“So my concern is what is it going to take for them to do something here? Is one of these girls going to have to die? Are they going to end up freezing in their frontyard before they will do something?”

Melinda Coleman said she would like the case to be reopened. “I would like to see some justice,” she said. “And I would like the other girls to be able to come forward without fear.”

My advice to anyone who wants to run for Key Club Lt. Governor:

Go. For. It.

I can only speak on my experience as LtG for Division 35 of PNW District, and I am well aware that little old Lakewood/Spanaway is a lot different from, say, Seattle or Portland divisions, or even moreso divisions in places like CNH, but it is such a great experience.

Speaking from my experience, a few things to keep in mind if you win are to always stay humble, always stay pleasant, and always stay vigilant. Also, when someone tells you about an opportunity to go somewhere (a rally that isn’t your own, a convention, some K-family event) GO TO IT. And if you can’t pay for it, ASK KIWANIS.

Just saying. It’s the highlight of high school so far. That coming from the kid who got to go to Japan, leadership camp twice, among many other things.

Key Club Problems

My mom thinks I’m putting Key Club above family. I know she’s right, but it’s unintentional. I have about 210 days left to make my legacy in key club. After that, I’m back at the bottom in CKI. I want to make the biggest difference I can. I want to change the world. I want to leave a legacy. Is this too much to ask? SIGH.


Former state auditor Susan Montee launches her campaign for lieutenant governor in St. Louis City Hall.