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Can you do a drunk Riley one shot where Lucas takes care of her? Preferably when they're already dating. If you have one already, can you write another one? :) Only if you don't mind, thanks so much!

Okay so I haven’t written this prompt before, but I think that I’ve seen other writers do it, who I’m sure did amazing with it. But here’s my take on it, anon. Hope you like it!

Summary: Riley and Lucas are seniors in high school, just arriving home from the winter formal. When Riley appears to be a little tipsier than normal, Lucas does what he can to take care of her without waking her parents. 

Riley swatted at the hair dangling in her face, using every ounce of strength she had left to remove the annoying brown strand that was poking the corner of her eye. 

“Can’t see,” she whined, sounding much like she did when she was a scared little girl about to leave her parents on her first day of Kindergarten. 

“Here, let me help,” Lucas leaned towards her to tuck the strand of hair gently behind her ear, and Riley beamed up at him gratefully.

“You’re so nice, Lucas,” Riley complimented him, her words slurring just enough for them to come out as one jumbled mess. “The nicest nice person to ever rule nice-people land.” 

“Okay, yep, it’s time for bed, Riley,” Lucas dragged her over to the bed with one hand around her waist and the other reaching out for the dresser to steady himself. 

“Did you know that I’m going be a bunny farmer?” Riley asked curiously, poking the side of his temple with her index finger and smiling up at him. 

“Yes, I did know that,” Lucas gave a short laugh, swinging her around to set her gently on the bed. “You’re going to be the best bunny farmer that there ever was.”

Riley clasped her hands firmly on either side of Lucas’ face, and squeezed his cheeks lightly so that his lips puckered just the slightest bit. 

“And you’re going to be a veter-min-arian,” Riley pointed out, then shook her head quickly as she realized that wasn’t quite right. “A veter…”

“Veterinarian,” Lucas finished for her, and Riley stood from the bed abruptly, planting two enthusiastic hands on his shoulders and leaning in close to his face. 

“That’s it!” she exclaimed. “You’re so smart. Most people don’t think that because you’re so handsome with the face and the hair, but you’re really, really smart. And so nice. You’re just so nice.”

“Yes, you’ve already said that Riley,” Lucas informed her, gently lowering her back onto the wall of pillows propped up against the bed frame. “Let’s get you into bed.”

Lucas helped Riley take off her shoes, and she chucked them across the room so that they landed with a ‘bang’ against the door. 

“Shhh! Riley, you’ll wake your parents,” Lucas warned her, placing his hands over hers to prevent anything else from being thrown. 

“Shhhh,” Riley giggled, throwing her head back onto the pillows.

“Okay, I’m just going to sit here for a while until you fall asleep,” Lucas squeezed her hands before taking a few steps backwards to sit at the bay window. “Get some rest, okay?” 

“Wait!” Riley shouted, sitting up so abruptly that half of the pillows spilled off the bed into a heap on the floor. “I need my pajamas.”

“Uh - okay, just a second,” Lucas muttered, turning on his heel to rummage through the dresser for something for her to wear. He had seen Riley packing for trips to visit her grandparents dozens of times, so he knew exactly which drawer to find the pajamas. He picked out a pair that he knew she loved and walked back over to the bed to hand them to her. “Here you go.” 


Riley immediately began to remove her floral-print dress without giving it a second thought, and Lucas turned around so quickly that he lost his balance and had to grab onto the desk next to him for support. 

“Whoa! Riley, hang on let me give you some privacy,” Lucas, ever the gentlemen, took a few steps away from the bed and placed a firm hand over his eyes to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to see anything that might violate Riley’s privacy. 

“Are you dressed?” Lucas asked cautiously after a few seconds. 


Lucas turned around slowly, taking a quick peek back towards the bed to make sure that she was fully clothed. When he saw that she was, he crossed the room to sit next to her on the edge of the bed. 

“I think I’m a little bit drunk,” Riley concluded, placing two fingers on either temple and massaging them slowly in small, circular motions. 

“I think you’re right,” Lucas smiled, resting his arm on the pillow behind Riley’s head so that he could lean in close to her. 

“The punch wasn’t just punch, was it?” Riley asked, scrunching her eyebrows together and squinting up at Lucas, as if the overhead light above him was just too bright. 

“That would be a big no,” Lucas laughed, gently stroking her sprawled out curls on the pillow closest to him. “I warned you about it. I could smell that stuff from a mile away.”

“Then why did you let me keep drinking it?” Riley mock-accused him, pointing her finger at him and poking him in the chest. 

“I didn’t,” Lucas smiled at her knowingly. “I took your cup away after just a few sips.”

“Oh,” Riley mumbled, sinking down into the covers so that her eyes were the only part of her that Lucas could see. 

“I guess it doesn’t take much for you to get like this,” Lucas laughed, pulling the comforter down so that he could see her whole face. 

“Thank you for taking care of me,” Riley whispered, her words coming out a little more clearly as the effects of the alcohol were starting to wear off. 

“Always,” Lucas whispered back, placing his forehead against hers and smiling.  

“If I’ve said anything embarrassing tonight, promise you’ll forget that I ever said it?” Riley requested, her eyelids starting to droop as they filled with a heavy sleepiness brought on by the alcohol and the events of the night. ”And never tell me about it until the day I die?”

“I promise,” Lucas assured her, quickly kissing her on the forehead before standing from the bed to take his place at the bay window. “Now get some rest.”

“Kay,” Riley murmured, her eyes almost completely closed. “Night, Lucas. I love y…”

Riley trailed off as she fell into a deep sleep, making her last few words almost incoherent. 

“What?” Lucas scrambled to his feet and shuffled back over to the bed, shaking Riley lightly on the shoulder at an attempt to jolt her awake. “Riley, what did you say?”

Riley replied with a great big snore, as she flung her body to the other side of the bed, away from Lucas. 

“Riley? You love what? You love yo-yo’s? Yodeling? Yosemite National Park?Riley? Riley!?”

Lucas knew that it was no use – Riley was dead asleep. And he knew that he promised not to hold anything that she said that night against her, but he had to know what she loved. So he decided that he was going to make this one half-declaration an exception. Because if she said what he thought she said - their whole world was going to change.