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*** Literally, if you’re under 18, get out. Because this is probably my most sinful story thus far. I also don’t really know how to write Otto in this type of situation because we didn’t particularly get to see him in any sexual way other than jacking off to perfume so don’t crucify me if you don’t think this is how he’d act. It’s not that deep. ***

“Can you get me a drink sweetheart?”

You looked over at the blonde woman, a warm smile on her face as she looked into your eyes. You recognized her as Luanne, Otto’s Old Lady. She wasn’t in the clubhouse often, busy at work with the Cara Cara girls. Otto had been locked up for years, well before you’d fallen under the club’s wing and you weren’t very familiar with her if you were being honest. You could say though, without a doubt, that she was one of the nicer Old Ladies that were around. To you at least. She was always smiles and dirty jokes, and while you and her weren’t close enough to be considered friends, you did enjoy being around her and had no problem retrieving a drink for her.

As you came back, she smiled again, taking the Jack and Coke from your hands and patting the seat on the couch next to her. You returned her smile and sat down beside her, leaving a reasonable space between the two of you. Her hand reached out and found your knee though, a gentle grasp on your leg.

“How’ve you been honey? Been a while since we last spoke.”

You nodded with a warm smile, relaxing into the couch.

“It has. You haven’t been by the clubhouse lately. I guess today is the day for you to be here though huh?”

She took a sip of her drink and laughed.

“Yeah, I guess it is. Figured I’d grace you all with my presence. And see my husband too I guess.”

You both shared a laugh at that, knowing that today was probably going to be the best day of her life, after marrying Otto that is. Today was a day that you were sure she’d dreamed about endlessly but never actually thought would become a reality. You weren’t sure how the club had gotten it to work, who they’d gotten a favor from or what strings they’d pulled, but Otto was finally coming home. Something about insufficient evidence and recanted witness statements. Regardless of how it had been done, it was settled and her husband would be here any minute now. SAMCRO had put a huge party together, and when you said huge, you meant huge. Brothers from nearly every U.S. charter had made their way over to Charming to celebrate on of the most loyal brothers of the club returning. The clubhouse was packed, the air so thick with bodies, it was almost hard to breathe. The drinks and music were already flowing and before you knew it, your conversation with Luanne was cut off as whistles and hollers broke out. The both of you looked over at the entrance of the clubhouse as saw Otto standing there, a look of pure emotion on his face as he looked over the faces of his family.

Gently, you placed your hand on her back and pushed her softly forward towards her man. Her feet took her towards him and you looked on with a smile as she made her way through the crowd to her husband as you made your way to the bar.

The party was in full swing when you felt a hand on your shoulder, the other croweater Crystal leaning into your ear so you could hear her over the music.

“Hey, Luanne is calling you.”

You turned around and quickly scanned the crowd before you found her sitting on the couch the two of you were sitting at together before, Otto now sitting beside her. They both were watching you and Luanne motioned for you to head over to them. As you came up, they both split apart and scooted over, leaving a space between them for you to sit. You sat down in the middle and smiled as Luanne placed her hand on your knee again, just a little higher this time.

“Hey baby. Just wanted you too finally meet Otto.”

You turned with a nod and faced the Son. He smiled softly and held his hand out, his voice surprisingly softer than you expected.

“Hi sweetheart. I’m Otto. I’m sure you already know that though.”

You shook his hand and then shrugged, motioning to the huge banner hanging across the ceiling, ‘WELCOME HOME OTTO.’

“I was trying to figure it out.”

He chuckled softy and looked over you towards Luanne.

“You were right; I like her already.”

Luanne smiled and moved her hand up your thigh a little more, her eyes slightly lidded with the booze in her system. Otto was also passed the point of just tipsy, his body loose and languid, resting against the back of the couch as he threw and arm around your shoulder. You looked between the two of them and saw Luanne leaning closer to you, her lips pressing against your ear.

“I have to be honest with you honey. I’ve had my eye on you for a while now. You’re gorgeous. I’ve wanted you for a while now but I never really knew how to come about it, especially with Otto locked up. But he knows about you, how sexy I think you are, and he’s glad that I’ve held off until he got here.”

You were trying to work out what she was saying, put together what her point was and to see if she was saying what you though she was saying. Her hand slipping further up your thigh answered those questions though and he pulled her lips from your ear for a second to press a gentle kiss against the side of your neck.

“You can say no. We don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. But we would like to have you; together. Is that ok with you?”

You hesitated for a second, never having had a threesome with both a Son and his Old Lady. You’d been with Sons, and the occasional Old Lady while her Old Man was on a run, always with permission of course. But never the couple together. You looked at both of them, searching for any sense of sarcasm between the two of them, but you found none. Just genuinity and want. So you nodded, and Luanne leaned forward, pressing her lips to yours softly. You could feel Otto’s hand caressing your shoulder and back as he watched you kiss his wife, his pants already starting to feel tighter. He left the two of you to kiss for a little while longer before he stood and held his hands out to the both of you.

“Let’s go to the back.”

You groaned as Luanne’s lips traveled down the valley of your breasts. Her tongue snaked out every now and then as she kissed your body. Her left hand was gripping your hair, holding your head back while her right was already inside your panties. Her fingers ran along your lips, dipping inside of you periodically to switch up her tactics, alternating between rubbing your clit and fingering you deeply. This was your first time ever being with a pornstar and judging by how well she knew what she was doing, you were sure it wouldn’t be the last. You put your hand to the back of her head and held her to your chest as her tongue swirled around and over your nipples, suckling at them gently and nipping as well every now and then. You opened your eyes and searched the room for Otto, finding him standing at the foot of the bed, eyes dark as he watched his wife ravage you. You held your hand out towards him and he grabbed onto it, allowing you to pull him towards you. You went to reach for his belt, but stopped yourself quickly, glancing over at Luanne.

She nodded and went back to kissing along your body before pulling back and grabbing onto your hips, turning you over onto your stomach. The new position made it easier for you do grab onto Otto’s belt and begin unbuckling it, pulling down the zipper. Even with Luanne’s permission, you reached down to her and pulled her up, wanting her to go first.

“Figured you deserve to be the first one.”

She smiled and then looked up at him, grinning as he looked down at her in adoration, his fingers raking through her hair. She pulled his pants down his legs and gripped him, stroking him with one hand and holding his thigh with the other. You stayed laying on your stomach beside her, watching as the couple reacquainted themselves with each other’s bodies. Otto’s hand gripped the back of your head though, his fingers weaving into your hair and pulling you towards him too. Luanne pulled back as you neared and pushed you towards his cock, your mouth opening and taking him as Luanne pushed your hair behind your ears and pressed her cheek against yours, gazing up at him sexily.

“It’s she so pretty, Otto?”

“She is. I see why you like her so much.”

