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Imagine you work as a make up artist  in Cara Cara, and when SAMCRO pays a visit, your best friend Lyla asks you to join her in a scene. 

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“You’re getting it in my eye!” Lyla, your best friend laughed as you finished doing her makeup. She pushed you away giggling as you cleaned your hands on the little makeup apron you wore to work. The blonde actress got up, looking at herself in the mirror, wearing nothing but a black lace g-string and a cropped tight white wife beater. Lyla was your best friend since you could remember, that’s why she took you into her house and offered you a job as soon as you graduated from Beauty School, after talking to Luann, of course. You lived together and worked together, you also took care of Piper together; The three of you were a small yet happy family. She was your best friend in the whole wide world.

“How do i look?” She asked you fixing her long eyelashes. 

“Like a porn start.” You joked getting your things in all the right boxers at backstage. She stuck her tongue out at you and laned over, giving you a friendly hug. 

“Okay, let’s go.” She said as you two walked out to the set, watching the crew set everything in order. The set Lyla was going to work today was as simple as you could get it. A big broad bed with white sheets, dim light and a female coworker this time. You sat down, emergency bag on your lap and enjoyed your work, that until a loud series of cheers called your attention, smiling seconds after.

SAMCRO was on the set, as they owned practically the half of it. Your favorite boys in town. Chibs was hugging Luann, as well as Jax, probably sealing some kind of deal; Boss was shaking her head and smiling, kissing everyone’s cheek. You got up and walked over to them, waving at everyone.

“There she is!” Chibs called, embracing you in a father-like hug. “Hi, (Y/N)”

“Hey, Chibbie.” You said and smiled at all of them. “What’s going on?”

“Luann sealed the best deal of her life, “ Jax said. “and we want to stay around a bit, check on the business.”

“Check on the pussy.” Tig stepped in, making everyone laugh. 

“CUT!” Someone yelled, making all the heads turn. Lyla was walking over at you, an awkward expression on her face. You started to shake your head, for you knew that face was trouble. 

“(Y/N)…” she trailed off. You fixed your glasses and bit your lip, willing to listen to her then refusing anyway. “Ima called in sick and you’re only one available…” You eyes started to panic. You? in a lesbian porn scene? with your best friend?

“Lyla…I’m no actress.” You said, looking at the SAMCRO members, all expecting and already giggling. “I’m a makeup artists, and you’re my best friend.” You groaned, frustrated. 

“Look, it wont be for free. They’re gonna pay you, it can be unaccredited.” She grabbed your hand and bit her lip, jumping up and down. “Please, (Y/N), i need the money…” 

You took a deep breath, ready to say that you were going to lend her some but then you heard Juice scoff behind both of you, making you turn around.

“Lyla, i can lend you money, because (Y/N) won’t do it.” You blinked and stared at him.

“Explain yourself, Ortiz.” 

“C’mon…” he said, teasing you by pinching your sides. “You’re a nice girl, really beautiful but…i don’t you have the guts.” This made Tig and Bobby laugh, but what really got you was Jax nodding. 

“You agree?” 

Jax looked at you, sending a smirk in your direction as he lighted a cigarette.

“I think he’s right. You’re absolutely stunning, but, you know, you couldn’t pull it off. You aint about this.”

That was it. You turned around, and walked away, leaving your best friend and SAMCRO standing in the middle of the set.

Half an hour later, you were just finishing your own make up. Bold lips, smokey eyes and fierce eyebrows. You looked down at the outfit under your Cara Cara robe. Black lace boy shorts and a tight, almost transparent black bralet. You sighed and tighten the robe on your body, your bare feet driving you over to where Lyla was sitting, checking her phone with a defeated look. 

You cleared your throat calling her attention. She looked up and then trailed your body, arching an eyebrow. You sighed, rolling your eyes as you let the robe fall, pooling around your ankles. Her look said it all as she stood up, hugging you and jumping around with you in her arms. 

“Thank you so much! Oh my god!” she cheered, letting go off you. “You’re the best, really, I owe you one.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s get this over with.” You said holding up the script on your hand. You already knew the script, since you’ve helped Lyla to rehearse it tons of times. You both walked into set, hand in hand, making the Sons of Anarchy jaws drop. Tig began whistling, Opie and Happy leaning back on their sits smiling at each other. Bobby laughed and Jax stood there, cigarette in his lips. You winked at him and got on the bed, fixing your hair and listening to Luann’s directions. 

“Alright, girls. It’s a short promo. Basically…” She began, as the rest of the crew oiled your skin and got the scenario ready. “You two make out for a few minutes, do it naturally, please, (Y/N) i know it’s your fist time but try not to look constipated.” You laughed at this and got on your knees on top of the bed. “It will be quick. Thank you so much, babe.” She kissed both of you and went back to her director chair, SAMCRO behind her. 

