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lu-tengs-recliner-of-rage  asked:

The blatant twisting of fact is what get me. "She drew underage sexual self insert art!" ... Yeah, when she was like 12 through 16- and even then, it wasn't sexual. Context matters.

Social Justice Witch Hunters and other practitioners of Callout Culture don’t give a flying fuck about context or believe in learning from your mistakes.

That’s why we should all be glad that for as much of a nuisance as they are and as much as they absolutely LOVE to try and get people to kill themselves they don’t have near as much power, influence or drive to actually do things as other threats to society and attention-whoring enemies of free expression.

Fundies and even terrorists will leave you alone if you “repent” of whatever they think you did wrong.

These fuckers? Nah.

You screw up once with them (and trust me you WILL get on their bad side because they get offended by absolutely everything, the only question is how fast it’ll happen), you’re fucked for life and they absolutely will not stop until you’ve either killed yourself from the sheer vile they spew at you (since their favorite targets are the mentally ill because they’re glorified bullies in denial) or your reputation’s been permanently tainted. 

…Or until they get bored and move onto their next outrage of the week, whatever comes first.

Dear lu-tengs-recliner-of-rage,

A Shadow Yu, huh? …Yeeeeah, not gonna lie, that would be kind of a problem.

A Shadow-Sensei!? Y-Yikes! We’d all be doomed! Nobody can beat Sensei!!

A Persona User’s Shadow is said to be extraordinarily powerful… We would have to come up with a strong tactic in order to match its power. And taking into consideration that it would likely also have all of his abilities, intelligence and memories, it might be difficult to find a strategy it wouldn’t be able to counter.

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