As you licked along his shaft, Luanne pulled you to be on all fours and her hand slipped between your legs, her fingers teasing you once more.

Luanne is always telling me about you. About how beautiful you are and how bad she wants to fuck you. I told her to wait until I got out so we can do it together.”

You pulled your mouth from him for a second to respond with a smirk.

“And now here we are.”

He smiled deviously down at the both of you and nodded.

“And now here we are.”

Stepping out of his long forgotten jeans, he climbed onto the bed with the two of you, pushing you down to lie on your back. He wasted no time in climbing over you, his body hovering above yours. You looked over at Luanne for permission once more, thinking she’d want to be the first one to fuck him but she nodded, running her finger softly over your hardened nipple before grabbing her purse and pulling a condom from it, rolling it onto Otto as he kissed along your neck and chest. The moment she pulled away, Otto gripped himself and gently pushed into you. Luanne sat beside the two of you, one of her hands rubbing herself as the other reach between your and Otto’s bodies, rubbing your clit as well. It wasn’t long before Otto’s slow and gentle pace began to pick up, him sitting up and gripping onto you’re his as he thrusted into you. Luanne used the new space to climb over you slightly, her face going down towards your pussy.

Otto cursed under his breath as he realized what she was going to do and he leaned back a little more, gripping your hips tighter and pulling your body up slightly to where your butt was resting on his hips, giving her the room she needed. Leaning down, she began licking along your clit, her fingers and tongue working against you as her husband pushed in and out of you. The both of them were taking your breath away and it wasn’t long before your breaths were coming in quick sharp gasps and Otto had to grip your thighs and keep them open as you clenched around him, your hands fisted in the sheets.

Otto had to pull out of you quickly before your spasms pushed him over the edge and he leaned forward on one hand, trying not hold himself back. Luanne pushed him back roughly though, Otto landing on his back and grinning widely as Luanne climbed over him. You were thinking about getting ready to leave when Otto whistled at you, motioning for you to come back over to them. Still trying to catch your breath, you crawled over to the couple and Otto wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you to kneel over his face before pulling you down to settle on his mouth and you knew it was going to be a long night.

Being Otto & Luann’s daughter would include...

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Being Otto & Luann Delaney’s daughter would include…

+ Being a troubled kid growing up.

- Suspensions, fights, drinking; you name it.

+ Gemma being your godmother.

+ Having a crush on the guys growing up.

- But they wouldn’t dare look to you as anything other than family.

+ Being a blonde, just like your momma.

+ Otto forbidding you to be anywhere near Cara Cara.

- He means it.

- He’ll even ask Jax to make sure you do.

+ Not being able to handle visitation while Otto is away.

- But always writing him.

+ Sharing clothes, secrets, etc. with Luann.

- Because who says your mother can’t be your best friend, too?

+ Jax being the one to tell you Luann is dead.

- Going off the grid for a while because of it.

- But ultimately becoming closer to Otto afterwards.

+ Having quite the criminal record yourself.

- You’re a Delaney, c’mon, now.

+ Being close with Lyla

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Being Bobby and Luanne's Daughter would include?

Always having a family

Helping both parents with whatever they need

Being pretty close with Jax and having him almost as a big brother

Being lost when she dies and holding onto Bobby since he’s all you have left

Being a wreck when you lose him too

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Two (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) is still on edge after meeting the Sons Of Anarchy as old memories resurface. She cannot see why the others do not see her stress. Bea, Frankie and Alex start to get annoyed with her, wondering why she is bringing up their past that they wanted to get away from. However, (Y/N)’s stress levels are rising and are pushing her over the edge.

Meanings: (Y/N): Your name

Warnings: Violence, drugs, alcohol, swearing, mentions of abuse and sexual nature (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

Jax was about to ask me more about what had happened in the past when my phone interrupted. I checked the ID, thankful that Frankie had stopped the conversation from going any further.

“Hi Frankie.” I answered

Jax drank his beer before inhaling his cigarette again.

“Hey, are you guys done with the furniture?” she asked.

“Yeah just finished.”

“Luann wants to meet you, we’re at Cara Cara.”

“Y-you mean, the porn studio?” I whispered a little.

Jax tried to surpress a laugh.

I ignored him as Frankie continued.“Like you’ve never watched porn before. Just get your ass down here.”

I ended the call before turning to Jax.“I’m needed down at Cara Cara. I don’t mean to kick you out. But thank you so much for helping me.”

“Anytime darlin’. I’ll give you a lift there.”

I quickly got changed into something more suitable before meeting Jax outside. He was leaning against his bike, the sun shining down on him. I stared at him as I locked the door, quickly looking away as his head turned to me. I reached my hand out to take the helmet but instead he put it on me and buckled it on. My cheeks burned red as he stopped and got on his bike, putting his own helmet on. He smirked, waiting for me. As I sat behind him I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his waist, trying to not seem comfortable in the position.

I knew that he was a flirt. Just by the way he entered the room you could tell that he knew the girls swooned all over him. He was attractive and charming, plus he had a lot of power as Vice President to a motorcycle gang. The fact that I had seen this sort of guy before made me nervous. What if we really weren’t away from our past? It seemed to be repeating itself.

We pulled into a parking lot of Cara Cara which was just a big warehouse. There were a few other bikes here and I recognised the girls’ instantly. Jax and I hopped off his bike before walking inside together. I really didn’t want to go in, who knew what we could walk in on?

Jax laughed.“You’re gonna have to get used to this, these are the people you’re working with.”

Sighing, I slowly followed him inside. Crossing my arms over my chest, I couldn’t help but scan the girls lounging around the entrance. They had hardly any clothes on, everything was practically on display, make up was slapped onto their faces and their hair was lifted to high heavens with a tonne of hair spray. As Jax walked past, clearly checking them out, they grinned at him whilst puffing out their chests.

I had to work with these girls.

Jax lead the way knowing where to go. Turning into another corridor, certain noises could be heard coming from one of the rooms. I started to cringe, immediately stopping in my tracks. Moaning turned into screaming with the occasional swear word. Jax didn’t seem phased, still walking ahead before stopping at the door.

“It’s just sex, they don’t mind you watching.” Jax raised an eyebrow.

“Well I mind. I’ll wait out here.”

“Suit yourself.”

I looked away as he stepped into the room, not wanting to risk seeing something I would regret. The girls wouldn’t be coming out, they would be perfectly happy staying out. Leaning onto one of the walls, I prayed that they would come out soon so I wouldn’t have to listen to any more….noises. Grimy men passed by, looking me up and down, not caring that I could see them doing it. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Pushing myself off the wall I started to wander around the place, trying to waste time.

Turning a corner I overheard an argument between two women. One had her back to me but the one I could see seemed much older than most of the women here. The younger one had bright red hair, obviously dyed, with a short dress on. The older woman seemed better dressed though still scandalous. I was about to turn around when my name was called out.