You filmed a sequence of Lyla leading you to the bed, hand in hand, you grabbing her waist and both falling into bed, giggling and rubbing your noses together. You could see from the corner of your eyes how Tig was having the time of his life, while Chibs gulped down some Bourbon. Lyla was on top of you fixing her hair to a side and arching his back, her ass in full display to the camera. You had the work to role both of you, so now you were on top and facing to the camera. 

Doing it, you faced the camera man, as your bralet fell to the bed, making Juice gasp like a teenager. Lyla’s hand covered your breast in perfect sync, her red painted nail fingers pressing, making you moan out and bite your lip. You had only one line on the whole video, and it was your time. 

 “Want to join us? CaraCara Productions. Making your dreams come true.”  The camera focused on Lyla, the petite blonde sticking her tongue out sexily. 

“Even the dirty ones.” Both of you caressed for a few more seconds, standing up, kneeing on the bed, pressing open mouth, hot wet kisses. 

“And…” Luann said, checking the screen making sure it was alright. “Cut!” You covered your breasts and fell back on the bed, laughing your ass off, same as Lyla. Luann smiled and clapped, the MC loosing it behind her.

“Encore!” Juice demanded. “Oh my god, you deserve a fucking Oscar!” Tig was out of words, adjusting himself.

“I met God today, brother.” He confessed to an inusual absent Happy. Lyla pecked your lips lightly, as a thank you.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N), you’re the best friend ever.” You nodded and got up. 

“Let’s go, i have to make you up for the next one.” You said, walking past SAMCRO swinging your hips on purpose. Jax stood on the door, letting Lyla walk by but moving slowly when it was your turn. You looked at him, his beard covered smirk.

“Nice acting.” He said.

“How you like me now, Pres?” You winked and walked away still giggling.  

Best Laid Plans

Here is my first imagine y'all!! Be nice ok?!?! Special thanks to @come-join-themurder thank you doll you are the best and I love you!! Other shootouts @ouijaboardmystery @calumonoxide @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine @bluegrassgirldownunder (Reader x Juice) 

 This had been going on for weeks now. Well years really, but these last few weeks it had gotten bad. Juice and Y/N had been hooking up for a long time. Y/N wasn’t a crow-eater. She wasn’t any thing like that. She was, actually, quite the contrary. She was a business owner with a clean record a nice home and a “modest” wardrobe, by her mother’s standards at least. Despite all of this no man wanted to bring her home to meet their mom, since she was the daughter of the porn queen and SAMCRO lifer, Luanne and Big Otto Delaney. With a lineage like that, everyone assumed business owner meant porn business. Although her mom Luann helped her out by cosigning for the building, every thing else that had to do with the salon was hers. It was nice, and it was normal, nothing like you’d expect if you knew her parents. Gemma and her mom were in for some trims and highlights and noticed her odd behavior. 

 "What’s wrong baby?“ Luann questioned

 "Yeah sweetheart you’ve been quiet all day.” Gemma pushed. 

“Is it about Juice? Are you still hung up on that?” Luann knew it had to be that. Y/N had come to her about the situation almost as soon as it happened. Y/N’s mom was her best friend and Luann was her baby girl’s number one fan. That girl could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes and Y/N worked hard to not let her down. Just as Luann had worked hard to make sure Y/N had every opportunity to succeed in life despite her and Otto’s pasts. 

 "What about Juice…“ Gemma said flatly as if he had messed up and she just knew it. 

 "It’s not like that Gem and yes mom. I just don’t know what to do! This is beyond frustrating! Mom help me!! Please?” Y/N was practically begging for her mom to tell her what to do. 

 Luann stood up and turned to her daughter. “Baby look at me,” she took Y/N by the face a hand on each cheek forcing Y/N to look her in the eyes, “You have been going over this in your mind for weeks now. I can see you are scared and that tells me only one thing…” Luann brushed her girls hair back “that you love him honey.“ 

 Years ago Y/N and Juice started hooking up. The two of them never dated, they never really talked about what it all meant, but remained good friends. It was the perfect friends with benefits deal. They would talk about everything and nothing and would find comfort with each other in, what to an outsider wouldn’t seem like a lonely life, but actually was. She just wanted someone to want her without fear or judgement and he just wanted someone who wasn’t trying to fuck his kutte. 

 All of it changed a few weeks ago, maybe even before then. The guys were on a run when all hell broke loose and a stray bullet whizzed just past Juice’s ear and into Jax’s arm right behind him. It was all too much for him to handle and after they got back Juice found himself pulling up to Y/N’s house. Before he could even think he was knocking on her front door and as soon as it was opened he pushed his way in, backing her up against the wall and kissing her. As he scooped her up in his arms he kicked the door shut behind him and without words he brought her up stairs laid her down and tried in every way he could to say that he loved her without using the words. Saying it would ruin the moment, he couldn’t let his voice ruin that, not yet anyway. 

 The next morning Juice came down the stairs dressed and ready to leave. "Leaving so soon?” She had questioned. 

