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Luke & you making out on the bed and your arms are wrapped around his neck & whimpering when he sucks on your neck and whispering 'lu-lu-ke i want-t y-' 'hmmmmm bubs whatcha ya want? me? you want me, baby?' & you'd nod your head as he pulls away from your neck, softly rubbing his nose against yours 'okay, baby. Go lock the door, so Prince doesn't come in and we'll get started, hmmm? sounds good?' and you'd start giggling really hard and whisper 'feels good?' & luke would be like >_____>bubs.....

mE!!!!!!! i’m so lame he’d love it ldnkjsg

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This aint okay…

Maybe it’s just a scratch, a bad bruise. It’s certainly not the worst they’ve received in training, but it’s bad enough that Mercy has to give it a once-over, and Hanzo just -he has to leave.

He knows you’re fine, but he can’t help but imagine that not being the case. He hadn’t been trying to hurt you. His control was just so poor, apparently, that he did anyway.


Wolf!Hanzo is known to lash out but something about you calms him, so you tend to stay nearby. But one night he wakes up and there’s blood underneath his fingernails and on the floor of his room and he realises that whatever connection is between you isn’t enough. Of course it isn’t. He killed his own brother when he was in full control of himself. He should’ve known he’d hurt you when he wasn’t. 

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Oh why do you want to stop gifed saturday? :(

Even though I love doing the smutty satruday stuff, the research for the gifs is pretty hard with my internet. Not very good here at my new house. Having said that, my new smutty saturday will be VERY DIRTY. So, hopefully that kinda remedies the lack of gifs. 


When Juliet broke up with Luisa, Luisa was heartbroken. She had cried for weeks on end, red-eyed, isolated and barely would eat. Lincoln had witnessed that, been a friend, convinced her that she would be okay.

No one had planned for Juliet and Luisa to be in the same party; no one had planned for them to cross paths but Luisa did make a choice to have sex with Juliet in the bathroom of the location where the party was held. It was rumored and whispered about between party goers, that Luisa had come back stained in Juliet’s lipstick and smirking. 

Luisa was not trying to get Juliet back; she didn’t want her back (or so she kept telling herself). What Luisa wanted was for Juliet to feel the longing Luisa had for the other, to know what it felt to want something and then not have it. 

It was said that revenge was a dish served cold, she preferred baked like a delicate souffle, and she was willing to watch it crumble all for the sake of said revenge.

 When Lincoln came in Luisa was about to close shop but something about how he entered made her concerned. “I am out of cookies,” she declared not knowing he might know.