I spun back on my heel not believing the voice I just heard. The woman with her back to me was the one who shouted.

“Keira!?” I yelled in surprise before we both ran to each other screaming for joy.

Our arms wrapped around each other tightly, we started to away as we held on. Both of us babbled about how surprised we were before pulling away. Keira was a friend of mine back home, before I met the others. She was the one in the abusive relationship. She wanted to leave after that, said she couldn’t stand to be in the same town anymore. I knew how she felt.

Her appearance had totally changed though that was probably because she didn’t want to be recognised. Instead of her light brown hair, it was now a bright red; she had also lost a lot of weight and somehow got the money to get herself a new pair of breasts.

“What are you doing here?” she asked me.

“I’ve moved here with Frankie, Bea and Alex.” I said.


“It’s a long story.”

“Ah, so you’re (Y/N).” another person joined our conversation. It was the older woman.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m Luann Delaney, you’re new business partner.” she stuck her hand out for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you.”

Keira’s eyes widened.“Wait, you’re running the new club? I’m going to be one of the dancers! It’ll be like the old times!”

“I hate to break this up but Keira needs to get back to work and we need to talk about the club.” Luann put her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow at Keira.

Keira sighed.“Yes ma'am. I’ll get your address later and come round. We have so much to catch up on!”

We shared one last big before she strutted off in her heels. Luann crossed her arms over her chest as she sighed, watching her employee walk away. She turned back to me, trying to put on a smile.

“I didn’t know you were friends with Keira.” she said.

“Yeah, we go way back.”

“Sorry about that, she’s been slacking ever since she found out she was moving to the club. Let’s go into my office, the others should be out soon.”

We were on our way to her office, her heels clicking on the floor before we were interrupted again.

“Luann.” Her name was called out by a woman the same age as her.

“Gemma, I didn’t know you were swinging by.”

Gemma’s dark hair framed her face, the harsh black eyeliner made her look intimidating. I could see a tattoo peaking out of her top on one of her breasts. She looked me up and down whilst speaking to Luann.

“Have you seen Jax and Chibs? Clay needs them back at the clubhouse.” she explained, she seemed distressed.

“Yeah they’re just down the hall. Want me to send them back?”

“Yeah, please. I’ll see you later, we’re still on for drinks right?”

“Of course we are. Bye Gemma.”

Gemma smiled at me though it had no meaning to it as she walked away. What was she to Jax and Chibs? And who was Clay? Luann must have seen my confusion.

“You haven’t met Gemma yet, have you?”

“No. Who is she?”

“She’s the President’s wife, Jax’s mom.”

“I didn’t see her at the clubhouse the other day or the president.”

“She’s a bitch but if she likes you then she’ll sometimes be nice to you.”

We continued to make our way to her office, passing many more ‘porn stars’ and 'camera crew’ on the way. She obviously wasn’t bothered, this was her damn studio. Luann opened the door for me, letting me sit down in a chair across from her desk. She sat, I saw her relax a little. Just as she was about to speak the others joined us.

“(Y/N), why didn’t you join us? You really missed quite a show.” Alex beamed.

“I somehow think I won’t be upset about the whole thing. And oh my god, you’ll never guess who I just saw!” I exclaimed.

“Who?” Bea asked.


“No way! She works here now?”

“Yes, I hardly recognised her.”

“Jax, Chibs, you’re needed back at the club, Gemma just swung by.” Luann informed them.

“You know what it’s about?” Jax asked.

“No, she looked like she was in a rush.”

“Right ladies, it was lovely to see ya again, I’m afraid we got to go.” Chibs grinned as he and Jax exited the room. He quickly popped his he’s back in.“But I expect to see you all at the party tonight, especially you (Y/N).”

Luann waited until they had properly left before addressing us.“Let’s get down to business shall we?”

Luann started to go over how everything would work whilst we were partners. I didn’t really listen to the business side such as profits as I didn’t understand it. She grabbed my attention again when talking about what customers we should be bringing in and who would most likely show up. There would definitely be bikers, low lifes and business men secretly hoping to get paid because their ancient wives couldn’t satisfy them anymore. It was going to be a rough lot though if they had the money, who really cared?

She then went on to talk about the girls. She had selected specific girls who either had a history of 'dancing’ or were hard working and willing to swap their job. We were about to be introduced to them. Luann was smirking as she guided us down the halls again.

“I know you’re very passionate about your dance and we needed a place for the girls to practice; so I had this made.”

She opened the doors to a huge studio. Mirrors lined the walls in one side, props were stashed to one side and the girls were crowded in the middle. I let out a gasp. This was all mine.

“Ok girls, meet your new bosses.” Luann called out.

Although I was trying to remember all twenty girls’ names, I still couldn’t believe the size of the studio. It was perfect for the routines I had in mind. I just prayed that these girls would cooperate. Hopefully Keira would help or at least help to keep them in line.

“What are we going to do about the opening night? That’s only a few days away?” I stressed.

“It’s fine, the girls have each down their own piece. It may not be as professional as yours but it’ll keep the men entertained.” Luann calmed me down.

I was actually feeling happy. For once my nerves had disappeared, I was relaxed and thinking positively about this whole thing; maybe we were finally back on track. We left Cara Cara (thank god) with big smiles on our faces. As the girls huddled around their bikes, still talking about how much money we would be making, the rumbling of a motorcycle distracted me. I turned my head to just watch it zoom past the warehouse but what I saw made me freeze.

No, it couldn’t be…

“(Y/N), what’s wrong? What are you looking at?” Frankie put her hand on my shoulder but my eyes were still glued on the biker.

“Did you guys see that?” I whispered.

“See what?”

“The kutte…it was theirs, his, you know who I mean.”

“(Y/N), you’re probably seeing things. All of this is a lot to take in.” Bea sighed.

“I’m being serious! It was their kutte!”

“(Y/N), enough. We’ve already talked about this. Just forget about what happened and move on.” Alex and Bea were already mounted on their bikes before pulling away.

I looked to Frankie.“You believe me, right?”

“I’m not getting involved. Come on, let’s go.”

I had no idea where we were actually going but that wasn’t my main focus. That was definitely one of their members. You couldn’t forget their kutte. Had they followed us here? No. Maybe one of them was passing through? I hadn’t seen their face, it could be a prospect? They could have just been for a ride? However many excuses I made up, none of them were convincing. What were they doing in Charming? My thoughts were broken when we stopped at the TM, the Sons sitting outside on one of the picnic benches.

“Guys, wait, please just listen to me!” I tried to grab their attention but none of them were having it.

They continued to ignore me, getting closer to the sons.

“They’re back! I’m not joking, this is serious.”

