here are my main male ocs!

Luca is an optimistic, quick witted spirit who passed when he was 17, he used to play football, work in a comic and movie store and he loves Star Wars, tragically, he died w no pants on so that’s how he’ll be 4ever

Elliot is a kind pharmasist who loves to help people but the raising cost of living has pushed him to growing and selling weed, he loves gardening so it was naturally a perfect fit.

Toni is a cocky cynical personal trainer and kick boxing coach who can manipulate fire, he mostly uses it to make oven pizza and to reheat his coffee.

Ilias is an intern at a local fashion magazine who freelances in photography. his growing popularity allows him to travel a lot to do shoots which is great bc he loves to travel and hates to stay in one place too long.

“Porque para mi el amor es lo más importante que hay, de verdad. Quedarse al lado de alguien si lo querés de verdad, aunque por ahí está mal o no sea divertido en ese momento de su vida, éso es el amor. Yo lo haría, si yo amo a alguien, yo estoy ahí. Yo estoy al lado de esa persona pase lo que pase. Pero no encontré mucha gente que sea así”. -Luca Prodan