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Who should you fight: Elsword Edition!

Alternative Title: Elsword Add-ition

Elsword || Who wins: You

Fight him. He might have hair like Goku, but he’s nowhere near as strong as him. Take his sword. Throw it into the void. Smash his face into the ground. Kick him in the gut. Pull his hair. Hurt him. I don’t care. I will give you all the materials you need. I will pay you as much as you want. Please fight Elsword he’s a scrub.

Aisha || Who wins: What do you think? You.

Aisha is a fifteen year old nerd. She may be super smart, but all of her power lies in her magic. What happened to her? Her magic was taken away in seconds. Seriously, if that can happen in mere seconds, I’m pretty sure you can punt her to space in an instant. I highly encourage you to fight Aisha. You’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Rena || Who wins:  Definitely not you

She can do a backhand corkscrew and shoot 3 arrows in midair afterwards. She’s an elf, which probably means she has thousands of years of combat experience. Plus, her boobs will deflect all your attacks. You’ll probably nosebleed to death. If you value your life, please do not fight Rena. She will kick your ass with no mercy.

Raven || Who wins: The one who is not you

Dude, Raven has a Nasod Hand that can shoot out lasers, fire, bullets, etc… Plus, he has a sword. According to Blade Master, he can move at the speed of at least Mach 1. As Reckless Fist he can make mushroom clouds just by punching something. Wait, why would you fight Raven? He was exiled for a crime he didn’t commit, he was tracked down and had his family brutally murdered in front of him, he was injured and recovered by Nasods only to be subjected to excruciating pain for the sake of science, and roams this the land to atone for his past sins. Would you really fight this guy? Would you? Bro, just lay off. It’s not worth it. Just leave him alone, he’s going through enough stress already just for a 24 year old. Under no circumstances should you fight Raven.

Eve || Who wins: Are you serious right now? Of course not you.

She can summon gundams, lasers, she can dash at the speed of nyoom, her robots can turn into giant blade things, and she can manipulate particles. Plus, she’s the queen of the Nasods. She literally has a giant robot army. Also, Add won’t let you get to her first. That data is his. If you know what’s good for you, please stay 5 zillion kilometers away from her.

Chung || Who wins: Not even a miracle would allow you to win.

Why would you even think of fighting this 13 year old TANK? I bet when you were thirteen, you weren’t even able to carry your own WEIGHT. He has a giant canon that’s like twice his weight. He can carry that thing with one hand and even control the recoil on this baby. This child right here can send down SATALITES ,and he can send down a giant laser from the sky. His dad was possessed by demon magic. He’s thirteen. Give this kid a break. Do not fight this precious prince.

Ara Haan || Who wins: What kind of question is this? Why would you win? You would lose.

This lass can literally create black holes. She has a spear. She can literally walk in mid air, and friggin PETALS come out of nowhere behind her. Plus, she’s a sweetheart. Would you really punch that adorable, sweet, loving face? No, because she’s terrifying.

Elesis || Who wins: DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH

This woman, at the age of 16, fights demons and monsters for a living. She can conjure fire out of nowhere, she has a giant claymore, and can create eruptions out of the ground. Man, at one point, she can bring upon Judgement on her enemies. Also, she leads an entire army of powerful soldiers. In one of her paths, she loses that army right in front of her. She has enough to deal with, I say you back off on this one.

Add || Who wins: Most definitely not you

Add has overflowing knowledge of the universe. He’s a mentally unstable 16 year old that is able to control space and time. He has flying robots that can shoot out the embodiment of science and death. Have you seen the names of his Hyper actives? Dooms Day, Apocalypse, and Paranoia. This is a child you shouldn’t mess with. Plus, why would you? The guy got his parents killed right in front of him because they were researching Nasods that were apparently forbidden, and he was sold into slavery. Hell, he fell off a friggin’ cliff. He fell into a library, and was left there alone. As Diabolic Esper, he goes on an entire rampage because he couldn’t save his beloved family when he went back in time. You know what happened when he went back in time? There was another him there that was not driven insane by all the tragedy around him (no wonder he joined Tokyo Ghoul). Just leave him alone.

Lu/Ciel || Who wins: I will be there at your funeral to congratulate you on the stupidest decision of your life. That means you’re going down.

Lu is a high ranking demon lord. Ciel is a famous assassin. Put those together, and you have the embodiment of death. These guys also have a sad backstory, mind you. Lu got betrayed by the person she trusted the most, and had to make a contract with Ciel, whose parents were brutally murdered by bandits and was left for dead. Whatever you do, stay far far away from these two. I beg of you. If you value your life greatly, don’t even think about these two. They can sense fear.

Elsword Hunger Games Sim!

I decided to try out that Hunger Games simulator, and it’s loads of fun! Here are some highlights from one of my simulations:

Why’s everyone going crazy over bread? (these events didn’t happen at the same time, but they all occurred on the first day). And Adds! Get your shit together.

Sure, makes sense.

I bet he used his Nasod Armor Z spam.

Archery!? You’re an Asura, not a GA. C'mon Ara.


That Z spam is too OP, man…

And there’s your daily Rena X Raven for you!

Can Nasods die from toxic berries?

This is what you get for spamming Z, Add.

MM: So yeah, I spent years of my life trying to steal your codes…

CN: … wait, what?

She’s an Elemental Master who can control wind. What did you expect? In fact, I bet she’s the one who made the hurricane in the first place.

At least LP died trying to be a hero. Still doesn’t make your Z spamming okay, though.



Oh, the irony…

No Elsword x Aisha for you.

… really?


More shipping hehehe

In the end, TT won with 8 kills! What a beast!!!

You should definitely try this simulator out. Lots of fun stuff happens every round lol. Search for “Brant Steele” and you should find it. Enjoy!

Thoughts on Royal Guard

Okay, so we know base Lu/Ciel is essentially all the Chung job paths combined. That’s crazy enough. But then there’s RG…

First off, his passive, Soul Collector, let’s him gather a soul every 7 hits, and when that happens, these little blue orbs hover around him. The souls can then be used to boost some of his moves and give him buffs. Sounds familiar, huh?

That’s right, Rena’s NF system. They’re not completely identical, but the similarities are quite obvious.

Next, his combos. Two of his combos let him enter what is essentially Rena’s Siege Mode. He can fire two types of shots (one fast shot and one slower, more powerful shot) with a maximum of 5 attacks in total. 

Then there’s the Oblique of Marbas. Once again, you have access to two kinds of attacks, but its aiming feature along with the laser pointer makes it look a lot like Arc Tracer’s Panzer Buster. Basically, OM is a combination of Siege Mode and Panzer Buster.

And what about RG’s combination skills? Both of them have a feature that is very similar to Ara’s skill linking or skill cancellation system. Pressing Demonic Breath’s skill key again lets you use Eschaton automatically, while pressing Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement again activates the 2nd Movement.

Oh yeah, and Eschaton is pretty similar to Yama Raja’s Energy Wave.

Lastly, we have Combat Readiness. The MP potion boost it gives is similar to that of Fury Guardian’s Metabolic Boost. In addition, you can press X after being knocked down to perform a quick counterattack just like Counter Chance, a passive that is accessible to Elsword, Elesis, and Raven. 

Conclusion? RG is a combination of a good portion of the other playable characters and some job classes. When this dude comes to NA, I’m definitely taking him.