lu xiao yu

AU where the team captains are the parents of the team rookies and newbies who are around 4-7 years old and they all go to one park-

Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie taking care of Song Qiying (?), Xinjie being one of those moms who are prepared for ANYTHING and bring a fanny pack everywhere, while Han Wenqing stares down any kids who wOULD EVEN DARE BEING A LITTLE OUT OF TURN WITH HIS SON-

Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian being the parents of Lu Hanwen (?), Yu Wenzhou brings a book to read in the shade while Huang Shaotian buys ice cream and plays with Lu Hanwen in the sand pit

Wang Jiexi being a single father of Gao Yingjie, and they do almost everything and anything with him, and Jiexi is totally one of those parents who record and take pictures of their children and posts it on social media: “LOOK AT YINGJIE HE MADE A SANDCASTLE SO PROUD OF HIM”

Xiao Shiqin being Dai Yanqi’s father and Shiqin trying to stop Yanqi from ‘bullying’ the other children and attempt to stop her from doing stupid things “no yanqi stop 'shipping’ poor yifan and yingjie they are only five years old and they might not even swing that w- yANQI GET OUT OF THAT TREE”

and finally- Ye Xiu not being in an actual relationship but he’s adopted a lot of kids- his eldest sons Bao Rongxing (a giant trouble maker who always makes fun of his younger brother), his aloof son Qiu Fei (who would punch everyone in the face to protect his siblings) and An Wenyi (the only sane and calm person in the family), his middle daughter Tang Rou who is a bit spoiled but wILL KICK UR ASS THAT IS ONE ANGRY SIX YEAR OLD, and his younger sons Qiao Yifan who is a big sweetheart and always helps around the house but cries very easily and Luo Ji who is very smart for a five year old and will probably become a genius. And every so often Uncle Fang Rui or Auntie Su Mucheng come and give everyone candy and Ye Xiu doesn’t know whether he should cry or laugh-

BUT ANYWAYS the rest of the families hang out and play at the park relatively peacefully and then suddenly a minivan comes up and the sounds of shouts and laughter gradually gets louder and everyone is like “oh shit” because HERE COMES YE XIU AND HIS SIX CHILDREN

anyways that’s my rant

inspired by @skygemspeaks family au


As we know, this movie, Secret, is Kyuhyun favorite one! So enjoy~~

Ye Xiang Lun, a talented piano player is a new student at the prestigious Tamkang School. On his first day, he meets Lu Xiao Yu, a pretty girl playing a mysterious piece of music.


The next piano piece to conquer…