Bea and Frankie were now sat with the others whereas Alex had stopped in her tracks. Everyone was watching, asking what the hell was going on.

“(Y/N), you’re getting on my last fucking nerve! Stop being so paranoid, they aren’t here! You’re mind is playing tricks on you.” She yelled.

I started to cry, my cheeks red from the embarrassment.“It was one of them, I swear on my life! I wouldn’t be so worked up about this if I knew I was seeing things.”

I couldn’t help the tears from falling though. I was genuinly petrified, my body had started to shake, what if they were back for me?

“You’re tired, (Y/N). Just go home and relax.” Bea snapped. Frankie looked uncomfortable as did the others.

“I’m not. Just-”

“Look, whatever is happening, I think it’s better if you all talk about this in a calmer matter. It’s clear that you’re all getting angry.” Tig tried to step in.

“No Tig, (Y/N) here can’t forget the little things in life!” Alex shouted.

“Alex.” Bea tried to warn her.

“Little things? LITTLE THINGS!? Are you being fucking serious!? I WAS ALMOST KILLED! YOU GUYS WEREN’T THERE FOR IT ALL!”

Jax stood up.“What is she on about?”

“It’s nothing-”

I scoffed.“Yeah, it’s nothing Jax. It doesn’t matter what had happened. Let’s just forget everything that ever happened to me.”

Frankie was quieter.“(Y/N), they can’t be back.”

“They are. And you’ll know that when you find my dead body dumped in the middle of no where.”

Friends Are Friends Forever

Requested by Anon: One with Jax where you are best friends and he has had these feelings for you since you were kids he wants more but you don’t but you are willing to agree to do friends with benefits. you both agree once feelings are caught you both leave. it goes on for a year till he catches feelings for you. you don’t and it scares you off. she stops contacting him and he runs into her at a bar, they both sit and talk only for her to still not a relationship with him and they both continue to be fwb. (fwb) but she ends up pregnant and ends up living with him and they co parent but no relationship even after the baby?

Jax’s arms snaked around my waist, pulling me down on his lap. His mouth gently sucking on my earlobe, I shivered and leaned into his embrace, letting out a little moan.

 “Come on (Y/N/N), when are you going to let me love you?”

 I pulled away, looking into his eyes.  “Come on Jax, we’ve been through this at least a hundred times.” I jumped off his lap and walked across the room.

 I heard him get up and follow me, his body close to mine. “I love you (Y/N) Delaney!”

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Being Otto and Luanne's son would include?

Being there for her since Otto can’t

Visiting him whenever you can

Always being scared to watch porn and find Luanne

Having a feeling something weird is going inverters her and Bobby

Being furious when you find out they are messing around

But staying quiet because of you say anything, it’ll come out that she’s balmy waking from the club

Making sure she knows you think it’s fucked up

Still supporting her regardless

Being torn between supporting the club and hating them because Otto feels lie they forgot about him

Wanting to make sure the guys get revenge on Georgie after she’s killed

Being a mess when Otto is killed as well

Request: Just the way you are

Request: Imagine being Jax’s old lady and being on the curvy side. You love yourself so much, but lately you have been feeling down. Jax comes home one to find you in nothing but your bra and panties, looking into the mirror and just crying. He asks you what’s wrong, you tell him you haven’t been feelings yourself lately, Jax will tell everything that he loves about you. It’s sad in the beginning but a sweet ending.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: it can be triggering, self-hate, depression

Originally posted by hunnamsource

Jax’s POV

Jax put his kutte on as he watched his old lady sleeping. He smirked, knowing that she was naked under the sheets. He also mentally cursed for have work to do and not being able to wake her up properly. His eyes lingered on her curves and, as silent as he could, he left for the clubhouse.

The first time he saw Y/N was in a SAMCRO party. She knew Donna, his best friend’s old lady, from work and had been invited to be there that night. She caught Jax’s eye from the very first moment, but he had the feeling she wouldn’t quite adjust in that place. Damn, he was wrong!

Y/N had won everybody’s hearts and had proved that no croweater would talk shit about her. She was confident, walking around with her head up high and proud of her curves. Yes, that girl had curves and Jax couldn’t stop looking at her. He found himself acting like a teenager to get her attention.

Donna (Thank God for Donna!) had noticed that and decided to help them, bringing Jax and Y/N together. Now, she was his old lady and Jax couldn’t be more in love with her or more proud of the strong woman he called old lady.


I would be lying to you if I say always loved my curves. I hated them for so long and suffered wanting them to be gone. However, as I grew up, I had learn how to live with them and, eventually, to love them. I became a confident woman who accepted and loved herself very much. I was also lucky. I had found love among people I never had thought would be my friends.

My new coworker, Donna, was a very nice girl and she was an old lady. I got confused with the name until she explained that the Sons called their women like that. Yes, her old man was a Son. Opie was a nice guy too and his best friend was Jax Teller. Well, if you lived in Charming, you certainly had heard about him. Blond, handsome, sexy, bad biker. Donna was kind enough to invite me to one of their parties and from that day on I became kind of a friend of the club. What I couldn’t imagine was that I would be an old lady too.

There I was, laying on the bed I shared with Jax Teller while I heard his bike leaving the house. I had woke up with the roar of the engine and now I was looking at the ceiling, thinking about getting up. I knew I had my weekly lunch with Donna that day; a tradition to continue to see each other now that we didn’t work together anymore. I just didn’t want to go. Yes, she was my best friend, but…

Jax hadn’t a clue about what was going on with me lately, I knew how to hide it well. I had been acting since the club became business partners with Luann Delaney, who had a porn studio, Cara Cara. I had learnt how to live with the croweaters and they had learnt to respect me, but those porn stars were a different new game. I still loved myself, but I couldn’t help feel I little bit down when they were all people would talk about around the club.

I rolled on bed and covered myself with the sheets again. I wouldn’t go out, not that day.

Jax’s POV

Jax and his brothers had a club business to deal with, that made them spend the entire morning out of clubhouse. They had stopped for lunch somewhere outside Charming and got back after it. He hopped off his bike, scanning the parking lot and not seeing Y/N’s car. She should be there with Donna. Speaking of her, Donna was now marching towards him.

“Jax where is Y/N?”, she inquired before he could even say Hi, “We would have lunch today, but she didn’t show up or called”

If her car’s absence was something odd, that was even worst and put Jax on the alert mood. He grabbed his phone and dialed. No answer. Not saying another word to anyone, he hopped back onto his Harley and sped towards home.


I had finally decided to get out of bed and have a shower. I should call Donna, apologize and give her some lame excuse. I put on my underwear, stopping in front of the mirror on the bedroom. I could see my entire body. The curves, stretch marks, imperfections… I felt the tears and I tried to stop them, but I couldn’t. I just cupped my breasts and stared at the image on the mirror, crying.

