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elgang on ice? :'D

Elsword on Ice: To put things lightly, he’s shit. Skating is not his strong sport, it’s holding onto heavy ass swords and killing demons with them. He’ll slip, fall and crash into the walls.

Aisha is not exactly accustomed with skating either. She’s afraid of tripping and spraining a muscle. She prefers teleporting on the ice rather than going on them. If she has to, she’ll hold onto someone who’s better at skating than her.

Rena has skated before in her long life. Although she’s not an expert, she’s smooth enough so she can control herself, knowing the basics. And, well, she has taken good care of her legs. She’s a natural in a lot of things related to using her feet.

Raven is uneasy, but comes down as a quick learner with some guidance. He does have amazing control of his body, which helps him learn. He’d rather stay on land than on the ice though - he’s uneasy that his arm might do something if he ever screws up.

Eve, skating? She’d rather be off levitating or using her drones Remy and Moby to guide her through the ice than skate. She also does not understand the point of skating, as it doesn’t do anything other than risk accidents from falls and tripping.

Chung isn’t actually too bad of a skater. Living in Hamel, an area where water is a big part of his culture kinda helped. Chung is easily able to skate around, even performing some fancy tricks. The Elgang applauds at Chung’s skating moves.

Do not let Ara skate. She will ram into everyone due to her clumsiness. She tripped on the air and landed on her face on the ice once. The Elgang gives a pat on the head at Ara for trying, and then tells her she should stay off the ice. Ara is not surprised nor offended by this. She sits back awkwardly and fidgets with her fingers as the rest of the Elgang continues to skate.

Elesis is awkward with skating. To be truthful, she never skated at all… she’d like some lessons. Rena and Chung help teach the swordswoman to slide gracefully on the ice, and prevent her from stomping and breaking the ice sheets.

Add is also somewhat awkward, having never experienced skating either… his childhood consisted of staying inside and studying to please his father, not going outside to have fun. He holds onto his dynamos and uses them as support, having very little confidence in his ability to skate.

Lu instantly found herself loving skating, and though she does slip and fall, its a fun sport. She doesn’t mind the bruises and wounds decorating her body. Sometimes she gets Ciel to do all the skating for her though, legs gently resting on her servant’s shoulders as she watches him skate.

Ciel lived in Lanox for his whole life, so again, he’s never really skated before… but he’s not bad on the ice. He spends more of his time constantly worrying and tending to Lu’s injuries than enjoying himself on the ice, however.

Ain ends up dragged in by Elsword for skating. And though he actually doesn’t really skate, standing on the ice instead, he’ll observe the others, and constantly slide over to Elsword to help the boy up. He thinks skating doesn’t make so much sense… but seems to understand the joy of doing it.

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Each of the people in Elgang comforting Apostasia in their own way ;;

Elsword sits next to Ain and rambles about inane things, trying to take Apostasia’s mind off whatever he’s overthinking.  And it works.  Ain pays attention to Elsword’s soothing voice more than his own hissing thoughts.

Aisha awkwardly lets Ain know that there’s precedent for something like this happening to priests before, and there’s a possible cure.  Ain knows it won’t work – he’s not a priest, after all – but he’s warmed that Aisha cares.

Rena is gentle with Apostasia, offering him tea, a listening ear to rant to, a gentle shoulder to cry on.  Ain finds himself coming into her room late at night and letting her hold him.

Raven offers Ain the thing he wishes he had most when he was all alone and hurting in the Nasod capsules.  Companionship.  It takes time, but eventually Ain finds himself chuckling at Raven’s deadpan humor.

Eve studies Ain, and offers to replace the corrupted parts of his body with metal.  She feels bad that she can’t help, and can’t really offer emotional solace.  Ain is not comforted.

Chung sees his father in Ain in some ways, but doesn’t know why Ain is just giving in.  He tries to persuade Ain that the Goddess hasn’t abandoned him.  Ain doesn’t have the heart to break this boy’s innocence.

Ara doesn’t ask for anything, doesn’t want anything from Ain, just protects him as fiercely as she would protect her brother.  She doesn’t judge him for giving in.  She knows the call of the darkness can be tempting.

Elesis, as any path but Crimson Avenger, tries to draw Ain out of his protective shell and into the group.  Crimson Avenger, however, cries with Ain as they’re tormented by their respective demons – the Shade for Elesis, Henir for Ain.  They’re both about the same ratio of helplessness-to-superior power, and Crimson Avenger is actually better for comforting Ain than anyone else.

Add awkwardly designs painkillers for Ain.  He’s not good at biology, so they don’t really work, but Ain appreciates the effort.

Lu offers to help Ain through the transition with a bit of demon magic.  Ain usually refuses, but when the pain gets really bad, he accepts.

Ciel knows how it feels, having your body slowly be corrupted, especially as Demonio.  He gives Ain cookies and companionship.


“Sweet! I found something rare!!” 

I’m having fun with this texture by @famirin X3

Yes the part where I am is when the Great Sea is cursed XD I loved the dark musicly  tone it gets and wanted to make a short gif of Dark Toon Link too! :3