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10 days.

And I’m going to be in Dallas..starting to celebrate the end of my term. I can’t believe I’m so close, yet so far at the same time. It’s crazy how time passes. 

I have never worked so hard for something. I have never been more stressed, nor more happy. I’m ready for the end, because honestly the demands were wearing me down physically…but part of me is going to miss this.

I’m going to miss the late nights. The overachieving. I’m going to miss my board family. The laughs and the tears. I’m going to miss the newsletters, reports, event planning. I’m going to miss my Kiwanis Advisor who is like a dad to me. My Kiwanis LTG counterpart, who is like my mentor. GNH Kiwanis which have been my backbone throughout this entire year. 

I’m going to miss my clubs…oh my babies! <3 The 4 new ones, the 9 old ones. In their own way, they’ve become a part of me. It’s crazy.

I’m going to miss the plane rides, the adventures, the presentations, the personal growth. I’m going to miss accomplishing the impossible. I’m saying goodbye to the one thing that has become me. It’s shaped me into the person I am today. It’s given me strength and happiness in my darkest of times. It’s been my rock.

I’m not sure I’m ready.