“Y/N!”, I heard Jax’s voice and jumped with the surprise. I hadn’t heard him. I automatically turned around to look at him, forgetting that I was crying. Obviously that worried him, “What happened? Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine”, I sobbed and he pulled me to him, hugging me tight.

“Then why are you crying?”, I didn’t answer and Jax sighed, “Donna said you missed the lunch”, he ran his fingers through my hair, speaking softly, “Tell me what happened darling”

“Nothing happened”, I mumbled, my cheek pressed on his chest, “I just didn’t want to get up and leave the house”

“Why?”, Jax pulled back, gently holding my arms, “She is your best friend baby. You gotta talk to me Y/N, tell me what is going on”

“I’m feeling bad about myself”, I blurted and he creased his brow, “I don’t wanna be around the clubhouse, listening people talking about Cara Cara girls. It makes me very conscious about my body and I lets me down”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with your body”, Jax’s voice was serious, leaving no room for discussion, “Did you forget how the guys drooled for you when you started to hang out with us? Damn it! They still do!”

“Jax”, I rolled my eyes. I had stopped crying, but was still tugging his kutte.

“I felt in love with you, this beautiful woman in front of me, who is confident, strong and makes me happy. I love every little thing about you baby”, Jax smiled, brushing his fingers on my cheeks, “Your smile, your strength and how you work hard. I’m amazed that you love me back and thank God every day for that. You make my house a home, you make my life better”

“Oh Jax”, I cupped his face and pulled him to me. Jax kissed me as his arms wrapped around my waist again.

“Come on baby!”, he smiled wide, “Ignore those boys. Cara Cara girls got nothing on you. You are gorgeous, a goodness. I’m proud to have you as my old lady”

“How do you know what to say to make me feel better?”, I playfully hit his chest and Jax’s smile grew wider.

“I’m your old man baby”, he winked, “It’s my job and my pleasure”

Jax pulled me closer again and kissed me deeply. I felt his hands caressing my back, making their way up to my bra. He unclasped it, letting it fall.

“Talking about pleasure”, Jax whispered, moving his lips to my neck, “I think you need some love from your man”. He laid me down on bed and smirked as he took my panties off, “I’m going to show you how much I love these curves baby”. He did, all afternoon, and I swear those porn stars would blush if I told them about it and how much my old man loved me just the way I was.

Imagine loving Harry Winston

You were the daughter of Otto and Luann Delaney, you grew up around Croweaters, porn stars, bikers and outlaws your whole life, and you also grew up with the two future members of SAMCRO, Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller and Harry 'Opie’ Winston. 

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When you were around 16 you found yourself feeling another feeling when the gentle giant was around, and after having a discussion with Jax’s new girl, Tara Knowles, you figured out that you harbored a crush for him. However when you finally realized, he met Donna. 

You figured she would be like the other girls Opie dated, she would be around for a week, they would have sex and he would dump her. And then they would never speak again, and you would try to be the girl who broke the pattern. 

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However one week together turned into two, which turned into two months, which turned into two years which turned into married at 26, where you were the maid of Honor, at request of your new found best friend. 

 After that day you became like a crow eater, just bouncing guy to guy, you had slept with most of the Redwood Originals, and even Jax a couple times. And then you got your chance at loving Opie again. 

 The night Donna died, the night Opie called you in tears was the night the feeling reemerged, for you rushed to the house and ran into his arms. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse as he sobbed onto your shoulder. You rubbed his back and let him cry onto you, as his children slept. That night was the night you got some hope back, and decided to wait before bringing your romantic feelings up to Opie. 

 He didn’t need time though, he just needed a heroine addicted, blonde bombshell, porn star in a short skirt. He started dating Lyla and you found yourself in the same position as you had with Donna. And then they got engaged and you knew it was all over. 

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 The day after the wedding you found yourself sitting in Opie’s dorm, playing with your phone when he walked in. 

“She… She doesn’t want to have a baby.” He whispered as he leaned against the door. 

“What did you just figure out she had no intention on quitting porn?” You asked as he sat next to you, leaning against the head board. 

“I don’t know why? I mean I told her…" 

"I get what you told her, but I told you a while ago, she is just like Luann, once a porn star always a porn star. There could be a million reasons she doesn’t want to quit, the pay; the excitement; the recognition; the drugs." 

"I love her, but I can’t share her." 

"Then leave her. You have no reason…" 

And then he kissed you, and fireworks went off in your head. 

"What was that?” You gasped as he pulled away slightly. 

“I love you.” He hissed as he ripped his shirt off and started making out with you, his hand fumbling with your clothes as you tried to wrap your mind around this. 

 You woke up to the sound of Lyla screaming, and Opie’s arms around you, Opie must have been awake already because when she ran out of the room, he threw clothes on quickly and followed. You pulled your own clothes back on and then sat there, wondering what just happened the night before. When he came back, he had an ice pack to his eye and a stunned look on his face. 

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“You’re still here, I thought my screaming wife…" 

"Do you really love me?” You whispered as you looked at him. 

“Yea.” He whispered as you took a deep breath 

“Well what do we do?" 

 "The kids are going to Mary’s, Lyla is going to be a porn star, and me… Well I don’t know." 


"Lyla got an abortion, you were right, she had no intention of quitting her job, she never…" 

"Don’t you dare say she never loved you, I think she really does. However that is all she knows, porn and drugs. So if she gives up porn, she gives up the only thing she knows. And she will never do that. So no matter how much she loves you… You will never get the wife you want." 

"Well then, do you think… We would work?" 

"Opie… I have loved you since I was a teenager, and you have ignored me. And I will not be ignored any more." 

 "I… I…” He just looked at you and smiled, and then he took a seat next to you as you leaned into him. 

 "So I am sure Lyla won’t come back, or sign papers, in case something happens and Piper needs a home. So…“ 

"We just live a scandal, the married emotionally damaged biker outlaw and the original nine’s croweater daughter. Sounds like a fairy tale." 

"Yea, but I would love to see where this fairy tale goes.” He said as he took your hand, and you felt at peace.


*** Again, I do not advocate marital infidelity. Don’t be getting any ideas my loves ;) ***

Part 1

You smiled as you heard Abel laugh from the living room, his favorite cartoon was on. You were at the stove mixing some scrambled eggs and ham around in the pan when you felt Jax come up behind you, his arms snaking around your waist. “That looks good.” “You son asked for it.” “Kids just like his Old man.” You laughed and nodded, Jax’s beard tickling against the front of your shoulder as he rested his head there, pressing gentle kisses behind your ear and on the side of your neck. He stood there for a minute, watching you cook. He loved to see you cook. You looked so natural. You were a giver and a nurturing person, domestic life coming naturally to you.

