Paramore- Let the Flames Begin/Part II (Full) June 24th


Let The Flames Begin + Part II, MONUMENTOUR Toronto

Ok, people, here it is. My video of LTFB / Part II. I got my good camera back finally, so I’ll probably be taking more videos similar to this (and my past ones) from now on. It took HOURS to upload this to YouTube in 1080 (idk why, usually it’s quicker). I did my best to keep it steady and move around just enough and avoid the people (I was in the pit). I hope y'all enjoy it. :)

[Just a warning: this video is Hayley-centric. It’s just way easier when you’re zoomed at all on a huge stage like this to stay focused on a single person than move it around a lot. I hope no one is too annoyed by that.]