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Elganag when they are angry

Elsword gets loud, yelling at the object of his anger about exactly why they’ve screwed up so much.  Angry Elsword is also liable to destroy stuff.

Aisha scolds when she’s angry.  Her powers tend to manifest - lightning crackling around her as EM, sparkling time-space warps as DW, dark waves as VP.

Rena is terrifying when she’s angry.  That’s… literally all we know.  Nobody ever wants to discuss their experience with angry Rena.

Raven hovers on the edge of rage most of the time.  But that’s different from actually ticking him off.  When he’s mad at someone, he’ll usually yell at/scold them.

Eve’s anger is quiet, but no less scary for that.  She’ll likely give the person or thing a cold shoulder until they apologize, at which point they’ll receive a firm scolding.

Chung used to yell when he got angry.  Now he just stares at the object of his anger, sighs, and almost-calmly explains exactly why he’s mad.

Ara has a disconcerting habit of guilting people she’s angry at.  This is probably a leftover from her childhood.

Elesis yells.  That’s… that’s it.  Unless the person she’s angry at is in the Red Knights, then she’s a lot calmer.

Add sort of has a bad habit of destroying things that anger him.  Uh… don’t tick him off unless you can defend yourself?

Lu also has this bad habit of destroying stuff.  Unlike Add, though, Lu has Ciel to hold her back.  Good Ciel.

Ciel doesn’t yell, doesn’t scold. He just holds grudges and makes the life of the person who pissed him off as miserable as possible.

Ain doesn’t feel anger unless he’s Erbluhen Emotion, and even then he laughs it off.  Unless, that is, someone insulted Elsword.  Then someone’s gonna die.

So I guess this is how this ends;

No more sad songs,
No more crying,
No more ‘accidental’ “sorry, wrong person” texts,

I will begin to learn how to be okay without you,
I will teach myself how to listen to our song without crying,
No matter what it takes, I will get over you.

So I guess this is how it ends for good this time,
No encore,
No second chances,

Not again.

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What kind of pet would the elgang + Ain, Rose and the El Master would have?

Elsword has an Golden Retriever. Both are really playful and Elsword will take his puppy out just to play with him and enjoy the fresh air around them.

Aisha has a Poodle. She can’t get over the fact that the Poodle has the same hairstyle like her and keeps the Poodle groomed into top notched shape. 

Rena has a Parakeet. She cleans its cage and itself everyday. Rena would never miss a day of cleaning.

Raven has a Husky. He found the Husky abandoned in the streets one day and took the poor puppy in so he can take care of it. He also trained the puppy into an majestic Husky.

Eve has a Rabbit. She likes its calm and quiet nature and it doesn’t bother her during work unlike a certain someone. She tends to stroke its fur during working.

Chung has a Bottlenose Dolphin. He’s the Prince of Hamel, why can’t he have a Dolphin as a pet? Whenever he finds time to relax, he takes off his armor and rides on the Dolphin for a quick swim.

Ara has a Silver Fox. She enjoys the fluffiness of its fur and grooms it everyday. Eun gets a little jealous and Ara grooms both of their fur in pure joy.

Elesis has an Falcon. It was hard to train the Falcon when it was at its teenage years, but Elesis managed to get a hang of ordering it around and keeping it close to her if trouble comes to her.

Add will definitely keep many cats around him. No questions asked.

Lu keeps a Black Backed Kingfisher around with her since she found it pretty cute and beautiful. She takes the small bird wherever she goes.

Ciel keeps an English Sheepdog with him. He really likes how it obeys his command when he wanted to get something or what he wants it to do. 

Rose has a Kangaroo. Never question her choices or else she will shoot you in the face.

Ain has a Snowy Owl. He really loves the color theme of it and how it is silent whenever and wherever you take it with you. He also brings the Owl for Ishmael to see.

Solace keeps an Great Dane with him at all times. He is impressed by the shape and sizes of it and lets it be with him when he deals with visitors or intruders.

Denif is a dragon and he keeps another pet dragon. Why would he keep an animal smaller than a dragon?

Ebalon keeps a Fennec Fox with him since the only time that he can interact with it is at night time.

Ventus has a Hummingbird as well as his fairy. He listens to the humming noises that the Hummingbird makes and he watches it interact with his fairy in amusement.

“Just friends” but you’re still the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen

“Just friends” but I find myself reminiscing our first kiss way more often that I should

“Just friends” but even as I’m writing this I’m sitting on a bench we once hugged on and that’s all I can see

“Just friends” but today you touched my hand 3 times and I swear I felt something, you must have felt it too?

“Just friends” but I always look forward to saying goodbye because it’s the only time it’s okay to hug you

“Just friends” but today you were sitting so close and it just didn’t feel right without you arm around me. You never did move to put it there though

“Just friends” but it’s hurts when you talk about her

“Just friends” but I’m crying on a bus stop bench because it’s hurts so fucking much being “just friends”

“Just friends” but I’m still madly fucking in love with you

—  “Just friends”