His phone buzzed again, Yixing had sent him another pic, more skin, less clothes. He had been teasing Suho with dirty words and now he was revealing his body parts one by one.
‘I’m going to shower Suho, do you wanna join?’
With the text message was a picture of Yixing taken from above his head, cute dimples on point, a delicious smirk on his face, with that damn lip bite. The pic was taken with a point of view that gave Suho a sneak peak of Yixing’s ass. He was all naked in the shower and reminded Suho with another text message that his phone was waterproof with a little heart at the end.
Promoting separately, they haven’t seen each other in a few days, and Suho couldn’t contain his dick anymore. He called Yixing right away, a video call. Pants already opened and dick standing to attention, he couldn’t help himself and stroked it a bit when he saw Yixing’s body. Biting his lips, he showed his dick on the phone;
'Look what you’ve done. I’m all hard now, you better put on a show for me.’
'Don’t worry, I have my little friend with me.’
He waved a tiny vibrator at the camera and made a cute pose with a wink. How on earth could he look so cute and so hot at the same time, it was still a mystery to Suho, who didn’t even know at first that Yixing could be so pervy.
And so Yixing started the show. Putting the phone on a spot where it could record him in whole, to give Suho an entire view of his body.
He poured some lotion on his finger, putting too much of it on purpose. The water was falling on his back and running down to his butt-cheeks, following the shape of his muscular legs.
He caressed his body with his hands full of lotion, neck, shoulders, played with his nipples a bit, making his cock twitch. His hand went down his abs, to his erection. He grabbed it gently and caressed it, looking at the camera;
'Do you like it?’
Suho was lost in admiration and his hand was moving by itself on his throbbing cock, stroking at a slow pace, teasing his own self to make the pleasure last longer.
He moaned a 'yes’ to Yixing, and his grip tightened when he saw him taking the vibrator, turning his back to the camera and bend over what a view. Yixing turned the vibrator on and rubbed his hole with the toy, making himself moan softly and pant.
That’s when he put it in one go that Suho lost it. Yixing let out loud moans of pleasure an pain and his hand turned into a fist, his hole clenched around the toy, accommodating to the intrusion. And Suho fastened his pace, moaning more and more;
'Aaah… Yi-Yixing…’
Yixing was now on all fours, giving Suho a view of his ass being tormented by the toy, and of his hand working on his cock. It was like Suho was taking Yixing via the phone, it was so real. Suho could feel Yixing’s walls clench around his throbbing cock.
Yixing lost control of his body, feeling dizzy as the pleasure was fulfilling him, his head fell on his forearm, making his ass raise a bit and giving Suho a more obscene view. A view that made him come with groan, he bit his lips as his hips went back and forth, his hand working up and down on his cock, spilling white spurts of come.
He watched his lover reach his climax, still panting and high.
Yixing’s body tensed and his ass tightened around the vibrating toy, he moaned few more times as he spilled his semen on the wet floor. He stayed like this for a few seconds, panting and trying to come down from his high. He took the toy out of his ass with 'pop!’ and came back to face the camera;
'Did you enjoyed it babe?’
He flashed his cute smile again, cheeks flushed and hair wet and messy. Suho smiled back at him;
'When you come back, let’s enjoy a shower together, your little friend seem to make miracles.’