ltd art gallery

First look at my piece for LTD Art Gallery’s George R. R. Martin show, WINTER IS COMING, an ASOIAF exhibit! To those who have read the novels: this heart tree is from one of my favorite parts of A Storm of Swords. Do you remember the Knight of the Laughing Tree? Check out this & more opening night, March 1st!

“To Winterfell we pledge the faith of Greywater”

This is my piece for the upcoming LTD Gallery art show “Winter Is Coming” a tribute to the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books - We were asked to portray the characters as they are in the books and make no likenesses based on the show “Game of Thrones.” So I did the Reeds, Meera and Jojen. In the books Meera uses a trident and a net to fish instead of a bow and arrow to hunt. 

The show opens March 1st. It will be presented by George R. R. Martin himself and will be a part of Emerald City Comic Con!

“Discover Isla Nublar” - Jurassic Park print for ltdartgallery’s upcoming “Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” Group art show.

I’m pretty happy with how this ended up. I’ve been fighting to make this print for near 4 years. Start and stop, throw it away, step away, come back in 6 months to try again. Finally after so many stops and starts it came out EXACTLY how I wanted it.

The print is Giclee on watercolor paper, 12" x 36" (yeah, it’s pretty tall), LTD edition TBD.