 "Maybe,“ was his simple reply. At the questioning look she presented him he took a breath and told her how he felt, how somewhere along the way he fell in love with her. How it seems sudden but that he thinks he always loved her but ignored it for fear of ruining what they had. Which is why he didn’t say it the night before. She simply stood frozen as he slipped on his kutte telling her to think about what he’d said, kissing her temple, whispered an ‘I Love You’ and walked out her door. 

 That was when she went to her mom. She told Luann about how he loved her wanted to be with her and only her. Maybe even have that family they had talked about having one day. Before, when they talked, the kids in the dreams weren’t THEIR kids, but now he wanted them to be. The problem was she was so afraid of a marriage like her mom and dad’s. It made her heartbreak over and over again to see two who people loved each other more than any book or movie could describe never be together again. That was because of the club, which is why even though she loved all of them, she vowed that she would not marry into the club. And yet here she was, faced with a choice; the life she planned, or him.  

Luann continued to stare at Y/N. "Look baby we have to go. Remember there’s a party tonight at the clubhouse. You still coming?”

 She snapped out of her thoughts, “Huh? Yeah 8 o'clock, I’ll be there. ” She responded absent mindedly. 

 As Gemma went to leave she took a hard look at Y/N before softening her face. “Sweetheart you want my advice? Real life and plans? They don’t actually work hand in hand. You understand what I’m saying?" 

 Later that night Y/N was sitting at the bar in the club house. The party was in full swing, filled with members from all up and down the coast. She had tried to avoid Juice. She was still wrestling with her own mind, heart, and gut over the whole situation. This turmoil was only made worse by the fact that every time she turned around Juice was there at the edge of her sight another girl hanging off of him. Granted he didn’t give them the time of day, just ignoring the fact they were there. He had even locked eyes with Y/N when she first came in, simply giving a tight lipped smile. 

 Juice had been fighting with himself to not ask Y/N where she was at with what he had told her. He knew why she would shy away because he knew everything about her. In their years together they had shared everything hopes dreams fears. Only recently did he realize they never shared heartbreak. She had told him every breakup but he realized all of a sudden that he hadn’t really done the same. It was almost as if he was subconsciously avoiding anything serious with anyone. How long had he been in love with her without knowing it? After telling her everything he had left and gone back to his own place to shower. Staring in the mirror, he stood, struggling with his own mind of how he had just lost his best friend. There he came to the realization that he did not want to live without her in his life. The only problem was he had already opened his damn mouth and now he was watching her fake smiles and fake interest in stories because he had put terrifying and confusing thoughts into her pretty mind.

 "Go talk to him.” Gemma had come up behind Y/N and caused her to jump nearly out of her skin. 

 "Gemma, you scared the shit outta me.“ Y/N breathed out clutching her hand to her chest. 

 "Hmm tell me how is it I scared a girl in a room full of people?” Y/N just blushed sheepishly not looking Gemma in the eye. “Unless she wasn’t even really here..” Gemma mumbled under her breath. “Where’d your mind go darlin?" 

 "You really gonna talk like you don’t know?” Y/N snarked back. 

 Gemma smirked out a huff and looked across the room “Yeah. Been watching him side eyeing you all night. It’s actually kinda cute. Pathetic, but cute." 

"Gemma what do I do? I have worked so hard to have a quiet life but every guy I get involved with hears about my family and either books it or acts like he’s God’s gift and I need him to rescue me. I love all these guys. I mean, Bobby took me to a father daughter dance because my dad was inside. You have no idea what it’s like seeing your mom and dad, two people so in love with each other not be able to even touch. Not only that but she has worked so hard so I wouldn’t have to live that way. I’m not like my mom, she is incredibly strong, and I don’t think, no, I know I’m not that strong. I’m already to afraid to admit how I feel out loud because it will just become real.” Y/N took a breath realizing her rambling and trying to rein it in. 

Gemma took this opportunity to lay some truth on her goddaughter. “I get it sweetheart, you have a plan for your life. But like I said plans and life, they don’t always work hand in hand. I know you think you are going to disappoint them if you end up with a member." 

 Gemma wanted her to understand that she understood the struggle, but before she could continue the woman whose words mattered most made her presence known. 

 Luann had come up behind them and overheard all of Y/N’s fears, feeling terrible that disappointing her was one of them. "Baby?”

 "Mom! Hey.“ Y/N put on that brave face she had learned from Luann herself. 

"Baby listen to me the only thing I could be disappointed in is you missing out on the love of your life. If it’s him go for it. Yeah it kills me to not be with Otto but I would not trade him and the love we got for each other for any number of picket fences and 9-5 safe jobs in the world." 

 Y/N just stared at at her mother. After all these years she still couldn’t believe that her mom could read her mind so well that she said exactly what she didn’t know she needed to hear. All Y/ N could do was smile at Luann.

 Gemma jumped off her stool clearing her throat. "Come on Luann I need another drink. And you,” She turned to Y/N “get over this already you are never this serious, and I cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually miss the smart-ass version of you." 

 Luann chuckled at that and walked away with Gemma once again leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts. As she turned around she met her eyes with his across the room. 

