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“So incredibly grateful to these talented people who read my first screenplay out loud last night. It was so good to visit my old friends ❤”

Yes, it does say The Lizzie Bennet Wedding. Yes, I am having feels. Yes, I might be freaking out. 

And yes, I am first in line to crowdfund if needed. 

Let’s reblog this sh*t. 


Thanks to everyone who took their time to leave a message, and those who commented to >>THIS<< post! Once again, feel free to add ladies, that haven’t been mentioned in parts 1-4. This blog is looking for more actresses of East and Southeast Aisan descent from various western countries (not just the US).Main requirement – it has to be a named character with speaking lines and at least some character development in their given arcs (and not an offensive racial stereotype, obviously). Preferably, an actress / character has to be in the main cast, but the bar is lowered because I’m already scraping the barrels here…


Song Joong Ki will appear on today’s broadcast of China’s Running Man. Will share the video when it’s uploaded on their official YouTube channel.

Happy 4th Anniversary LBD!!

So many great people were part of making this show and we’re so grateful to the community who have kept the fandom alive!

We’ll be sharing some of our favorite LBD episodes throughout the day so stay tuned.

Or just start watching it from the beginning again ;)


Lizzie Bennet is in Denial - Ep: 15

Costume theater was always great!

“Are you fake texting?”
“It’s super important.”