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Blasphemy ✷ Lu Han

Genre: Smut, fluff

Warning: graphic sex, fucking enormous age gap, body worship, overstimulation, kinks galore, cockwarming, all that jazz


The news of your father’s death truly shot you between the eyes five days later. The day of his funeral. Your mother wore the dark green dress your father bought for her birthday — the one that matched her eyes. A silver brooch held her black petticoat on, unlike your aunts’ hands on her shoulder that couldn’t hold her together. All your siblings, younger than you and none yet adult, huddled in a colourless wailing mass.

Your responsibilities towards them weighed on you now more than ever. You resented death for stealing your father so early — you hadn’t reached a quart century of life and he’d barely started the second half.

A priest chanted bible verses you couldn’t care for. Your father was never religious anyway, an oddity his parents had often lamented. Before they knew he’d be buried first. You choked on a sob.

You’d never smoked, drugged yourself, or drank as an example for your siblings, but if anyone asked you, you’d say your brain felt absent. Mesmerised. Under the effect of ethanol you never swallowed or weed you never inhaled.

Familiar hands, strong around your biceps and silky on your skin, steadied you straight. You melted into the embrace, recognising the hug alone, a flicker of minuscule happiness in the dread.

Lu Han, your father’s best friend, a constant in your daily life. Although ten years younger than your dad, Lu Han and him stuck together through highs and lows, help and support for each other. You saw him more regularly than your own friends, even your boyfriend, and with time feelings had grown for him — feelings beyond amity or affection, something visceral, unrivalled and unchangeable, something you knew would be obscene and frowned upon if acted on.

Especially now that your father was gone.

Lu Han secured your stance beside him, hands holding all of you, the cold metal of his ring reminding you of his fiancée. You wiped your tears, the blue sleeves darker from the dampness, your cheeks drowning again so soon your action felt futile.

“You should rest,” he whispered with the respect due to the dead, “I can bring you to my home, if you need time alone. I know I couldn’t bear to see my family after my grandparents passed.”

You half-nodded, a hoarse cry breaking your neck. You were in Lu Han’s arms, your father in a coffin, and all you wanted was to kiss the Lucifer-like man. Your eyes scrunched up and interrupted the flow of sadness for a blink.

Lu Han assisted your steps with his, so controlled you felt terrible for being weak and needing him when he showed nothing. He stared ahead to the cemetery car park, while your eyes gulped in his looks like no other beauty existed.

You couldn’t describe people in precise or succinct details, you didn’t have the vocabulary. But you liked gardening and you twinned everyone with a flower. Your mother was a lilac, your sister was a yellow rose, your brother was a tulip, your father was — had been — a pear blossom. And Lu Han, he was an orchid. An elegant purple orchid.

Yet, between these tombs, he was more of a support that shaped trees’ growth. His build was slender and frail but you were the crumbling one.

His car among the black traffic shone off its washed chrome, drawing eyes to its white paint job and the phosphorous decoration visible through the windscreen. Lu Han hinged the door wide for you to lie across the backseats. You didn’t buckle in, not that your position allowed it, fully trusting Lu Han to drive without risk.

You dozed during the gentle ride, woken up by Lu Han when you’d arrived. He held your hand to the front door, and you frowned as you couldn’t recognise the red bricks.

“This isn’t your house…” you muttered before thinking of the reasons he could own another place.

“No; it’s my secret apartment.” He called the lift for the fourth floor. “For the times I need to stay away from people.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

A ding echoed and the door whirred open. Lu Han unlocked apartment 402, letting you in first. The first room was a living on the right and a kitchen on the left, both spaces separated by an island surrounded by bar stools. The absence of hallway felt less bizarre than the disappearance of any personal feature: no books lying about, no artworks on the walls, no furniture but IKEA basics.

“You don’t come here often.” You engaged small talk, unprepared for heavier subjects.

Lu Han let out a bitter chuckle, like the sound a tiger would make before snapping a prey’s head off.

“More often than I’d like. And I’ll probably come even more in the future.”

“Oh.” You stared at the cracked tiled floor, gulping down all other words you wanted to say.

About your father, about his wife, about him, about you — about him and you.

He offered you a cup of herbal tea. You breathed in the unfurling smoke, the scent of flowers you planted in the jars on your windowsill and offered your friends. Lu Han remembered your preference for verbena and rue, and the blueberry cookie you liked to eat with your tisane.