 She was pulled from her trance when she realized that someone was trying to talk to her. "Hmm? I’m sorry did you say something?” She asked the man leaning next to her in a kutte. 

 "I asked if maybe you’d like to make this a private party, just the two of us?“ He looked her up and down biting his lip. 

 That was all it took for the smart-ass fire cracker that was Y/N Delaney to make her grand return. Looking him up and down she replied. "Sorry sweetheart, I like a little more… Puerto Rican in my wood." 

 Hopping off her barstool she beelined it to the only man in the room who fit the description. Grabbing him by his kutte she pulled him to one of the rooms in the back of the club house. 

 Once inside and alone with him her nerves set back in. Juice just watched her pace in front of him, not sure what was going to happen, but with his own heart currently in his throat he didn’t have a way to question her actions. "Y/N…” he started to say but she cut him off.

 "I love you too!“ She blurted out and instantly slapped her hands over her mouth. He was grinning that mega watt smile, the one that made his big eyes crinkle up on the sides, the one that she couldn’t help but return.

 "Yeah?” He questioned as he started to walk towards her. She removed her hands from her mouth nodding her head yes as he closed the distance and kissed her. Deep and sweet and right on the mouth. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her small frame up his body to hold her. 

Their kisses soon became more passionate but she pulled away allowing him to attack her neck, running hot open mouthed kisses along her throat and down her chest. 

 "Juice…Hey… Baby…. JUICE” Y/N tried to gain his attention becoming more stern with each breath. Finally he pulled his mouth away from her chest and looked up into her eyes where he had hoisted her up. 

 "Mmm?“ He questioned rubbing his lips together trying to take her seriously as her tone suggested he do. The only problem was she was the least serious person he had ever met. She was a smart ass, a joker, she made terrible puns and grade school level jokes when she was uncomfortable. 

 "I need you to understand something.” She pushed the subject, and poor Juice he was trying, he really was, but this had been killing him for 3 weeks now and the girl of his dreams just told him she loved him. They were alone, and currently her legs were wrapped around him and her chest was making eye contact with him, “well we need to understand… what are we?“ 

 "Well if you’re game, I’d like it if I’m only yours and you’re only mine. Maybe we don’t leave each other the next morning. I’m thinking we keep talkin’ about those futures only we picture each other in them instead of some Imaginary Mr or Ms Right.” She smiled at this and he dove back into her.

 "Whoa there, slow down what are you doing? I’m not done.“ Juice huffed out a growl and reluctantly pulled back and again schooled his face to attempt to take her seriously. Y/N untangled herself from him, she just had to get this off her chest, she needed the clarification. The only problem with that, however, was when she got uncomfortable she cracked jokes and asserting herself made her very uncomfortable. 

 "It’s just ya know…we need to be sure…about…ummmm each other’s…expectations. Like…what, what, what um do you want from,umm, me?” Y/ N stammered through her not-very-well-thought-out speech.

 "I just told you?“ Juice was confused

 "I know…." 

 "Tell me what YOU want,” he coaxed. 

 This was it, this is this was what had her uncomfortable. It wasn’t asserting herself, it was what she wanted, and now that she told him she loved him what if he didn’t want the same thing as her? What if he changed his mind…

 "Well?” He was watching her he saw the fear in her eyes

 "It’s just… I’m all in here Juice. I dont…“ She was struggling to find the words. "This life it’s not what I pictured from myself…" 

 Juice stepped towards her "I know baby, you’re scared and so am I, and I can’t promise that it’s gonna be perfect but I can promise that I’m gonna try to make it that way and if you work with me on that we will have a perfectly imperfect life. Together. " 

 That’s all it took, "Ok.”

 Juice’s grin had made its grand return lighting his face up once again “Yeah?" 

"Yes,” She said with more resolve “but I have one rule”

 "Anything baby” he nodded his head. 

 "This whole ‘what happens on a run stays on a run’ nonsense is bullshit. Your Dick belongs either in your pants or in my pussy. You got that? I ain’t sharing you with nobody. “ 

 Juice lost it, a full belly laugh escaping him, “Where do you think I’ve been trying to put it this whole time?” He laughed out once again taking her in his arms.

 "Not here?!“ She blurted out, "this place is disgusting." 

 "Fine.” Was all he said as he scooped her up throwing her over his shoulder and storming out towards his bike. 

 As he made his way out through the club house Chibs called out to him “Juicey Boy, what are ya doin lad?" 

 "Taking my Ol’ Lady home!” He announced. Before the entire club house erupted in cheers and whistles. The last thing Y/ N saw as Juice carried her through the door was her mom smiling and clapping along with everyone else. Then as she locked eyes with Luann for just a brief moment she saw tears in her eyes, this wasn’t an uncommon thing for her to see. She’d watched her mom cry many times over the years yet this was so rare of a moment because for the first time her tears were of joy. Her mom was happy for her. (GIF is not mine)

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Request: The bet

Request: Imagine Reader bet with her best friend Lyla to seduce Juice. Reader has a huge crush on him and she wins the bet.

