Payback Time

Mo stood up triumphantly and was escorted by the guards back to her waiting room.

Next up was Stephanie from the Ice clan against Som from the Ember clan.

Som was a rather inexperienced and a young warrior, although very clever and powerful.

But there she had a crucial flaw.

Som believed that she could easily defeat Stephanie, just as her former warriors took down the previous Ice fighters.

What she didn’t realize was that Stephanie was one of the Ember clan’s most feared enemies.

The Exchange process began after the cameras and sound detectors were placed in the two warriors’ chests.

Stephanie gave a nice push into Som’s left breast and could just feel the low experience of Som’s heart.

Som pushed into Stephanie’s left breast as well, though feeling no fastened pace in her heart rate.

Stephanie could feel it. She closed her eyes and while controlling her own calm heart beating, felt Som’s start to beat faster and faster as she pushed further into her breast.

As the Exchange process finished, the two held up their weapons and began to fight.

Som had two handaxes which she wielded with in extreme precision and speed, while Stephanie wielded two short swords, which she swung around fiercely.

When the two backed off after 30 seconds of quick swordfighting, Som charged with her aim straight in the middle of Stephanie’s chest with her right axe.

Stephanie quickly blocked the attack, feeling her breath grow faster.

But Som was wasting too much of her stamina.

The spectating Ember clan members were starting to feel anxious, as Som was swinging her weapons around too violently and actively, pointlessly using up all her energy at the start of the match.

Stephanie was well aware of this and smirked, as she blocked another one of Som’s axe-stabs.

Som’s swift activity, as predicted by many, could not last long.

Stephanie then took the advantage of the match.

As Som backed off to take a breath and to cool her fast beating heart down, Stephanie took no concern and aggressively digged in with her two blades.

Som, panting, put all her effort in defense, as Stephanie gave to opening for any offense.

After 10 minutes of brutal battling, Stephanie finally finished the tensed match with a single slash to Som’s weapons, cutting the blades off the short handles.

Som panted, as she felt her warm blood pump rapidly from her chest.

The screens were now broadcasting Som’s hammering heart, with the pounding sound booming all around the arena.

The crowd cheered as Som dropped her weapons in exhaustion.

Som could barely manage to stand properly, swinging her body around slightly,explicitly showing her tiredness.

Stephanie threw her two blades down and smiled.

Stephanie and Som only had light armor around their legs; none on top.

Stephanie smirked and glared at the short, yellow tank top with drops of Som’s blood on it, being the only thing hiding Som’s vulnerable chest.

Stephanie shot out both her hands and stabbed through the middle of Som’s chest.

Som screamed as she did this, feeling Stephanie’s cold fingers punch through her flesh.

Stephanie then pulled slowly, ripping Som’s chest apart from both sides.

Som noticed and screamed, as she frantically grabbed onto Stephanie’s arms to stop her.

But it was of no use.

The audience cheered as they noticed Stephanie’s fingers entering the chest and saw light reflecting off Som’s bloody, crimson heart.

Stephanie then pulled her fingers out, as she felt that it was enough.

Som looked down at her own chest, still shaking, and saw her own heart pounding its last, her lungs breathing in fear, and her ribs covered in her red blood.

Stephanie then tip toed closer to Som and wrapped her left arm around her waist.

“Honey… This was no match for you to participate in… Blame your clan members after I take this out.” Stephanie mumbled, as she slowly pushed in her right hand through the bottom opening of Som’s lower rib cage.

Som panted in pain and anger as she felt Stephanie’s cold hand enter her thorax and grasp onto her fast beating heart.

Stephanie loved the feeling.

Having a young Ember clan member’s heart thumping and struggling to get out of her grip, while she could feel the warmth of each organ; Som’s heart, and her two lungs expanding and contracting frantically.

Stephanie then pulled hard, feeling the heart disconnect from Som’s insides, and pushed her body down.

It was the first victory of the Ice clan.