You thanked him, and the higher power responsible for putting him in your life. Your father may not have been a believer, but Lu Han’s existence made you want to be one.

His fond eyes stayed on you as you drank the beverage and warmed your hands with the tepid ceramic. He stored the cup away once you were finished and turned to you, saying:

“Are you tired?” His long fingers tilted your chin up, dizzying you a tad, and your breaths became shallow from exhaustion — and something else. “There’s only one bed, so if you want me to sleep on the couch…”

“No.” Your shaky fists balled on the coton of his shirt, heart blowing up at your sudden boldness. “Please… stay with me.”

He let go of your face, instead ruffling your hair and kissing your forehead.

“Anything for my baby girl.”

It wasn’t unusual for him to do and say that: since your birth he’d pampered you better than any other man ever would, but today you felt different. Lu Han was no longer your father’s best friend, or your Godfather. You were no longer his little one, his baby girl, not in the innocent sense of childhood. He was a man you craved and you wanted to be the woman he loved.

Before any thought, you leapt to press your lips to his, a kiss that broke as soon as your brain rang the alarm. You stumbled backwards, a stammering mess.

“I, uh, I’m sorry, I got carried away, er, it’s kind of —”

Quickly bowing to complete the apology, you rushed off to the bedroom. You discarded the ceremonial dress and cocooned yourself in the thin summer quilt, a cry dying in your throat. You couldn’t believe what you’d done. You’d betrayed your father, Lu Han, his wife, your boyfriend, four birds with one stone.

You clasped a hand over your mouth, eyes brimming with humidity, but you didn’t deserve to weep. Immobile, like stuck in time, you stared at the blank wall.

Hinges rattled and floorboards creaked as Lu Han walked in the room. He sat on the stiff mattress that didn’t cave in, bending so deeply his nose grazed yours.


You wanted to pretend you were already asleep, but your eyelids fluttered open with his closeness.

“Do you still want me here?” His voice was jagged, like it’d break if you refused him.

You nodded, a subtle motion you feared he wouldn’t catch. But he did, and soon his arms pulled your waist into him. Your back on his torso, his chin in the crook of your neck, your butt on his manhood, legs tangled together — you’d spooned before, but for the first time you felt his omnipresent contact and hungered for more of him to touch you.

“Don’t worry and don’t be awkward, Y/N. You’ll still be my little one no matter what.”

You blushed and simultaneously stifled a cry. To him, you were just a child. But you couldn’t find it in yourself to let that matter anymore.

Slowly, you walked your fingers down your tummy, avoiding his arms, as your other hand cupped your breast. You trailed the bumps of your hipbone, around your belly button, downwards to the most intimate parts you definitely shouldn’t be touching while a man held you like Lu Han did. But you craved him and you imagined his hands as you fondled your nipple and slipped your fingers under your panties.

You circled your clit, teasing it without touching it, then slid down your folds. Merely damp, but you could make it better; you pinched them softly, running their length, dipping a finger in before removing it almost as soon, nails grazing your walls with an exquisite sharpness.

Biting down on your bottom lip, you entered your entire middle finger, kneading your clit with your thumb, picturing Lu Han working on you for your pleasure. You needed so much more. Your hips rocked against your hand, forcing a second finger in, and you pumped them deeper in with a scissoring action, stretching yourself until it hurt.

You didn’t hear him shift in bed, but his hand on your hip, rubbing circles into your skin, brought you to reason. A deep blush burned up your entire being.

“Y/N,” his tone was sugar-coated, covering a lethal edge that aroused you further, “if sex is what you needed, you should’ve told me before. I’m perfectly willing to help you out with that.”

You finally allowed your mouth to speak, your moans liberated. “Ah… Yes, Lu Han, please…”

He grabbed the hand between your legs and licked and sucked on your wet fingers, running his tongue around and along them. Your insides twisted and burned — you’d never thought he would be doing this for you. His mouth left your hand clean with an obscene pop of his lips.

He flipped you on your back and straddled your hips, pinning you down.

“Baby girl,” you had never heard that tone yet you adored it already, soaking it in like every other part of him, “do you want me to take your mind off things?”

You nodded — you wanted him to take your mind and body and entire being forever.

“Do you allow me to do anything for that?”

Your lips quivered at the mention. “Yes, please.”

“Perfect, baby girl, you’re perfect.”

He nibbled on your ear shell, breath lukewarm on your scorching skin, then trailed kisses to the corner of your lips. His hand wrapped behind your neck, thumb rubbing your jaw, pulling you up to him. The cold ring chilled you.

