luca oliveri


Hey!!! Here are some wip illus from my new comic to come, with @peowstudio,who released MGCL_GRL..

It will be a science fiction/shojo like comic , and there will be another story in the same universe in the book, by awesome @lucaoliveri (which i’m jealous of..go check his blog if you haven’t already!)

Peow is making a kickstarter to fund this book, along other very sweet comics/artbooks!!! If you’re interested, please check the kickstarter!! it’ll be running.. until the 12th of december!! THANK YOU!! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)


Hey Tumblr !

Help us fund PEOW’s campaign to publish 5 very cool books !

One of them is a ~70 pages sci-fi/shojo comic. This book will have one story from awesome @catneep and one from me ! (U can see some researches for my part up there!). If you’re interested, please check the kickstarter and keep following this tumblr to get news about the project ;)

Thank you !!