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So I got this lil character named Luca i’ve been trying to develop…who’s gonna be the protagonist in this story i’m calling Westerloch for the time being. Eh long story short he’s this ‘normal’ 11-yr old growing up in the 1930s that moves to this weird town where he finds out that he’s the reincarnation of this evil sorcerer king guy who almost wiped out the entire magical world. His goal ends up being to reawaken his powers and prove he’s not evil anymore and make up for all the damage he’s done so these magic council guys don’t try to kill em again. Only the more powerful he gets…the more he starts turning into his old self. 

And during all this he gets to befriend the descendants of the witches and fairies and monsters  who’s lives he practically destroyed and learn exactly how much he used to suck. Much fun.

Remembering in the Woods ll Ennis & Luca

Ennis led Luca to his car, him getting on his side and waiting foe the druid to join him. “You have to tell me to get there.” He told Luca. He had not been in a cabin for the longest of time. In fact it had been over ten years maybe since he ever lived in a cabin. Before Deucalion he lived in an apartment with some of his pack members, now he lived in a house with Wyatt. He felt good living with him, but it was never the same, living in nature. Why would he ask Luca though? Because in a way he thought the guy deserved it.