You remembered his fiancée, and your boyfriend, and your commitment — and you didn’t care at all. Lu Han was yours, had been for years, longer than anyone else.

You kissed him roughly, trapping his lips with yours, claiming him, and he retaliated with harsh movements against you, groans and moans a song of your own. You fought with him and you were losing, body pleading for air. As you moved back, Lu Han leant further, the kiss living on seconds too long, stealing your breath. Stars rimmed your vision, lungs charred, and suddenly you were gasping for all the oxygen in the room.

Lu Han smirked at you. You glared back at him, even if the little death had pleasured you more than you’d admit.

“Sorry, kitten. I won’t do it again.” He noticed a twitch of your fingers. “Unless you want me to. Do you trust me?”

You mewled out in agreement, compliant to the new nickname. He fished out ropes and ribbons, or what looked to be so, from a drawer of the night stand. Your eyes widened.

“Don’t worry, little one, I’ll take care of everything. You just relax yourself.”

The ribbon veiled your sight in shades of indistinguishable reds, Lu Han knotting it an inch too tight around your head. Deprived of your main sens, you shifted meekly and reached out to ground yourself, a pillow in your right hand and Lu Han’s skin under your left. You felt him gather your wrist against each other, crane your arms backwards to the metallic bedpost, and tie you to its coldness.

You gasped, legs folding up into your chest, heartbeat picking up with adrenaline. Lu Han’s touch startled you as he grabbed your ankles and straightened your form.

“Such pretty legs… Show them off, baby girl. Or do you want me to tie them up too?”

You shook your head, chewing the inside of your cheeks. You knew you didn’t have to fear Lu Han, but you’d never been this bare, weak, exposed, under someone else’s power. He cradled your cheeks like the day you cried over your first breakup, kissing your lips, murmuring:

“You can tell me if you’re too scared. I’ll untie you, so don’t hurt yourself, okay?” He bit down your neck and sucked on your collar bone. “My precious little one.”

An icy wrack spread through your body.

“Ah… There’ll be hickeys…” and someone might see them.

“I hope so. You’re mine, kitten, only mine. I’ve loved you too long to share you again.”

His words set you red aflame. You squirmed under the imperious sensation, and Lu Han shifted himself above you, pinning your legs down with his. His stiff shaft prodded your clit, making you grind towards him.

“Don’t get too hasty, baby girl.”

He disappeared, a cold gust hit your body, and you yelped out, your core clenching on nothing. The tip of his fingers grazed up your sides, circled up your bosom and flicked your nipples, sending a startlingly powerful wave of pleasure through your hyper-sensitive nerves. You moaned out, carrying out the noise the longer Lu Han teased you. He kneaded your breasts, buried his head between them, lapped up the left mound as his hand inched to your head.

“Ah… Lu Han, yes, Lu Han… Ah, Lu Han…”

His fingers wrapped around your neck, blocking the throbbing arteries. Your blood-deprived brain found stars on the ceiling and no ground beneath, floating on ecstasy. Your vision darkened and your head lulled back. Lu Han let go, and you shot up at the abrupt oxygen flow, chafing your wrists.

He eased you back into the pillows, his mouth locked unto your breast while his hand soothed the bruised nipple of the other. You focused on the pleasure, roses blooming in your chest, too large for your ribcage, chipping away your bones with thorns and petals.

Lu Han pressed your neck a second, then moved down to your engorged core, rubbing your drenched folds and over your clit. His teeth nipped at your kiss-swollen breast. You thrashed forward, dying to tangle your fingers in his hair, and the ropes trapped you back.

You moaned out, eyes shut, hips rocking to feel his touch. Obliging, he thrusted a digit in, revelling in your groans as he added more than you could hold. He curled against your raw walls and squeezed your breast, wrecking you.

“Lu Han! Ah, ah, Lu — Lu Han!”

It was too much — he was too much — for you. You arched back at an inimaginable angle, vertebras clashing together, muscles stretched to intense pain. And Lu Han pulled away just as you were finding your release.

“How much do you love me, baby girl?”

“I — I love you so — so much, please — please give me — please, Lu Han.”

“You’re doing great, kitten. You deserve the world.”

