Tonights menu: Taroluca, with a handful of Cal and a sprinkling of Farah

For those who don’t know, Farah is @armintie​‘s and @chainedintimacy​‘s leopika baby and Lu’s a leopika baby designed by yours truly.Cal is Mizaistoms kid and a good friend of Lu’s (possibly bf if lu can get his shit together).

The final pic is a rough lil initial design of Luca’s Nen ability, which allows him to control this smoke like substance that is made from his nen. (details under the cut)

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[Luhan Studio] The Theater of Running Lu_Today BOSS LU Comes to Walk around and Inspect the Mountain

{Just One Word September Book Photo Challenge}

24. Futuristic.

The future doesn’t seem very promising for teenagers.


160924 Luhan Instagram Update: so cool 😎

okay so a friend introduced me to the meme titled ‘the waifu circle’ basically you draw a bunch of your fictional crushes, your biggest being in the middle and


They’ve got their names, but I’ll list where they’re from just to be clear 

Center - King Boo, from Mario in general

From top left, clockwise 

  1. Oogie Boogie - Nightmare Before Christmas 
  2. Ichimatsu - Osomatsu-san 
  3. Shrewd Possessor - Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 
  4. Zs'Skayr - Ben 10 
  5. Gengar - PMD: Red/Blue Rescue Team 
  6. Popple - Mario&Luigi 
  7. Seiko Kimura - Dangan Ronpa 3: Future side 
  8. Nonon Jakuzure - Kill la Kill 
  9. GUMI - Vocaloid 
  10. Mimi - Super Paper Mario 
  11. Dark One - The Binding of Isaac 
  12. Dusknoir - PMD2: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

Don’t look at me okay. A few of these were from childhood shut up.


voltron telegram stickers! get them for free at


did you draw these? no, i ripped them from the episodes. 

can you do x scene from x episode? depends. if i have the time and if i want to i might!! and then i can update the sticker pack to include it.

theres, uhm, a lot of lance stickers. i know. i love lance.


It’s Been About Four To Five Years Since Debut. Singers Who Debuted With us Like AOA & EXID Have Turned Over New Leaves As Amazing People. I Thought All I had To Do Was Debut, But In Real Life, It Wasn’t As Simple As That. I’m Sad Now That Time Has Passed & I’ve Aged. However, I’m Not Giving Up Yet. I practice With The Mindset Of Let’s See Who’s Going To Win. I Sang While Crying.” - Linzy, FIESTAR