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八仙 Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals:
Cao GuoJiu(曹國舅): God of Theater Activities
Han XiangZi(韓湘子): God of Music and the Middle Class
He XianGu(何仙姑) : God of Women
Lan CaiHe(藍采和): God of Poverty
Li TieGuai (李鐵柺): God of Sickness
Lu DongBin(呂洞賓): God of Education
Zhang GuoLao (張果老): God of Immortality and Origami 
Zhong LiQuan(鍾離權): God of Weapons

Legend: 八仙過海,各顯其弄
Legend has it that there are 8 immortals, Cao GuiJiu, Han XiangZi, He XianGu, Lan CaiHe, LiTieGuai, Lu DongBin, Zhang GuoLao, and Zhong LiQuan. They each have their own special ability. Once,  they all went to attend 王母娘娘’s event. They crossed a river, and decided to ride their “instruments,” magical weapons, on the water. All of a sudden, a thousand-year old water demon brought Han XiangZi into the water. The 7 immortals used their powers to bring Han XiangZi back.
The saying that goes with this story is: 八仙过海,各显神通 (ba xian guo hai, ge xian shen tong). Meaning, when the 8 immortals crossed the river, each one showed their own power.This shows that even if you are all different, each one has unique strengths. 

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