ltd gallery in seattle

Bond, James Bond.

So here is the basically finished product for my contribution to the POP! 2 Year Anniversary Art Show at the LtD Gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.

I had a blast doing this. Looking up all the various James Bond Actors. And of course, this is rather design-y and had to make sure things worked out.

And I need to go back and rewatch a bunch of movies! I muuuuust.


Simple. And straight to the point.

Sorta like James.

This will be for sale at the show – via their Gallery and the Gallery site. If you want the original print, framed, please go there and buy it! It won’t be up for another week and a half, but keep it in mind.


First look at my piece for LTD Art Gallery’s George R. R. Martin show, WINTER IS COMING, an ASOIAF exhibit! To those who have read the novels: this heart tree is from one of my favorite parts of A Storm of Swords. Do you remember the Knight of the Laughing Tree? Check out this & more opening night, March 1st!


Had a blast in the Tacoma / Seattle area this weekend with family!

And of course, went to the opening of the Hey Geek Girl! Show at the LtD Gallery on Capitol Hill. It’s a great location and great gallery. I had fun for the hour or so that I was there.

This was being sold at 9x12 prints for 20 bucks also and they were selling rather well. We’ll see if the larger one gets sold or not!

But thanks to all the people (along with various family members) that stopped by! And thanks to all of you that keep reblogging the original image that I have one here.


If you are interested in a print of Lois (or another other work) I am thinking of making a Society 6 here soon. I’ll post up Lois along with my Thesis work, and maybe a few other pieces from the past year and ones that I finish over the summer and have those for sale. I want to see who all is interested. So, let me know folks!

And again: Thanks!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mr. Bond.

And yes, since as of today it has been 50 years since Mr. No. came out, I’d like to announce that for LtD’s 1st anniversary of POP! I’ll be doing a large poster of the most well known Bond Actors.

I’m super excited for this! James Bond is one of my favorite Pop Culture icons. He’s what men strive to be; both with the finesse he has with women and even all his toys. And of course, I grew up on these movies with Pierce. 

So yeah.

I’m all sorts of excited. And will be doing a larger piece than I’m used to doing for gallery posters. Also, who doesn’t love the new theme by Adele? It’s pretty amazing! Go look it up!

Look forward to some images of my progress over the next month. :) And of course: I just might have to indulge and watch a few of the movies!