Big, huge writer’s block with this one. I tried, more than once, to write this, I wrote different versions, but none looked good. I thought about not writing this, give up, but I would feel bad about it, so I kept trying. I thought that maybe I should try to write it in first person and it worked. Tell me what you think about this narrative. I hope you like it.

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Y/N’s pov

I knew Lyla since our childhood and we had moved together to Charming, California, years ago. I was trying to build a new life in a bigger city when she called me. Lyla was working with porn, something I never thought she would do, but… She had found a new producer, someone who seemed to be nicer than the previous one. An asshole, if you asked me. Luann Delaney, the producer, was also looking for someone to edit her videos and my friend thought about me.

Well, porn definitely wasn’t my dream job, but I was good in edit videos, photos…Not that I want to brag or anything…Anyway, I needed a job and let’s be honest, the big town wasn’t treating me very kind. I packed and drove to California in the next day.


You could say that Charming was a nice place, but that little town had more drama than a soap opera I tell you that. SAMCRO. It was impossible to live in Charming and not know them, but I never had imagined I would live among them. Now, I was hanging around their clubhouse frequently, since Lyla was dating one of them. Opie was a nice guy and I was happy for her, I truly was. I learnt how to live around the club, to my surprise and even with all the drama. I made friends there, especially Wendy and Juice.

I was thinking about that while I walked towards Wendy and Lyla. They were seat by the bar, looking at Juice and me. We had just walked in the clubhouse, laughing about one of his stupid jokes and he patted my shoulder before follow his brothers to Chapel.

“Hi girls”, I greeted them sitting on a stool. Chuck offered me coffee, the girls were drinking beer, but I didn’t drink at all.

“Why you and Juice never ended up together?”, Wendy blurted, making me almost spit my coffee.

“What?”, I swallowed. Did Wendy know? No, she didn’t. How could she possible know that I had a crush on Juice? Yes, yes, I had a big, huge crush on Juice, my friend. He was the nicest, the cutest guy I ever met, always being so respectful… Yes, he would never look at me the same way…

“Yeah, I mean-“, Wendy turned to look at me, which was kinda scaring. “-You are his friend, you get along so well and like the same things. You are sweet, just the kind of girl he needs”

“Wow, romantic!”, Lyla laughed. “No offense to you girl, you are my friend, but… I think Juice needs someone dominant”

“Like who? A croweater?”, Wendy said sarcastically, “I hate to see Juice around those girls, he deserves more”

“True,-”, Lyla smiled, “-but I don’t think he wants a relationship”

“That is why he needs Y/N!”, Wendy opened her arms, like the statement was obvious, “To change his mind!”

“Girls!”, I cut them off. God, they could be exhausting sometimes!, “I’m right here!”

“Sorry”, Wendy smirked. “Let’s go back to my question… Why aren’t you two together already?”

“Please”, I looked down to my knees, “I don’t know, really. He would never look at me like this”

“Oh My God! You like him!”, I looked up, realizing what I had just said. Shit! Wendy’s mouth was ajar and Lyla was narrowing her eyes at me. God, I was lost!

“No, I…”, I didn’t know how to get out of that, but I had to try. Problem was, Wendy was like a dog with a bone.

“No, don’t try to deny it”, she cut me off, smiling like she had won the lottery. “You have to hit on him, seduce him…”

“Stop it”, Lyla rolled her eyes, “How that would work? Juice is so distracted, he didn’t notice she like him yet and I think he won’t”

“He will!”, Wendy said and turned to me, smiling. “If she plays the right cards”

“No, he won’t and my friend will get hurt”, Lyla sighed. She was right. I mean, I wasn’t obvious about it, never had hit on him… I wouldn’t know how to do it, to be honest…

“Do you wanna bet?”, Wendy snapped to Lyla. Oh God, here we go.

“Sure”, Lyla smirked, not taking Wendy seriously. “I bet he won’t notice, not even if she jumps on his lap”

“Lyla, don’t be rude”, Wendy pretended to be shocked. “We are classy girls, Y/N will be herself on this”

“Yeah, right…”, Lyla rolled her eyes. Wait a minute! Did my friend doubt me that much? I would totally regret this, but…

“I take that bet”, I blurted, making both look at me. “I bet I can make Juice notice me”

“You go girl!”, Wendy cheered, making me blush. Lyla was quiet, thinking. After a minute, she got up and shook my hand.

“Deal”, she was serious and I would surely regret this, “One month for him to notice you”


Juice’s pov

SAMCRO was Luann’s new business partner and though it was cool to be around a porn studio with beautiful girls, Juice wasn’t paying much attention to them anymore. Opie met Lyla and now she was hanging around the club a lot and her friend, Y/N, was always with her.

They had become friends too, but Juice started to think he had a crush on her. She was kind, nice, beautiful, funny, also into video games, smart… The girl of his dreams. However, he seemed to be just a friend to her. Chibs had told him a thousand times to make a move, but Juice was afraid to scare her. Have Y/N only as a friend was better than lost her.

