lu gang

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AU where Apostasia is a shut-in, NEET and a hacker, whilst Demonio is a gang leader who uses him as an informant (w/ Lu being the shadow gang leader). Demonio visits Apostasia's apartment, supposedly to see if he's still alive and has enough food to eat... But they're actually boyfriends.

Ciel pulls down his bandanna from his face and he knocks on the door. He can hear the faint voice telling him to come in and he did just that. He sets the bag of food on the messy table and looks for Ain.

He always finds him in the mess of chip bags and empty cans. Ciel nudges his leg with a foot. “You alive?”

“Yep.” Ain stares at the computers in front of him, looking at the amounts of information piling up. “How is your gang doing? Bad..Good…?”

“Of course good, but I’m worried about you.”

“You worry too much.” Ain tells him as he rolled onto his back lazily. “You fit the overly concerned boyfriend type, you know?”

Ciel sighs and crouches next to him to kiss his cheek. “…You better take a bath…”

“I won’t if you don’t help me.”