Jax loved to see you do anything really but his favorite was to see you with his sons. You had such a motherly instinct, at times he saw it was greater than Tara’s. Tara was good with taking care of the boys but she rarely ever played with them anymore. Hell, she never even gave Jax a hug anymore. Something as simple as a hug and she couldn’t do it, never mind taking time out of her day to just play with the boys. She’d become so distant lately, he often questioned why he was even with her anymore. She didn’t treat him like a husband, she treated him like a nuisance. You were different.

You gave him all the affection you could without overstepping any boundaries. You had serious feelings for Jax and you knew he did too but you weren’t married, he was. Everything had been simple. You were his friend and would be there for him and the boys when they needed you. Nothing more, nothing less. Then he had gone and kissed you in the parking lot. Everything had changed since then. Since then, Jax and the boys had been spending more and more time at your house. Jax didn’t like going home and he didn’t trust Tara enough to leave Abel and Thomas alone with her. He rather sleep at your place than to sleep at the clubhouse where all he could smell was cigarettes and shitty perfume.

When he slept at your house, the smell of home cooked meals and your natural scent put him to sleep. He hadn’t realized how attached he had gotten to you until you had given him a brand new pillow case to use, still not sleeping in the same bed as him. It had taken him forever to fall asleep because he couldn’t smell you and in that moment he had realized hat he’d fallen for you. His whole life, he could only see his future with Tara. He couldn’t see himself without her. Now he couldn’t see a future without you. He barely even thought about Tara anymore and she knew. He didn’t call her as often anymore. Didn’t get as upset hen she had to work late at the hospital. It barely even phased him when she would pull away from him at night.

Before, he would reach for her, try to hold her and she would brush him off. It used to affect him so much that he would either leave and sleep at the clubhouse or they would get into a fight right there in the middle of the night. Now he didn’t even try to touch her. He didn’t vent to her about club business anymore but it was obvious that he had gotten it off his chest. He used to lay awake at night, worrying about what was happening to his marriage and his club. Now he went straight to sleep, not a worry in the world and Tara knew it was because of you. She had thought that if she pushed him away, it would make him seek her out more. She thought he would cave and leave Charming and the club behind to be with her but that didn’t happen.

Instead, he was replacing her with you and you were already being a better wife and mother than she had been lately. Tara wasn’t about to let that happen. If she couldn’t have him, nobody could.


“Jax, I need to talk to you.” “Mom I’m bu-” “I think Tara is taking a deal.” Jax’s eyes snapped up towards his mother. “What are you talking about?” “I went in to St. Thomas today, wanted to ask her something. I got to her office and I heard talking so I waited outside. About 15 minutes later, that Patterson bitch and some ATF agents left her office. I asked her about it and she wouldn’t answer me. She’s up to something Jackson.” Jax let out a deep sigh and rubbed his hands over his face. “I’ll call Lowen, see if she knows anything.”

Jax was sitting at the picnic table with Chibs when he saw Lowen’s car pull up. His eye brows scrunched together and he stood up, waiting for her to come to him. He had asked her over the phone but she had said that it would be better if they spoke in person and now he was worried. What if she tried to rat on the club?

Ally walked up and Jax held the door open for her, leading her into the clubhouse. They sat at the bar both Jax and Chibs looked at her while she folded her hands together. “I think Tara is taking a deal with the ATF. She won’t answer any of my calls and I called them to speak with them, they’re also being very secretive. I can’t tell exactly what she’s planning but I checked the records and the file on Luann Delaney is missing. I don’t know what she could possibly want with that but I think that’s got something to do with it. I requested the file and they denied it, saying that the file had been confiscated for investigation of a current case.”

Jax couldn’t remember a time he had been so confused. Why would Tara be doing anything with the ATF about Luann? His head was hurting and all he wanted to do was go and see you. “Ok thanks Lowen. You find anything else, let me now.” “I will Jax.” With that, she got up and left the clubhouse, Jax turning to Chibs. “I’m gonna head out too. Clear my head.” Chibs nodded and said goodbye, pressing a kiss to Jax’s cheek and telling him to be careful.

Pulling up to your house, he saw that you car was missing and called you but got no answer. He called you a couple more times and was starting to get worried when you finally answered. “Hey where are you?” “I’m down at the police station. They’re questioning me about Luann’s murder.”


“So you didn’t know Luann personally?” “For the 5th time, no. I didn’t know Luann. She was killed before I even moved to Charming.” “But you know that she was killed?” “All of Charming knows that she was killed. It’s a small town.“ "And do you have any information that would like to provide us with? We know that you’re in with the Sons. You must know something." You stared at the agent bored. "Can I go now?” “What can you tell us about Bobby Munson?” “I can tell you that he didn’t have shit to do with Luann’s murder.” The agent smiled and looked to his colleague. “Thank you, that’s all we needed to know.” You stood up getting ready to leave when a cop came up behind you and bent you over the table, handcuffing your hands behind your back.

“You have to right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney-” “What am I being arrested for!?”  "Obstruction of justice and impeding a criminal investigation. We found Mr. Munson’s DNA in Luann. That would mean that he very well could be her murderer and you’ve been withholding that information.“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

The agent lead you out of the interrogation room and down the hall where someone caught your eye. Tara was sitting in the corner with a cup of coffee in her hands. When she saw you, an evil smile spread across her face and you knew then that she had ratted and stuck it to you. You shook your head and stared her in her eyes. "You’ll regret this, bitch.” “I doubt that." As she smiled at you, other cop stepped up to her.

"Mrs. Teller?” “Yes?” The man grabbed the coffee from her hand and put the cup on the table beside her before grabbed her arm and spinning her around just as they had done to you. “You’re under arrest." Her eyes widened twice the size. "What?" "We looked over the entire case and we are charging you with accessory to the murder of Pamela Torric. We gathered more surveillance video. It shows you bringing the rosary into the room. We also looked over the reports which said that Mr. Delaney’s right arm was not secured, which means that you released him.”

Tara began sputtering as the cop handcuffed her and walked her over right next to you. She looked over at you with wide eyes and you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh. Jax busted through the doors just as you had quieted down and walked up to Roosevelt. “Why are you arresting her?” “It was found that Tara particip-” “Not her.”

You had to admit, you were really shocked that he didn’t care what was happening to Tara. He only wanted to know about you. Jax looked over at you and made his way over. He stopped in front of you and held your head in his hands. “I’ll get you out. Don’t worry. I’ll make some calls, keep you safe inside. I promise I’ll get you out.” “What about me!?” Jax slowly looked over at Tara, a look of murder in his eyes. "Trust me, you don’t want me to get you out. If you’re as smart as you seem to think you are, you’ll try to stay inside for as long as possible.“ Tara swallowed loudly and she began to shake. She knew she was fucked. She had just burned all her bridges and she knew the club wouldn’t get anyone to protect her inside. The opposite would happen.