He was thinking about that when she opened the studio’s front door. Chibs and Juice were there, seated on a couch, watching the filming. Juice felt his brother elbowing him, but didn’t look away from her. Y/N was different… No, not bad different or completely different, just…

She always wore white Converse, but today she was wearing heels. Not sky high heels, just new sandals. Her usual jeans and button-down shirt were there, but that day she was wearing a different top and the plaid shirt was open. Her hair wasn’t pulled back in the usual ponytail or braid, but loose around her shoulders.

“Hi Luann”, Y/N was closer now, greeting her boss and… Was that lipstick on her lips?, “Hi boys”

“Hi Y/N”, Chibs and Juice said together. She smiled and turned to her office’s direction.

“You better make a move now Juicy boy”, Chibs whispered next to him, “A girl only changes like that because of a boy”

“Don’t be stupid”, Juice huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, resting on the couch. Chibs shrugged and turned his attention to girls. Juice couldn’t do that, his mind was running now… Was Chibs right? Who was the guy? No, she wouldn’t do such a thing, Y/N wasn’t that type of girl…However… Oh God! He was losing her before even have her!

“Aye, Juicy boy!”, Chibs patted his shoulder, “We gotta go!”


Y/N’s pov

I haven’t seen Juice in the last few days and I was starting to get worried. Wendy had made me change my clothes a little bit and I was pretty sure Juice had notice it, but he said nothing. Maybe I was looking ridiculous.

“You don’t look ridiculous”, Wendy had assured me, “You look great and even prettier than before”

Cute, I wasn’t cute. Cute wouldn’t make Juice notice me. Ever! I was frustrated and feeling stupid about that damn bet, almost slamming the studio’s door. I didn’t notice the bikes, but I did notice Juice and Chibs there again. I ignored everybody and walked to my office. I liked that place, isolated from the rest of the studio, just the computers and me.

“Can I come in?”, I was taking off my jacket, cursing that damn top Wendy made me wear, when he opened the door. I turned around just to see Juice standing there.

“Yeah, sure”, I mumbled. Damn it! I pulled my chair and tried to act normal. Juice took another chair, sitting in front of me.

“So…”, he started, his eyes focused on my shoes. What was he looking at? Damn, I was blushing, “You look different. I mean, good different”

Good? Did I look good? I swallowed, thinking about something to say, “Thank you…Hmm, Wendy… She… She helped me to change a little bit”

“Hm”, he mumbled. Hm? That was it?, “So, who is the guy?”

Oh God! Everything was going wrong! He was smiling, but he was thinking I had changed for someone else! Lyla was right. She was right and I had been silly. Okay Juice, let’s play like this then…

“Oh, nobody you know”, I waved, probably not looking convincing, but I didn’t care. I would tell Lyla she had won as soon as I saw her, and go back to my t-shirt and Converse.

“Are you trying to seduce the guy?”, he asked. I looked at him again, at those gorgeous brown eyes and shrugged. “What else are you doing? Hitting on him?”

“No, not yet”, I said, turning to the computer again. God, I didn’t want to look at him. Why was he asking me those things?

“Show me”, he said. What? I turned to him and Juice had this stupid grin on his face, arms open, “Pretend that I am him, hit on me and I’ll tell you what you are doing wrong”

“Doing wrong?”, I raised an eyebrow. Really? Let’s play then Juice boy… I got up and walked towards Juice. I swear didn’t know what I was doing, but I rested my hands on his knees and leaned over. I was sure he had a good sight on my cleavage and pleased to see his eyes widen, “Oh please, tell me Juan. What am I doing wrong?”

I licked my lips and straightened, letting my finger trail up his arm while I walked, his eyes were following my moves. I felt good to see him surprised like that. I stood behind his chair and stroked his shoulders, his arms. Leaning again, traced his jaw and whispered on his ear, “Wanna tell me what I am doing wrong now?”

“Nothing”, his voice was husky and I took a step back when he turned the chair around. The next thing I felt were his hands, strong on my hips, lifting me just to settle me on the desk. Juice spread my legs, staying between them, “You are doing absolutely nothing wrong”

Before I could say something his lips were on mine. Juice had one hand on my waist, gripping hard and the other on my hair. His lips were soft, but hungry. The kiss was possessive, passionate and I couldn’t resist, I had waited for so long… Then it hit me. Why was he kissing me? Did I have seduced him? I had change my clothes and I had played a part flirting with him like that. No, I didn’t want him that way.

“Juan”, I pushed him, using his first name. He pulled back, eyes wide, surprised. “Stop it”

“Did I hurt you?”, he asked, now looking worried. Why did he had to be so charming?

“No”, I looked to the floor and came down from the desk. Juice took a step back, watching me. I would hurt him, but I had to do it, I had to be honest, “Listen, there isn’t a guy, I’m not trying to seduce anyone. I took a bet with Lyla”

“A bet?”, he creased his brow and my heart started to break. He would hate me for playing with him.

