Italian SuperCup final: Azimut Modena Volley-Sir Safety Perugia 3-2 (25-22; 19-25; 25-22; 24-26; 17-15)

Three days ago, I sent a message to @luca-vettori, telling her “no way we’re gonna win it”. Gladly, I was proven wrong once again.

The Yellows defeated the odds, winning over Perugia in the very same way as they did last May, in the playoff final. Back then, the team led by Bruno Rezende won with an unbelievable comeback in the tie break, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. The team was 3-8, everyone thought that they were done, and yet they scored point after point, and eventually won the match.

Yesterday, the tie break reached again the 3-8. Everyone there could not but think about what had happened in May. Few thought that the Yellows could do that comeback twice. And the starting point of the rise was Nemanja Petric again, this time as a captain, carrying the team on his shoulders and overcoming the drawbacks. Three points in a row from him, a block by Ngapeth, another by Le Roux. A no-look spike by Ngapeth, a lucky ace by Le Roux. It’s 10-10. Other two points scored by Ngapeth, it’s 13-13. A fast attack by Holt, another point thanks to Petric, 15-15. Another block by Le Roux. Match point.

An ace scored by Holt, and the roar of the PalaPanini explodes once again.

This team will never cease to amaze me. It’s the second Italian SuperCup in a row, it’s the third of Modena Volley’s history overall. The team that seemed to be the weakest throughout the friendly matches of the previous days turned out to be the ultimate winner.

An honorable mention goes to Nemanja Petric, who showed everyone that he can be a terrific captain for this team, and fully deserved the MVP prize.

A second honorable mention goes to Santiago Orduna, who has been compared to Bruno since the very first day in Modena but accepted the challenge and the pressure, showing that he can be an asset for this team.

The third one is for Maxwell Holt, who had the most important ball of the entire game in his hands, and turned it into an unforgettable ace.


Source: Modena Volley official fb (let’s all thank Modena Volley’s official photographer, Carlo Foschi, who always provides the best pics!!!)