luca bruno

some les mis br things i noticed (10/03):

• dige’s expressions are priceless!! he is so intense and so good, a great valjean

• nando pradho as javert is AMAZING! it’s so hard for me to find a javert i enjoy but i feel he captured the javert vibe very very well

• enjolras is intense but also very soft and i love him. pedro caetano did an amazing job and added 10 years to my lifespan

• bRUNO SIGRIST AS GRANTAIRE IS AAAAAAA he is constantly looking at enjolras and sUFFERING but also being a lil shit and it’s beautiful

• when marius sings about loving cosette grantaire didn’t take his eyes off of enjolras and at the end he sighed which made me weep

• joly is amazing and when marius is talking about loving cosette and her maybe being a ghost he gets terrified and excited and offers marius a glass of water and it’s beautiful

• eponine is actually strong af and independent af

• after eponine screams, there is a quick interaction between her, marius and cosette; they look at each other and cosette is confused and recognises eponine and it’s very eposette i lived

• marius is absolutely in character and he is sweet and trips sometimes and he is amazing and HIS VOICE OMG OK

• when eponine dies gavroche hugs R and they go to a corner and cry

• when gav dies grantaire holds him in his arms and cries in the centre of the stage for a while

• after gav dies R sings something that i don’t recall and enjolras looks at him very fondly and it’s so small but powerful

• grantaire watches everyone die, one by one, enjolras LITERALLY throw himself to his death and he (grantaire) is the last one to die; he climbs the barricade, desperate, and dies alone

• after turning the ladies, all in black (one with a black veil on her face that i took the liberty to interpret as chetta), leave candles on the stage; marius enters and sings empty chairs and everyone cries because it’s the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing in the universe and catches one of the candles. the amis enter the stage, each one catches a candle too and they blow out their candles. marius finishes the song and blows out his candle and stays still for almost a minute, the smoke in the air, everyone crying… it’s beautiful and painful

• the thenardiers are potentially the most incredible actors in the entire show ??? they are so fucking good ??? oh my god ??? if everything else hadn’t been good (which didn’t happen because it was all amazing) them alone would have made it worth the price of the tickets honest to god

• the ending murdered me,,,,,, when everyone enters the stage and cosette is reading the letter and i just,,,, so good

• basically: if you have the chance of watching it go watch it because OH MY GOD so good!

text :: heksenhaus

when i was younger, it was jamie’s work in ‘love and rockets’ that resonated the most with glibert’s leaving me lukewarm.
as i’ve aged, however, the opposite is true.

rooibos and lavender tea with coconut milk and toasted coconut is cooling on the windowsill and, somewhere in the woods, there’s a feral cat yowling.


the world seems to be made of pure anxiety, of late, and there’s barely any respite from the constant assault coming from the capital of this wretched nation.

there is no comfort in sleep.


image :: Watermill on the Crag / Bruno Lucas Dias Photos © Hugo Santos Silva