“Yes”, I sighed, starting to ramble, “Wendy was asking me how we never got together. I said I didn’t know. She realized I like you and told me to hit on you. Lyla said you wouldn’t notice me, because you were clueless and hadn’t realized I liked you yet. Wendy said you would, if I did the right things. Lyla was still doubting me, I got mad at her and took a bet to seduce you. Wendy helped me to change my look, but I’m terrible at this and I can’t do this to you anymore or…”

Suddenly he held my elbows and made me look at him. I stopped talking with the surprise and he… He had this stupid grin on his face.

“Why are you smiling?”, I blurted, confused.

“Do you like me?”, Juice slid his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“Did I say that?”, I really hadn’t realized what I was talking until then.

“Yes”, his eyes were sparkling I could swear. “Actually, you said a lot of things, but I stopped paying attention when you said you liked me”

“I was talking about the bet I took…”, Juice closed his eyes and shook his head, cutting me off.

“I don’t care about the bet”, he was looking at me again and I lost my breath, “Do you like me?”

I nodded and then his lips were back on mine.


Juice’s pov

“So…She was doing all that because of you?”, Chibs asked Juice, both at the bar. A party was going on and many friends were at the clubhouse, “A bet?”

“Yes”, Juice took a swig of his beer and grinned. He hadn’t stopped think about her and what Chibs had said about another guy. Juice didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but he couldn’t thought about her with another man. He drove to the studio with the intention to confront her about it and confess his feelings. He wasn’t expecting what had happened or had planned to lose his mind, but her touch, her lips so close to his…

“I won’t try to understand, it’s crazy”, Chibs shook his head, drinking his whisky. He straightened, looking at Juice, “Just tell me one thing… Are you two together now?”

“Yes”, Juice’s smile grew wider, “After this night, yes”

Y/N had protested, but Juice convinced her to keep going with the bet, ending it that night. Lyla was at the party, talking with Wendy, both on the couch. Juice tried not to look at the door, waiting for her to arrive. He turned to the bar to ask for another beer and felt someone touching his scalp.

“Hello”, he smiled at her sweet voice, looking up at her.

“Hi baby”, Juice grinned and closed his eyes, waiting for his kiss. Her lips met his and he could swear his heart skipped a beat, “Did they see us?”

She hit his shoulder, but nodded, “Yes, they saw us. I’ll talk to them now, okay?”

Juice nodded and turned around to watch his girl. HIS girl, she was all his now. She took a seat close to her friends and started to talk. Juice heard Chibs teasing the prospect and joined the conversation.

“Let’s go home”, Y/N whispered on his ear minutes later.

“Did you win?”, Juice wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Yes, Lyla said that I won”, she rolled her eyes, making him laugh, “I don’t care about that”

“Great”, Juice smiled and got up, “We are both winners”

“We?”, she raised an eyebrow, following him outside the club.

“Yes baby”, Juice brought her hand to his lips, kissing it, “I won the girl”

She playfully slapped his shoulder and both hopped on his bike. Juice put his helmet and she leaned to whisper, “I think we should celebrate then”. Juice grinned and drove fast to home, feeling the luckiest guy in the world.


Happy Lowman imagine based on the song “Unsteady” by the X Ambassadors. 

Trigger warning: Drug abuse. 

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Of course you knew Happy Lowman.

He was a big legend back in Tacoma, where you’ve lived your whole life. You worked as a dancer/waitress in the most famous local strip bar “Benny’s Bunnies”;  The visits from the local SAMTAC were usual, it was like Benny and SAMTAC being almost like a big family. You were close to the whole MC, and the whole MC was close to you. Like you said, a big family.

Happy Lowman was the most interesting men you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Big Bad Biker, loving son, loving nephew; Scary man. His tattoos all over his body, his raspy manly voice whenever he asked you for another round of pure whiskey and his strong frame made you go nuts, but his tender heart and the look on his face whenever he talked about his mother melted your lust away. 

You were thinking about him, while snorting blow up your nose, leaned against the bathroom of your work mirror, your skimpy work uniform being lifted up to your stomach, being taken from behind by a dirty old dealer, running his filthy hands up your sides and moaning on your ear. You threw your head back, as you felt his cum on the low of your back, too lost in your own cocaine extasis to even take notice of it. 

You were a drug addict since you were 14 years old. The streets were rough and cold and some days, the only thing that helped you through was some cocaine and some H. You cleaned yourself, pulled your skirt down and fixed your hair, stumbling outside the bathroom, the dealer following behind, spanking your ass as he left. 

You could see your boss staring at you, crossed arms, an unbelievable look on her face. You looked down, watching the blood pour out of your nose and into your fantasy nurse uniform. 

“Go get cleaned up.” She whispered as she walked past you. “I don’t want you around looking like this. Come back tomorrow.” You sighed. Another day off for you, you guessed. You turned around, aiming to get your jacket but stumbled across a broad chest, making you almost fall, if it wasnt for a pair of strong arms that stopped it. 