Jax looked back over to you and rested his forehead against yours as they lead Tara away. "You’ll be ok. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you. I love you.” You’re eyes widened and you looked at him before smiling lightly. “I love you too.” The guard cleared his throat when Jax kissed you. “Alright, that’s enough.” The cop pulled on your arms and lead you away right behind Tara. Jax starred after you, seeing red. Tara had made the biggest mistake of her life.

Request: The bet

Request: Imagine Reader bet with her best friend Lyla to seduce Juice. Reader has a huge crush on him and she wins the bet.

Big, huge writer’s block with this one. I tried, more than once, to write this, I wrote different versions, but none looked good. I thought about not writing this, give up, but I would feel bad about it, so I kept trying. I thought that maybe I should try to write it in first person and it worked. Tell me what you think about this narrative. I hope you like it.

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Y/N’s pov

I knew Lyla since our childhood and we had moved together to Charming, California, years ago. I was trying to build a new life in a bigger city when she called me. Lyla was working with porn, something I never thought she would do, but… She had found a new producer, someone who seemed to be nicer than the previous one. An asshole, if you asked me. Luann Delaney, the producer, was also looking for someone to edit her videos and my friend thought about me.

Well, porn definitely wasn’t my dream job, but I was good in edit videos, photos…Not that I want to brag or anything…Anyway, I needed a job and let’s be honest, the big town wasn’t treating me very kind. I packed and drove to California in the next day.


You could say that Charming was a nice place, but that little town had more drama than a soap opera I tell you that. SAMCRO. It was impossible to live in Charming and not know them, but I never had imagined I would live among them. Now, I was hanging around their clubhouse frequently, since Lyla was dating one of them. Opie was a nice guy and I was happy for her, I truly was. I learnt how to live around the club, to my surprise and even with all the drama. I made friends there, especially Wendy and Juice.

I was thinking about that while I walked towards Wendy and Lyla. They were seat by the bar, looking at Juice and me. We had just walked in the clubhouse, laughing about one of his stupid jokes and he patted my shoulder before follow his brothers to Chapel.

“Hi girls”, I greeted them sitting on a stool. Chuck offered me coffee, the girls were drinking beer, but I didn’t drink at all.

“Why you and Juice never ended up together?”, Wendy blurted, making me almost spit my coffee.

“What?”, I swallowed. Did Wendy know? No, she didn’t. How could she possible know that I had a crush on Juice? Yes, yes, I had a big, huge crush on Juice, my friend. He was the nicest, the cutest guy I ever met, always being so respectful… Yes, he would never look at me the same way…

“Yeah, I mean-“, Wendy turned to look at me, which was kinda scaring. “-You are his friend, you get along so well and like the same things. You are sweet, just the kind of girl he needs”

“Wow, romantic!”, Lyla laughed. “No offense to you girl, you are my friend, but… I think Juice needs someone dominant”

“Like who? A croweater?”, Wendy said sarcastically, “I hate to see Juice around those girls, he deserves more”

“True,-”, Lyla smiled, “-but I don’t think he wants a relationship”

“That is why he needs Y/N!”, Wendy opened her arms, like the statement was obvious, “To change his mind!”

“Girls!”, I cut them off. God, they could be exhausting sometimes!, “I’m right here!”

“Sorry”, Wendy smirked. “Let’s go back to my question… Why aren’t you two together already?”

“Please”, I looked down to my knees, “I don’t know, really. He would never look at me like this”

“Oh My God! You like him!”, I looked up, realizing what I had just said. Shit! Wendy’s mouth was ajar and Lyla was narrowing her eyes at me. God, I was lost!

“No, I…”, I didn’t know how to get out of that, but I had to try. Problem was, Wendy was like a dog with a bone.

“No, don’t try to deny it”, she cut me off, smiling like she had won the lottery. “You have to hit on him, seduce him…”

“Stop it”, Lyla rolled her eyes, “How that would work? Juice is so distracted, he didn’t notice she like him yet and I think he won’t”

“He will!”, Wendy said and turned to me, smiling. “If she plays the right cards”

“No, he won’t and my friend will get hurt”, Lyla sighed. She was right. I mean, I wasn’t obvious about it, never had hit on him… I wouldn’t know how to do it, to be honest…

“Do you wanna bet?”, Wendy snapped to Lyla. Oh God, here we go.

“Sure”, Lyla smirked, not taking Wendy seriously. “I bet he won’t notice, not even if she jumps on his lap”

“Lyla, don’t be rude”, Wendy pretended to be shocked. “We are classy girls, Y/N will be herself on this”

“Yeah, right…”, Lyla rolled her eyes. Wait a minute! Did my friend doubt me that much? I would totally regret this, but…

“I take that bet”, I blurted, making both look at me. “I bet I can make Juice notice me”

“You go girl!”, Wendy cheered, making me blush. Lyla was quiet, thinking. After a minute, she got up and shook my hand.

“Deal”, she was serious and I would surely regret this, “One month for him to notice you”


Juice’s pov

SAMCRO was Luann’s new business partner and though it was cool to be around a porn studio with beautiful girls, Juice wasn’t paying much attention to them anymore. Opie met Lyla and now she was hanging around the club a lot and her friend, Y/N, was always with her.

They had become friends too, but Juice started to think he had a crush on her. She was kind, nice, beautiful, funny, also into video games, smart… The girl of his dreams. However, he seemed to be just a friend to her. Chibs had told him a thousand times to make a move, but Juice was afraid to scare her. Have Y/N only as a friend was better than lost her.

He was thinking about that when she opened the studio’s front door. Chibs and Juice were there, seated on a couch, watching the filming. Juice felt his brother elbowing him, but didn’t look away from her. Y/N was different… No, not bad different or completely different, just…

She always wore white Converse, but today she was wearing heels. Not sky high heels, just new sandals. Her usual jeans and button-down shirt were there, but that day she was wearing a different top and the plaid shirt was open. Her hair wasn’t pulled back in the usual ponytail or braid, but loose around her shoulders.

“Hi Luann”, Y/N was closer now, greeting her boss and… Was that lipstick on her lips?, “Hi boys”

“Hi Y/N”, Chibs and Juice said together. She smiled and turned to her office’s direction.

“You better make a move now Juicy boy”, Chibs whispered next to him, “A girl only changes like that because of a boy”

“Don’t be stupid”, Juice huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, resting on the couch. Chibs shrugged and turned his attention to girls. Juice couldn’t do that, his mind was running now… Was Chibs right? Who was the guy? No, she wouldn’t do such a thing, Y/N wasn’t that type of girl…However… Oh God! He was losing her before even have her!

“Aye, Juicy boy!”, Chibs patted his shoulder, “We gotta go!”


