Paramore- Let the Flames Begin/Part II (Full) June 24th

I was dreaming about this tattoo for 5 years. And finally in May this year I did it. Finally I have it. This particular line from Let The Flames Begin means so much to me, because actually it could mean anything. And for me, my biggest weakness is love. Being in love made me weak, but at the same time, it made me stronger than I’ve ever been. Love made me more confident about myself and more proud of myself. I’m still in love and in a relationship, so everytime something is wrong between me and my parter, it reminds me that no matter what we will be okay. Love is making us weak, but we are making each other stronger every day. And the second meaning of this tattoo is the song itself. LTFB is so emotional and deep it kills me. I’m so lucky that I saw and heard that song live, 2 years ago in Poland. Paramore saved my life several times. And ofc RIOT! is my fav album from Paramore, because my journey with them started with that album. They encourages me with their music and individually as a persons. I’m so proud to wear this particular words on my body.

Please, let anyone from PM see this post. You know how much I would appreciate it :)

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