“Really?” Someone asked, looking at the blood on your nose. The raspy voice you already knew and the whiskey and weed smell that you longed on your body made you stare up at the one and only Tacoma killer holding you in his arms. “Really, (Y/N)?” You sighed and hanged your head low. You were in love with this guy and out of all people, you didn’t want him to see you like that. 

He lead you outside of the bar and walked you over to your house, making sure you got there safe and sound. You were silent the whole way up there and only speaked when you groaned, for you could not open the door with your keys.

“Let me.” He whispered, taking the keys from you and opening the door. You looked at him, oily cinnamon skin, covered in tattoos, cold stare. The man was all you wanted. You put your hand on the back of his neck, cupping it and biting your lip, watching him close his eyes in pleasure for a moment. 

He grabbed your hand, putting it down and looking at you, as the dawn emerged; Pink, yellow and orange filling up the sky. 

“Kiss me.”

He shook his head, cleaning the blood from your nose. “Don’t kill yourself this way.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, tears starting to fall off your eyes.


“(Y/N)…” he whispered, shaking his head. “Get cleaned up, close your doors and sleep it off…” He said walking away from you and on to his bike. You frowned, feeling humiliated and  confused. You banged your door shut and cried yourself to sleep that night.

In the next few months, Happy was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t at the clubhouse, he wasn’t at the bar and he wasn’t at his mother’s. You found yourself missing him everyday, even if you weren’t anything; he always acted quite protective around you, and you missed that. You dunked yourself in even more cocaine and a bit of heroine, feeling so lost without him; You were lost without Happy Lowman.

That’s why your sister called him the day you almost overdosed.

Two hours after the call, Happy’s bike was in front of your apartment, helmet in his hand as he walked over to your sister, waiting for him on the door step. 

“Thank you for coming.” She said as he nodded, watching the inside of your house, the crime scene. They were puke stains on the carpet, clothes all over the place, dirty dishes and mainly dirt all around. “We just came back from the hospital, i didn’t had time to clean up.” She said.

“On what?” Happy groaned as he stepped in. 

“Cocaine, new brand.”

“Stupid bitch.” He muttered under his breath. Your sister nodded, showing him the way over to your bedroom while he silently followed. A few steps and he was inside of your room, watching you fast asleep on the bed, covered up to your nose, sweating like a pig. Your hair was a mess, and your face was pale, the bags under your eyes were big and deep and your lips were chapped and faded. He sighed and nodded at your sister, meaning he was good on his own. 

He walked over to your bed, watching all the bruises in your arm and legs, how unhealthy you looked and how, yet, beautiful you looked to him. He put a strand of your thin hair behind your ear and sit down on the bed, waiting for you to wake up. 

Which you did a few seconds later staring back into his eyes. Fluttering your eyes open, trying to take in who was in front of you. Your pupils were still as big as grapes and your mouth tasted like a NY sidewalk. You fixed your hair and pulled your oversize sweatshirt up, avoiding you to practically flash Happy. 

You had nothing to said, except the last words you heard Dr. Montez say.

“I’m a bit unsteady” You repeated. He nodded. 

“I brought you weed. Gemma Teller said it will help you.” 

 You bit your lip, trying to hold your tears in but it was impossible. You leaned your forehead on Happy’s bicep and cried your soul out, sobbing and yelling, feeling all the bottled up things coming out for once. 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, i don’t want to be like this…I just…” You looked at your bruised forearms and gulped. “I don’t do well without you” you said in between sobs as your face went red. He shook his head and caressed your hair, getting up. Panic was set in your eyes, but you calmed down when you saw him walk around the room. grabbing a chair and placing his kutte on it, removing his boots as well and crawling into bed with you. He quietly wrapped his tattooed arms around you and, even if you knew how many men those hands killed, you didn’t cared, for you felt save inside of them. 

“This coke shit ends right now. I don’t want you getting hurt.” You nodded against his lap. “You’re better than that.” 

“Am i?” You sniffed and cleaned your swollen eyes. “Because you know what they said.” sniff. sniff. “Once a junkie, always a junkie.” You felt his hands starting to caress your hair. 

“Fuck what they say. From now on…” he looked down at you. “If someone’s got a problem with you, they talk to me first.” You looked up at him, staring at his hard face and unbreakable temper. You nodded slowly; Then you knew you were his. You addiction, your recovery, your rehab, your pale face, your sidewalk mouth, the heroine shot bruises on your arm, your body, heart and soul belonged to Happy Lowman. 

He stayed there the rest of the night, holding you into his arms, taking care of you, making sure you were drinking enough water and shaking every panic attack away. You still didn’t kissed him, he didn’t tried to cup a feel. He still didn’t  touched you in a personal, close, relationship-esque way, but you knew…

Damn, you knew…

As unsteady as you were, you belonged. 

Would just like to say, this imagine is based on a true story and, i’m very grateful for the man that saved me.