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CN has gotten so bad, I stared downloading and watching all their old shows, commercials and bumpers from a decade ago. They put so much effort, fun and creativity into building the CN world, including the commercial breaks, having us and their shows interact with each other (personal favorite era was CN City!) We’ll always have the memories of classics…😉

anonymous asked:

When was the last time Dexter's Laboratory,Johnny Bravo,Cow and Chicken,I Am Weasel,The Powerpuff Girls,Courage the Cowardly Dog,Ed, Edd n Eddy,Mike,Lu, & Og, Robot Jones,Time Squad,Evil Con Carne,Robotboy,Secret Satudays,Ben 10,Ben 10 Alien Force,Ben 10 Ultimate alien,Ben 10 Omniverse,Samurai Jack,Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends,Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,The Life and Times of Juniper Lee,Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner's a Monkey,Squirrel Boy,Sheep in big city,and Class of 3000 were on the schedule?

Wow, just decided to ask me about everything, huh.

Dexter, Bravo, Chicken, Weasel, PPG, Eddy, Carne, Fosters, Lazlo, and Monkey were all a part of Cartoon Planet when it aired from 2012-2014.

Courage last aired August 2015.

The original Ben 10 aired for a few weeks on Sunday morning in August 2016 before being pulled. Omniverse probably disappeared as soon as it was done being burned off at 6am weekdays.

Samurai Jack last aired reruns of the original series the week before season 5 premiered on Adult Swim, so March.

Go look on Wikipedia for the rest cuz I dunno.