Summary: Calum and [y/n] have been best friends since childhood. When the two come up with the plan for [y/n] and her friends to take a road trip and follow the boys around on their tour things get a bit crazy With Jealousy, Heartbreak, Confusion and Confessions. And it all started because of one drunken night. Some friends are can pick you up some can put you down and some just like to do both…. But hey… That’s What Friends Are For.


Chapter 7

“It’s Complicated.”

     You rolled over in the bed expecting to find Calum Asleep next to you but all you find is a piece of paper,

‘Had to go to a radio interview, I’ll call you later, Love Cal xx"

You let out sigh and laughed at how once again you were left here alone. You know he didn’t mean to do it on purpose but you just wished that just for once you could sleep with someone and and wake up next to them. And you thought for sure you could do that with Calum.

You slid out of bed and took a quick shower, Got dressed and headed down to get some breakfast at a cafe you noticed that was down the street last night.

You rummaged through your purse looking for your phone to call the girls to see if they wanted to join you for breakfast, The elevator stopped and you walked out but to your surprise you ran straight in to someone, Knocking you to the ground.

The person instantly helped you up and you noticed it was Mikey.

“Sorry [y/n] i wasn’t paying attention.” You says as he hands you your bag and your phone that had fallen out,

“It’s okay, You found my phone!, You laugh.

"Wait… Aren’t you and the guys supposed to be doing a radio interview right now?” You ask a bit confused.

Mikey gives you a weird look and a shake of his head,

“But Calum said….” You start to say,

Why did Calum make up a lie about a stupid radio interview?,

“Calum’s with Amber.” He says,

“Anyway sorry for running into you! I have to go find Anna i told her we would go do something together before i had to leave for the arena, I’ll see you tonight yeah?” He asks.

You give him a smile and nod, He gives you a pat on the back as he walks in to the open elevator, You just sit there thinking of why Calum would possibly be with Amber.

 "There you are!“ You hear Calum say, You turn around to see him walking it to the lobby,

"I’ve been looking for you, Do wanna get something to eat?” He asks

Was he really going to act like nothing was going on, That he was lting to you?

“Is Amber going to join us?” You ask

Calum gives you a weird look,

“what are you talking about?” he asks.

“You have been with her all morning right?” You ask.

You weren’t going to let him lie to you , You weren’t going to let him get away with it either.

Calum just looks at you like a confused puppy and it just made you even more angry.

“I was at a radio interview, Did you not see the note i left you on the bed?” He say.

“You weren’t at a radio interview.” You say as you start to walk off out of the hotel,

“[y/n] Stop! Let me explain!” He yells as he walks after you, You weren’t going to stop walking , you weren’t going to just sit there and listen to his pathetic accuses anymore.

He grabs a hold of your arm trying to stop you from walking away from him.

You turn around and push him off of you and you continue to walk away from him.

[y/n] stop!“ he says as he grabs you once again, He turns you around and hold  you there making sure you couldn’t walk away this time.

"Just give me a chance to explain.” He says.

       You and Calum sat down at a table in the small cafe by the hotel you and calum sat there for a few minutes in just silence, You could tell he didn’t know what to say , He knew you would just get angry with anything he said.

 "Amber text me this morning, She said she need to talk to me and she wanted to apologize for what she did last night , she was drunk and she didn’t mean to hit you. He stated

“Oh! So being drunk gave her an accuse to hit me?” You ask.

“To be fair you did say some rude things to her.” He says.

You just scoff and shake your head , he was really taking her side?

“How many times did you sleep with her while she’s been here?” You ask.

“Once.” He simply replies.

“Are you guys dating again?” You ask.

Of course they weren’t….He wouldn’t have slept with you if they were….He wouldn’t have told you he had feelings for you if they were dating right?

“It’s a bit complicated.” He says just above a whisper.

You just shake your head and roll your eyes, How could you be so stupid, You reach for your purse and as you stand up to walk away Calum was about to grab you but the cafe was to crowded and he didn’t want to make the mistake of making a scene.

You walked back to the hotel , You were angry, Emberrased, Ashamed of yourself

Your heart felt like it was going to burst in your chest how could someone so close to you hurt you like it’s no big deal?

You trusted Calum more than anyone. How could he let you down like this.

You didn’t want to be here anymore. You didn’t want to see anyone. You wanted to get in a car and drive straight home and never speak to Calum again, This whole vacation was a disaster if felt like you were in some lame teenage drama series and you just wanted it to end.

You didn’t even realize Calum was chasing after you until you heard him yell your name as the elevator doors were closing you in.

As the elevator let you off to your floor the second one oped letting Calum off too,

“[y/n]! Stop!’ He yells as he runs after you,

You make inside your room but as you were about to shut it calums foot stopped it just in time,

"Go away Calum!” You yell,

Calum who was way stronger than you easily pried the door open he sqeezed his way passed you and shut the door behind him.

You turn away from him and you start grabbing your things that were lying around the room and started shoving them in your bag.

“[y/n] you aren’t leaving.” He says as he grabs your bag from you.

“SCREW OFF! I’M DONE FIGHTING FOR YOU!” You yell in his face.

He just looks at you.

“I’m done fighting for you, i have done it for too long, I have a fought against Amber for for too long.” You say Your eyes began to tear up.

“Please don’t cry.” He says as he tries to reach for your cheek to wipe the fallen tear away, You  move your head to the side before he could lay a finger on you, He just looks at you, Unsure of what to do.

“I meant it when i said i loved you last night.” He adds.

You stand there staring down at your feet, The room was silent and you felt like your head and heart were going to burst,

“But i also have feelings for Amber.” He adds


Sorry this is really short i’m having a lot of trouble continuing the story it’s really hard to come up with new ideas for the next couple of chapters so sorry again if this shit. :/