The Brothers Grimm are officially addicted the new movie Frozen. They’ve seen it 3 times already and It hasn’t even left theatres yet. In fact, they plan on seeing it a 4th time tomorrow if we aren’t tired after work. They’ve also bought the sound track and know all the songs by heart. I’m sure once it comes out on DVD and Blue-Ray they’ll watch it another 4 times!


This is our first ever Tattoo. It shall serve as a reminder to us (especially me) while we are at Basic Military Training and while enlisted in the Army as well as throughout life: LIVE

Every time we glance at our wrist, we shall remember that we have overcome everything life has thrown our way and that we can live through Now and that we must do what we must to survive and never give up. Everyone here has a story, and everyone here has had a rather rough life with difficult and painful things to live through, but we all have gotten stronger from it. And for me, since I can no longer cut that wrist since we will be in the Army and they will be watching us closely, that things aren’t as bad as they seem and that I am a survivor. It shall hopefully replace all of the relief I look for in rough times that I somehow find in a small cut. This is my hope for everyone, and this is my hope for us. 4 Months away at Basic Training and Advanced Training might be a very long time, and it might have some strain on everyone here, but with this, I know we can overcome the test of time once more.

Such a small marking, but such a powerful meaning: LIVE


Based off the Kiss Meme. The theme for this picture is Valentines Day for the Month of February.

The various people are as follows (starting from the first top left hand panel): Xexas( me) and Jenffa, Samari and Yukio, Setsuna and Carlisle, Donovan (guy with hat) and J.J, Rayle and Cyclone, Quartermaster and Infantry, Saints and Parfait, and Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad (cute) wolf aka Jacob.



So… As I’ve said previously, we’re going to be heading off to Basic Training soon.. And this worries us greatly.

As many of you know, our system is uniquely combined by two bodies. Both bodies encompass the exact same, interconnected system. This, however, might pose a problem when we go off to BT. You see, even though we are connected, we fear that this connection could possibly be terminated. About 5 years ago when the system was barely starting to connect to one another, The City Side took  a family vacation to Italy to see some family in the Air Force. They were only supposed to be gone for about a week, but due to some extreme issues, they ended up staying for almost two months. This caused IMMENSE problems. It caused a major amount of stress on both bodies; it was difficult for anyone to eat, sleep, focus and basically function. There was a lot of emotional stress as well as physical stress. The distance seemed to be causing stress of the newly forming system and apparently it was almost too much for it to handle.

A lot of us are worried that the same thing will happen once we go off to BT. It isn’t AS far as Italy, but S. Carolina is a pretty large distance from where we currently live. We’re worried that the prolonged stress of that distance for about 4 months might be great enough to sever the system and break it back down into two individual systems. We aren’t sure how it was combined in the first place so people are worried that the change, if it occurs, will be permanent. Others, mainly the ones who will be doing the BT, are worried that the mental and physical stress will take a major toll and cause the BT to be much harder than it has to be. What if we won’t be able to eat properly or rest or be able to do any of the tasks assigned to us? Some think that the system bond has gotten a lot stronger than when it was first formed and think it’ll last the 4 months of separation. They compare it to a string that has been added and added onto until it has become what it is today, a very thick piece of rope. So they think that it’ll be similar to a semi-dull knife cutting into the rope for that period of time. They think it’ll be able to last since it’s gotten much stronger and thicker than what it was at first. Just in case, however, people are already starting to decide which side they’d rather be stuck with in the worst case scenario. Hopefully it won’t cause much of a panic.

That makes sense, since before the two systems were joined by a very long hallway like thing. Now there is basically no distinction between The Hotel side and The City side. Still, some of us are very worried. We’re not sure what to expect to happen or what to prepare for. We’ll have to Hope for the Best.