He locked your lips with his longing appetite. His body ghosted over yours, lining up, and you waited with bated breaths for him to move. He rammed into your core, devouring your scream of ecstasy in his kiss. Before you could form a clear thought, he thrusted forward and hit deep within you. A bundle of nerves reacted in a spasm of electricity.

Your hips bucked forward to meet him halfway, and he slammed you back down into the mattress just as your pelvis touched his. All other event vanished in a litany of Lu Han, Lu Han, my Lu Han, Lu Han, oh God…

You reached the heavens outside of time, unable to tell when your climax happened. All you knew was Lu Han in you and you around him and the matches burning your bowels as he tirelessly obeyed your body’s desires. His thrusts crazed you to no end.

“Lu Han — Lu Han, free me, please.”

He hitched forward, pacing no slower.

“Are you sure, little one?”

“Yes, I want to touch you.”

The incessant friction drove you mad, so strong it almost hurt more than it pleased. You learned of a new middle ground, as extreme as the ends, forcing you to give out the overflowing pain to another.

Your nails burrowed in Lu Han, moons and stars on his silky skin, earning merely more than a whimper from him. You scratched down his back as he plowed up you, his seeds mixing in your fluids.

When he motioned to pull away, you wrapped your legs around his butt and your arms around his torso, maintaining him in you.

“Please,” you choked out between sharp breaths, “please be mine a little longer.”

He let himself weigh down on you and kissed the tip of your nose.

“I’ll be yours as long as you want me to be, baby girl.” Lu Han twisted so you’d sit on him. “There, you’ll be more comfortable.”

He removed your blindfold, stored it, and hugged you down against him.

“Hey…” you whispered after a few minutes of silence, “we’re gonna have to do a whole lot of talking, now. Your fiancée, my boyfriend, mom — dad…”

He stroked the bangs out of your face.

“Beautiful baby, you’re mine now, and I’m yours. Who cares about that woman and that boy?” He smirked deviously, and you smirked back. “There. As for your parents… Well you’re an adult now, aren’t you? They know me and I’m sure they’ll trust your decision.”

You weren’t sure. Lu Han had essentially raised you, most people would despise your relationship. The next day, you swore to confess your sin — but what a great sin — and pray an apology on your father’s grave.

Until then, you loved Lu Han with all of you.

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Member: Do Kyungsoo

It was a busy afternoon at the University’s study hall. It was the dreadful Finals Week and it was difficult to spot a student without a coffee cup in one hand and a large book in the other.

You had been standing at the printer, for god knows how long, waiting for all of your articles to be printed.

“Can we go to a different place to study? I’m going to hate the color blue for a long time if I continue to stare at these walls!” Lu Han complained at the table beside you.

“Hey, let’s go to the public library!” Jongdae, who was already cleaning up his studying utensils, suggested.

You stapled your eighth and final article and shot a scowl at Jongdae. “No.”

Your study mates groaned and rolled their eyes at you. “Come on! I’m so tired of looking at the same walls everyday. I swear, I’ll go crazy.” Lu Han started to pack up your things.

“Ahh~ I know why she doesn’t want to go.”

You glared at Jongdae. “Shut up, Jong!”

“Her boyfriend works there!”

You clamped your free hand to cover his mouth and made a mental note to find new study mates. 

“Ohh~” Lu Han sang. “It’s Do Kyungsoo, right? He’s in your biology lab every other day.”

New note: Make new friends.

“N-No! He’s not my boyfriend, so let’s just stay and study here.” You tried to sit back down in your chair, but Lu Han held you up by grabbing a hold of your waist.

“Ah-Ah! If he’s not your boyfriend or anything then he shouldn’t be a distraction while you study there.”


“Lu Han’s right. Let’s go!”

Make new friends.

Make new friends.

Make new friends.

Lu Han was dragging you by your hand while Jongdae had your backpack slung over his shoulder. 

Being around Kyungsoo during lab was already hard enough. You hated the way he smiled at you and always asks if the two of you wanted to work together. He made it difficult to concentrate on anything because he was just too damn cute.

Thank god for your friends who were bringing you to the guy who makes your knees weak with everything he does.

You spotted Kyungsoo putting away books near the tables your friends already had their eyes on. You tried to fight the blush that was appearing on your cheeks, but it only enhanced the swear forming on your palms.

“Maybe we should just take a break from studying? I’ll buy us food.” You said quietly trying to release yourself. 

“No can do, babe. We’re studying here.” Lu Han said death gripping your hand.

“Don’t babe me.” You huffed.

“Kyungsoo! Jongdae called out.

