwoo all said that a girl having a deep(er) voice is unique and beautiful and you should be proud of it b/c itโ€™s often the unique voices that make the most beautiful singing voices

7. Ten recommended to people to listen & watch gay music and films

8. Johnny said make-up shouldnโ€™t only be limited to girls

9. Lucas said being fat is okay and that weโ€™re all beautiful

10. Yuta said men shouldnโ€™t only look at womenโ€™s appearances and that personality is important too

11. Doyoung, Jungwoo, Lucas and Yuta were asked what to do abt a girl NCTzen having a crush on a friend and Jungwoo askedย โ€˜the friend is a guy?โ€™ and Doyoung saidย โ€˜a guy or a girl, it could be eitherโ€™

12. Ten also saidย โ€œblack is beautiful. white is beautiful. asian is beautiful. hispanic is beautiful. fat is beautiful. skinny is beautiful. u are beautiful ^^โ€™ -his old twitter acc. pre debut

13. and just a reminder from Taeyong:ย โ€œthere exists someone who struggles after coming very far, someone who walks the path but gives up because itโ€™s hard, and someone who wanders on but is unable to find their way. I believe this fits into the grand scheme of things as the flower of youth. I feel the same way as you all do, so together letโ€™s: lean on, comfort, and support one another when it gets difficult. Letโ€™s value our youth more.โ€ - Taeyong, 2018 Lucky Box

Videos You Should See if You Want to Be Considered an NCTzen:

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