Here’s a real look at the pieces I submitted to Ltd. Art Gallery for their Saturday Morning Cartoon show.  I love the Silverhawks a lot and i find it"s a show that not everyone has seen, so I decided to take on the challenge (since drawing “partly metal” people is not my idea of a good time).  Plus i wasn’t sure if I’d have to compete with 20 portraits of Shipwreck from G.I. Joe!

Bluegrass is the largest pieces since he’s my fav character, but I love the end result of the Copper Kidd the best.  Since he’s an alien i decided to have a little more push and pull, not a lot…but i liked the decision to change the eyes, feels more alien for sure!


The ltdartgallery Mint Condition #3 show opened this past Friday during Emerald City Comic Con.  It was a shame I couldn’t be out there for this one, there are a lot of really great pieces.  There are pictures form the opening on their facebook and they should be uploaded for sale on their website very shortly.

Re-posting the sketchbook spreads with the rough work because sometimes I’m terrible at taking progress shots.  I also did not get a shot of the framed Black Manta piece.  ah well.