A flat line noise rang through your head and you looked up to find Kyungsoo looking at your direction. He smiled and his lips formed into a heart. The distance between you three and Kyungsoo became shorter and your heartbeat rapidly grew. 

“Hey Jongdae. Lu Han.” Kyungsoo waved and you felt your limbs go numb the moment he said your named and smiled at you. 

Jongdae lead the way while you and Lu Han trailed behind him to sit at the table behind Kyungsoo. You looked down to find Lu Han still holding your hand. Your face began to heat up and you yanked your hand out of Lu Han’s own.

Great. Kyungsoo probably thinks we’re dating now.

Kyungsoo looked back at you and smiled one more time whilst pushing the cart of stray books towards the next bookshelf. 

You stared at the back of Kyungsoo’s head. In the back of your mind, you wished that you were at the library by yourself. Maybe you would feel less nervous to talk to him if Jongdae and Lu Han weren’t there. Your head was now filled with scenarios of Kyungsoo talking with you and recommending his favorite books for you to read or maybe even taking you to get something to eat after his shift was over. 

Unfortunately, those were just scenarios. You sunk down into the chair next to Lu Han with your head down, buried in your arms. Not only were you stuck in the library with Jongdae and Lu Han, you were stuck with the idea of Kyungsoo assuming that you and Lu Han were in a relationship.

“I hate you guys.”

The constant call of your name grew tiresome; like trying to swat a fly that was buzzing around your ear. 

“Shut up, Lu Han.” You muttered.

“Lu Han?” You heard a chuckle. “I’m sorry, but try again.”

The deep bass of his voice shook your heart. Your peered through the messy strands of your bangs to find Kyungsoo sitting and smiling in front of you. 

“K-Kyungsoo?! Holy shit, how long was I out?” You jerked your head back and rubbed your eyes realizing you fell asleep on your biology text book.

“I’m not sure. Jongdae and Lu Han asked me to watch you because they had something to do and that was about–” He looked at his watch. “45 minutes ago?”

Oh, God. You dropped your head back onto the book and mentally slapped the side of your head. First, you walk into the library holding Lu Han’s hand. Second, you friends left you asleep then telling your crush to watch over you. What else does the day have planned for you?

“I do think it’s a bit rude leaving your girlfriend asleep in the library.” Kyungsoo said with a sigh.

“Who left their girlfriend in the library?” You asked, dazed.

Kyungsoo laughed and holy shit, it was hard to bite back a smile. “Lu Han. He left you in the library.”

“Lu Han? Me?” You laughed and waved your hands in front of you. “N-No. We’re not dating. It’s normal for us, but there’s no feelings–unless you want to count resentment.”

“O-Oh. That’s great.” Kyungsoo said shyly looking down at his hands. The cutest shade of pink bloomed on his cheeks. “I was wondering if you wanted to have chemistry together?”

You tilted your head and closed your text book to find the word BIOLOGY in large letters. “We’re already taking biology? Unless you meant next semester, then sure.”

Kyungsoo just chuckled and pressed his palms to his face.

Then, it hit you. 

Your cheeks reflected his own and you felt humiliated asking your previous question. You felt as if you’ve been humiliating yourself ever since you met him because no matter what he does, you knees grow weaker and your stupidity rises.

“Sorry, I know I’m nerdy–working in a library and using chemistry as a pickup line. I-I can say it better if you’ll let me?” Kyungsoo said as he rubbed the back of his neck. 

“You’re not nerdy, Kyungsoo. It was really cute.” You gave him a sweet smile, fingers subconsciously inching towards Kyungsoo’s own.

He noticed your action and he used his fingers to graze over the back of your hand. “I’ll uh–I’ll go clock out. How does coffee sound? My treat.” Kyungsoo said almost breathlessly.

“Coffee sounds nice.”

Kyungsoo gave your hand a squeeze before standing up to clock out. You placed your textbooks into your bag and as you piled your articles into a neat stack, you spotted a small yellow post-it note attached to one of the articles. 

You better not chicken out. Thank us later. -J&L

On second thought, you were fine with the friends you already had. 

A/N: WHAT? RAE UPLOADED ANOTHER STORY ALREADY? BUT IT’S ONLY BEEN A DAY???? Weird, right? I read a fluffy kyungsoo oneshot and i couldn’t resist making my own. I live for kyungsoo fluff because damn, he really does make me weak T__T I hope you all enjoy~

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