Just as faith is a principle of understanding, so obedience must be a principle of freedom. You do not deliver yourself into the hands of an authority like a man tired of using his initiative, abdicating; or like a sailor happy to find a quiet harbor….You entrust yourself to [obedience] as a ship leaving port for a glorious voyage and high adventure.
—  Henri de Lubac, Paradoxes of Faith, 25

New Star Trek Series Dream Cast:

Lucy Liu as Captain Huan Lee (human) // Lisa Ray as First Officer Zina Ben Youssef (human) // Sheetal Sheth as Security Chief Lamari Ikal (betazoid) //  Samira Wiley as Lt. Commander Jill Kaln (joined trill) // Lupita Nyong'o as Doctor T’Varr (vulcan) // Godfrey Gao as Lieutenant Tosam Lubac (bajoran) // Natalie Dormer as Chief Engineer Lisabeth Minkov (human) // Ian McKellen as Holan (el-aurian)