Y/N’s pov

I haven’t seen Juice in the last few days and I was starting to get worried. Wendy had made me change my clothes a little bit and I was pretty sure Juice had notice it, but he said nothing. Maybe I was looking ridiculous.

“You don’t look ridiculous”, Wendy had assured me, “You look great and even prettier than before”

Cute, I wasn’t cute. Cute wouldn’t make Juice notice me. Ever! I was frustrated and feeling stupid about that damn bet, almost slamming the studio’s door. I didn’t notice the bikes, but I did notice Juice and Chibs there again. I ignored everybody and walked to my office. I liked that place, isolated from the rest of the studio, just the computers and me.

“Can I come in?”, I was taking off my jacket, cursing that damn top Wendy made me wear, when he opened the door. I turned around just to see Juice standing there.

“Yeah, sure”, I mumbled. Damn it! I pulled my chair and tried to act normal. Juice took another chair, sitting in front of me.

“So…”, he started, his eyes focused on my shoes. What was he looking at? Damn, I was blushing, “You look different. I mean, good different”

Good? Did I look good? I swallowed, thinking about something to say, “Thank you…Hmm, Wendy… She… She helped me to change a little bit”

“Hm”, he mumbled. Hm? That was it?, “So, who is the guy?”

Oh God! Everything was going wrong! He was smiling, but he was thinking I had changed for someone else! Lyla was right. She was right and I had been silly. Okay Juice, let’s play like this then…

“Oh, nobody you know”, I waved, probably not looking convincing, but I didn’t care. I would tell Lyla she had won as soon as I saw her, and go back to my t-shirt and Converse.

“Are you trying to seduce the guy?”, he asked. I looked at him again, at those gorgeous brown eyes and shrugged. “What else are you doing? Hitting on him?”

“No, not yet”, I said, turning to the computer again. God, I didn’t want to look at him. Why was he asking me those things?

“Show me”, he said. What? I turned to him and Juice had this stupid grin on his face, arms open, “Pretend that I am him, hit on me and I’ll tell you what you are doing wrong”

“Doing wrong?”, I raised an eyebrow. Really? Let’s play then Juice boy… I got up and walked towards Juice. I swear didn’t know what I was doing, but I rested my hands on his knees and leaned over. I was sure he had a good sight on my cleavage and pleased to see his eyes widen, “Oh please, tell me Juan. What am I doing wrong?”

I licked my lips and straightened, letting my finger trail up his arm while I walked, his eyes were following my moves. I felt good to see him surprised like that. I stood behind his chair and stroked his shoulders, his arms. Leaning again, traced his jaw and whispered on his ear, “Wanna tell me what I am doing wrong now?”

“Nothing”, his voice was husky and I took a step back when he turned the chair around. The next thing I felt were his hands, strong on my hips, lifting me just to settle me on the desk. Juice spread my legs, staying between them, “You are doing absolutely nothing wrong”

Before I could say something his lips were on mine. Juice had one hand on my waist, gripping hard and the other on my hair. His lips were soft, but hungry. The kiss was possessive, passionate and I couldn’t resist, I had waited for so long… Then it hit me. Why was he kissing me? Did I have seduced him? I had change my clothes and I had played a part flirting with him like that. No, I didn’t want him that way.

“Juan”, I pushed him, using his first name. He pulled back, eyes wide, surprised. “Stop it”

“Did I hurt you?”, he asked, now looking worried. Why did he had to be so charming?

“No”, I looked to the floor and came down from the desk. Juice took a step back, watching me. I would hurt him, but I had to do it, I had to be honest, “Listen, there isn’t a guy, I’m not trying to seduce anyone. I took a bet with Lyla”

“A bet?”, he creased his brow and my heart started to break. He would hate me for playing with him.

“Yes”, I sighed, starting to ramble, “Wendy was asking me how we never got together. I said I didn’t know. She realized I like you and told me to hit on you. Lyla said you wouldn’t notice me, because you were clueless and hadn’t realized I liked you yet. Wendy said you would, if I did the right things. Lyla was still doubting me, I got mad at her and took a bet to seduce you. Wendy helped me to change my look, but I’m terrible at this and I can’t do this to you anymore or…”

Suddenly he held my elbows and made me look at him. I stopped talking with the surprise and he… He had this stupid grin on his face.

“Why are you smiling?”, I blurted, confused.

“Do you like me?”, Juice slid his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“Did I say that?”, I really hadn’t realized what I was talking until then.

“Yes”, his eyes were sparkling I could swear. “Actually, you said a lot of things, but I stopped paying attention when you said you liked me”

“I was talking about the bet I took…”, Juice closed his eyes and shook his head, cutting me off.

“I don’t care about the bet”, he was looking at me again and I lost my breath, “Do you like me?”

I nodded and then his lips were back on mine.


Juice’s pov

“So…She was doing all that because of you?”, Chibs asked Juice, both at the bar. A party was going on and many friends were at the clubhouse, “A bet?”

“Yes”, Juice took a swig of his beer and grinned. He hadn’t stopped think about her and what Chibs had said about another guy. Juice didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but he couldn’t thought about her with another man. He drove to the studio with the intention to confront her about it and confess his feelings. He wasn’t expecting what had happened or had planned to lose his mind, but her touch, her lips so close to his…

“I won’t try to understand, it’s crazy”, Chibs shook his head, drinking his whisky. He straightened, looking at Juice, “Just tell me one thing… Are you two together now?”

“Yes”, Juice’s smile grew wider, “After this night, yes”

Y/N had protested, but Juice convinced her to keep going with the bet, ending it that night. Lyla was at the party, talking with Wendy, both on the couch. Juice tried not to look at the door, waiting for her to arrive. He turned to the bar to ask for another beer and felt someone touching his scalp.

“Hello”, he smiled at her sweet voice, looking up at her.

“Hi baby”, Juice grinned and closed his eyes, waiting for his kiss. Her lips met his and he could swear his heart skipped a beat, “Did they see us?”

She hit his shoulder, but nodded, “Yes, they saw us. I’ll talk to them now, okay?”

Juice nodded and turned around to watch his girl. HIS girl, she was all his now. She took a seat close to her friends and started to talk. Juice heard Chibs teasing the prospect and joined the conversation.

“Let’s go home”, Y/N whispered on his ear minutes later.

“Did you win?”, Juice wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Yes, Lyla said that I won”, she rolled her eyes, making him laugh, “I don’t care about that”

“Great”, Juice smiled and got up, “We are both winners”

“We?”, she raised an eyebrow, following him outside the club.

“Yes baby”, Juice brought her hand to his lips, kissing it, “I won the girl”

She playfully slapped his shoulder and both hopped on his bike. Juice put his helmet and she leaned to whisper, “I think we should celebrate then”. Juice grinned and drove fast to home, feeling the luckiest guy in the world.